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Shizuo Miyake (1911-1999)

Professor Shizuo graduated from the U. of Tokyo, and started research predominantly on X-ray and electron diffraction, working for S. Nishikawa. In the late 1950's he was appointed to a professorship at Tokyo Inst. of Technology, and soon moved to the U. of Tokyo, Inst. of Solid State Physics. Until his retirement he was the Director of that Institute.

He published numerous research papers in his own name, or in collaboration with others, particularly his students. The most famous ones include an experimental discovery of a failure of Friedel's law (|Fhkl| = |F -h-k-l |) in electron diffraction.

He attended the IUCr Congress and General Assembly several times, initially in 1954, and often as the head of the Japanese delegates. He also served IUCr as a co-editor of Acta Crystallographica and a commission member. Indeed, Professor Shizuo Miyake had been one of the leading figures in Japanese Crystallography for a long time.

Yuji Ohashi
18 November 2008