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Melbourne, Australia, 16-21 August 1965

During the 1965 International Conference on Crystallography held in Melbourne, the opportunity was taken to record some of the great figures in the history of this subject. The twin topics forming the discussion basis for the conference were electron diffraction and the nature of defects in crystals. