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Zdzislaw Galdecki (1924-2000)

[Z. Galdecki]Professor Marian Zdzislaw Galdecki, primary advocate of X-ray crystallography at the Technical University of Lódz, died of cancer at his home in Wrocaw on January 29, 2000. He was 76. Though an excellent researcher, teacher and supervisor, he was most successful as a scientific manager. He was a Chairman of the Commission on X-ray Structural Analysis of Crystallography Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences for many years and had the opportunity to employ his numerous talents. His enthusiastic support of the first Polish monocrystal diffractometer KM4 build by his colleagues, allowed Polish small molecule crystallography to flourish in the 80's and 90's. He was also a Director of the National Centre Affiliate of the CCDC and a champion of the Cambridge Structural Database. He published over 200 research papers, several texts and chapters in monographs. He remained very active after retirement and worked to the last days of his life. He was honored by the Polish Ministry for his academic achievements eight times. His work with the pharmaceutical industry produced ten patents. Among his many students and five full professors, he had close ties with Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute which resulted in thirty joint publications. He was always a very cheerful, enthusiastic and open minded person with a gift for finding similar research scientists.

M. Glowka
18 November 2008