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Professional development

Whatever stage you have reached in your career you’ll come across new challenges, opportunities and forks in the road. Successful careers don’t happen by accident. Taking a pro-active approach to managing your professional development helps you stay in control of your career.

The IUCr career resource centre directs you to useful information, advice and cutting edge content related to your area of research and career. Whatever stage you have reached you will find must-have information available to help you navigate your career path. We have organized our resources into five key areas related to your development and career.

At the end of the day no one can plan your career better than you – but we hope the resources we have found can help you make those decisions a little easier.

These lists are ever evolving, so please check back regularly to read-up on some of the latest articles relevant to your professional developments needs.

Working in crystallography

Whether you are just starting out or looking to take the next step in your career, this section focuses on the discipline of crystallography, its continuing demand within research institutions and companies alike. It also features some of the influential figures in the field and how they got to where they are today.

IUCr education

Are you working towards a degree or PhD in crystallography or a related discipline? Use this section to find more information and research relevant to your studies.

Job searching, your CV and interviews

If you are looking for employment, then this section will get you off to a flying start. We can provide hints and tips on preparing a skills based CV. Once you have secured an interview, you can find additional information on interview technique and making that all important, good first impression.

You can also sign-up for our job email alert service and keep up to date with all the latest job vacancies in the field as they become available.

Changing career

There comes a point in all our careers where we consider a complete change of direction, this could be for many different reasons. In this section you will be able to explore with our help some of the factors you need to take into consideration and some of the opportunities open to you as a researcher.

IUCr resources

Our resources section is by no means exhaustive, it does however contain links to directories of useful services and suppliers to point you in the right direction. We are continually adding to this section and welcome suggestions for contribution from you and your colleagues. You can find links to other community resources, information on crystal growth, crystal structure analysis, biological structures, crystals and their structures to name but a few.

If you would like to submit a link for consideration please email it to associates@iucr.org

Articles for the various sections

Working in crystallography

Researchers trained in X-ray crystallography are still in demand, but must diversify their skill sets to be competitive.

This documentary profiles the struggles of three graduate students working towards their doctorate in the laboratory of Larry Shapiro, Ph.D. at Columbia University Medical Center. All three students face great uncertainty in their respective thesis projects, particularly because they work in the field of X-ray crystallography.

Protein crystallography for non-crystallographers, or how to get the best (but not more) from published macromolecular structures

Georgina Ferry celebrates the egalitarian, collaborative culture that has so far produced two female Nobel prizewinners

4 strategies for becoming an active listener If you’re the type of manager who frequently checks in with his/her employees, you might assume that you’re an active listener

Spotlight on Crystallographer: John Helliwell

Book-Skills for a Scientific Life - Being, or wanting to become, a scientist requires academic training in the science subjects. To succeed as a research scientist and educator requires specific as well as general skills. Skills for a Scientific Life provides insight into how to be successful. This career book is intended for potential entrants, early career and mid-career scientists for a wide range of science disciplines.

Chemjobber is all about helping chemists find jobs in a tough market and providing a quantitative understanding of the quality of the chemistry job market

Advance your career and increase your impact

FreeBook: Wide perspectives in crystallography and broad skills in science: Being, or wanting to become, a scientist requires academic training in the science subjects. To succeed as a research scientist and educator requires specific as well as general skills. This FreeBook is intended for potential entrants, early career and mid-career scientists for a wide range of science disciplines.

IUCr education

Close inspection: To improve your own papers, learn how to evaluate other scientists' work

Where and how early career researchers find scholarly information

Useful resources and guides for those looking for a career in science writing, or if you just want to improve the quality of your writing

Job searching, your CV and interviews

Learn how to become - Global resources for any career path, there mission is to help students (or other aspiring professionals)

Find out how to choose a job, including advice on career planning.

My Next Move is an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options

How to instantly identify non-verbal communications How fluent are you in body language?

