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IUCr High-Pressure Workshop 2015 in Brazil

Campinas, Brazil, September, 2015

[SIRIUS construction] SIRIUS storage ring and the nano-focus beam line under construction visited by A. Olejniczak, N. Souza-Neto and A. Katrusiak.
[Participants] Participants of the IUCr HP Workshop in Campinas, 2015, gathered before the LNLS hall.

The 14th Workshop of the IUCr Commission on High Pressure was held 12-15 September, 2015, at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) in Campinas. 75 participants from 14 countries attended. The workshop was focused on recent advances in high-pressure techniques and research at synchrotron, neutron and laboratory-based facilities. Lectures covered structural phase transitions and their kinetics, new materials synthesis, earth and planetary science, soft and biological matter, physical and chemical properties, and theory and computation. The lecturers included K. Dziubek (Deposition of data), M. Zaworotko (High-pressure application of porous metal-organic materials), L. Miyagi (Synchrotron radial diffraction studies in the diamond anvil cell), S. Hunt (Apparatus for controlled strain-rate deformation), H. Marquardt (Elasticity measurements of FIB-prepared single crystals by Brillouin spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction), J. Haines (Guest insertion and polymerization in zeolites), N. Brooks (Probing membrane structure and dynamics), D. Paliwoda (A new phase of ferrocene), R. Wentzcovitch (Spin-crossover systems in the deep mantle), K.-M. Ho (Crystal structure predictions using adaptive genetic algorithm and motif search methods), K. Umemoto (Volume isotope effects in ice,) V. Solozhenko (Boron-phosphorus system), A. Cairns (Designing next-generation negative compressibility materials), S. Deemyard (Lithium isotopes at low temperature), M. Pravica (Novel fluorine chemistry under extreme conditions using hard X-ray photochemistry), M. Probert (Routes to more polymorphs and phase changes), R. Miletich (Mechanisms and pathways of pressure-driven structural transitions), Y. Le Godec (Synchrotron portable large-volume high-P/T/stress/tomography cell for extreme chemistry), S. Redfern (New challenges for mineral physics of the deep earth), R. Conceicao (Clay minerals, volatiles transport to the mantle and internal heating of the Earth), J. A. Lima Jr (Crystalline amino acids), J. Smith (Fast compression/decompression of materials in diamond anvil cells), R. Bini (Pressure-induced reactivity in molecular crystals: complementary structural and spectroscopic experiments), Ch. Murli (Hydrogen-bonded organic molecular solids), A. Gomes (Resonance high-pressure Raman spectroscopy in nanocarbon materials), G. Finkelstein (MagnesiowŸstite using single-crystal synchrotron methods), M. Marcondes (Hybrid experimental/theoretical thermodynamics and thermoelasticity of materials) and O. Kurakevych (New silicon and carbon materials by in situ high pressure synthesis).

Best poster awards went to Z. Konopkova (Time-resolved studies using X-ray diffraction at synchrotrons) and Marcelo Nobrega (High-pressure study and oligomerization of 2-aminoterephthalate/Ni-Al layered double hydroxide composites).

The workshop was held after the 1st Latin American Crystallographic Association (LACA) Meeting in S‹ão Paulo, promoted by the LACA jointly with the 22nd Sociedade Brasileira de Cristalografia (SBC Meeting), and before the 25th RAU (LNLS Annual Users Meeting), promoted by LNLS.

The workshop was sponsored by Agilent Technologies, Quantum Design, MCI | Princeton Instruments, Dectris, Almax-EasyLab and Huber, with support from the IUCr and Brazilian funding agencies FAPESP and CAPES.

High-pressure studies in Campinas will be enhanced with an ultra-low emittance synchrotron source (SIRIUS), currently under construction.

The next IUCr HP Workshop will be held in Seoul, 20-23 September, 2016, at Yonsei U., with the Organizing Committee chaired by Y. Lee.

N. Souza-Neto, Chair of the Organizing Committee, and A.J. Katrusiak, Chair of the IUCr HP Commission and Program Committee
22 December 2015