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Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications

[Acta Cryst. C]Starting with the January 2000 issue, there have been significant changes to the format of Acta Crystallographica Section C and all Section C articles, including the new category of electronic papers, are available online.

For Section C full-paper submissions, authors are asked to focus on scientific commentary on the results. Details of the electronic papers (scheme, authors and a short synopsis of the results) are listed in the Table of Contents following the full-paper listing. Publication times for electronic papers are usually less than two months from submission to publication. It is anticipated that more authors will make use of the Section C electronic-paper submission route for rapid publication of their structural results without the need for any detailed discussion in the paper.

All Section C Co-editors had input into the revisions of the 2000 Notes for Authors; these were made with the intention of clarifying what is required for successful CIF submission to Section C. The full listing is available via the CIF help page at http://journals.iucr.org/c/services/authorservices.html. A detailed example of a CIF that meets all the Section C Notes for Authors requirements is also available at that site along with a new template that users of the popular SHELXL97 refinement program should find useful, if they have not already developed their own CIF-making routines.

There have been several recent changes to the Editorial Board. C. Glidewell (U. of St Andrews), whose research interests lie in crystal engineering of molecular solids and organometallic polymers, is now the Deputy Editor. Co-editors A. Linden and A.J. Blake have become Data-Validation Editor and Deputy Data-Validation Editor, respectively. The team is completed by new Co-editors P.D. Boyle (North Carolina State U.), J.F. Gallagher (Dublin City U.) and N. Ishizawa (Tokyo Inst. of Technology).

George Ferguson, Editor