Find out more about the work technicians do across a range of sectors. Discover what employers are looking for and how to apply for the role you want

Research Council UK fact sheet for doctoral graduates of the biological sciences

Research Council UK fact sheet for doctoral graduates of biomedical sciences

The Association for Science Education, promoting excellence in science teaching and learning

The Science Council believes that every scientist has a responsibility to society, and themselves, to work with integrity, keep their skills and knowledge up to date and consider how their efforts affect the world around them

Cuenta oficial del Departamento de Posgrado y Especialización (DPE) del CSIC. CSIC´s Postgraduate and Specialization Department official profile

Changing career

Making career leaps without leaving your company You’ll know when it’s time to make a leap. Your learning curve will flatten. You’ll crave new challenges. You’ll be bored and anxious to make a greater impact. If you spot the signs here is what to do.

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Social media resources

Science policy adviser @royalsociety. Trained as a research scientist. All views personal.

Dr Marie McNeely explores experiences of the people behind research & scientific discoveries.We make science more interesting & accessible through storytelling

PhD. Science writer, copyeditor, and language editor for hire, specialising in plant science and biology.

The place to meet and learn more about the technicians who make so much happen

Graduate and undergraduate recruiter for Atkins. Enjoy reading, baking and eating! Views are my own

Connector. Career coach. Champion of #WomeninSTEM, #POCinTech, #HigherEd, and #introverts. Norristown resident, TN native, @Penn alum

Find out about the latest vacancies, upcoming events, webinars, forums and receive professional careers advice to support your career planning. Mon-Fri 8-4:30.

GradConnection connects employers and graduates

We find the right candidates for the right jobs

Science jobs and career-related tweets. Sign up with http://lifescience.net for all jobs and details. Tweets by @apiljic.

We make #science cool for kids! #ActualLivingScientist's bringing fun engaging hands-on #STEM to 30,000 kids, parents & teachers each year.

@EU_Commission's science & knowledge service - Joint Research Centre. Providing EU policies w/ independent,evidence-based scientific advice. RT≠ endorsement

Recruiting experts in education” is what we are and what we do every day. Contact us on 08444 170177 to see how we can help you or your school!

Academic & science careers adviser helping PhD students & researchers with their next career transition. Earl grey tea drinker. #PhD #postac

Careers Adviser at University of Bath. Advocate of stretching comfort zones! Views my own etc. etc.

Editor @ScienceCareers Send pitches, tips, Working Life personal essay submissions (http://bit.ly/2pqiKx8 ) to rbernste@aaas.org

Provide support to early career (0-8 yrs post-degree) members of ESA in the transitional period of their professional development (from student to professional)

Taking a step back to reconnect with career development theory and the bigger picture. Careers Adviser & IAG manager

Trainer for personal and professional development of scientists. Promoting gender equality in science.

Undertaking and disseminating leading-edge research on employer engagement in education

Get the latest #news and features on #science #jobs and #careers from http://naturejobs.com , the world's largest dedicated science jobs board

Consulting & Training in Career Strategy, Scientific Teaching & Soft Skills

Trainer & Consultant for Digital Science Communication | Founder & Editor at @AfriPerspects #scicomm

Uniting and representing postdocs in The Netherlands. Join our community: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8440380 or our board: http://www.postdocnl.com/join

Publishers of careers guidance resources and university entrance guides | Information and advice for students and job-hunters | Supporting #CEIAG practitioners

Careers & Employability Adviser at The Open University | FHEA | Careers Chap | All views my own.

Careers & Employability Adviser for postgraduate students at De Montfort University

School Careers Manager. Home of the CareerHub. Interested in Career Development Education and embedding employability skills in the curriculum

Careers Adviser working at Uni of Derby. Interested in creativity, narrative and digital literacy. Also loves Lily, Elliot, Charis and Jesus. All views my own.

Head of Higher Education Intelligence at Graduate Prospects. Public speaking, writing and stats on graduate and postgraduate labour markets

Freelance trainer for scientists. Change agent for science

We’ve changed our name to @eLifeCommunity – follow us there for updates for early-career researchers

Program Director @ Brainport Development - (inter)national education & labour market development, talent attraction & retention; worldwide branding & networks

Career advice delivered by industry experts.

Journal Development Editor for infectious diseases journals at @BioMedCentral. Passionate about changing the conversation around science careers.

Former PhD who escaped the ivory tower and now enjoys helping others make a similar career transition away from academia

Career coach and author of 12 books on career management and work including 'How To Get A Job You Love' and 'The Success Code'.