International Union of Crystallography

Sub-committee on the Union Calendar

The Sub-committee on the Union Calendar receives and considers requests for IUCr sponsorship and nominal financial support for meetings and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.


  • G. Diaz de Delgado (Chair, Venezuela)
  • W. Depmeier (Germany)
  • H.A. Dabkowska (Canada)
  • A. Serquis (Argentina)
  • D. Billing (South Africa)
  • L. Dawe (Canada)
  • K. Shankland (UK)
  • A. Guerri (Italy)
  • A. Nakagawa (Japan)
  • S. Lidin (Sweden) [ex officio (non-voting member) as President]
  • L. Van Meervelt (Belgium) [ex officio (non-voting member) as General Secretary and Treasurer]
  • K.A. Kantardjieff (USA) [ex officio (non-voting member) as Chair of Commission on Crystallographic Teaching]

Annual Reports 

Triennial Reports

Sponsorship of Meetings