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IUCr supported meetings

These forthcoming meetings are supported by grants from the IUCr Calendar Committee.

 1st Dec 2022 - 3rd Dec 2022

Polymorphism: applications in industry. SATELLITE EVENT: V LACA SCHOOL

San José, Costa Rica

 6th Dec 2022 - 10th Dec 2022

2022 IUCr High Pressure Workshop “Advanced High Pressure Crystallography”

Chicago, United States

 17th Jan 2023 - 21st Jan 2023

Third Pan African Conference on Crystallography (PCCr3)

Nairobi, Kenya

 14th Feb 2023 - 16th Feb 2023

7ème École Marocaine de Cristallographie

ENSA-Khouribga, Morocco

 25th Mar 2023 - 2nd Apr 2023

19th BCA/CCG Intensive Teaching School in X-Ray Structure Analysis

Durham, United Kingdom