International Union of Crystallography

Gjønnes Medal in Electron Crystallography

[Jon Gjønnes]The Gjønnes Medal in Electron Crystallography recognizes an outstanding contribution to the field of electron crystallography. The award is accompanied by a certificate and funding to present an invited Keynote Lecture at the triennial International Congress of Crystallography. The award is named in honour of its first recipient, Professor Jon Gjønnes of the University of Oslo, who received the award at the XXI IUCr Congress in Osaka, in August 2008. The subject of Professor Gjønnes' Keynote Lecture was 'Electron diffraction intensities and structure analysis'.

[Gjønnes Medal]This award is managed by the Awards Sub-committee of the Commission on Electron Crystallography (CEC) of the IUCr. This Sub-committee is responsible for soliciting and evaluating and recommending a nominee to members of the CEC for final approval, or recommending that no award be made.

Nominations are now open for the Gjønnes Medal in Electron Crystallography. Nomination is open to scientists and engineers in all areas of electron crystallography. The next Gjønnes Medal will be awarded at the Madrid Congress in August 2011. Further details of the award and the nomination procedure can be found in a separate announcement.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 30 April 2010.

L. D. Marks, Chair of Commission on Electron Crystallography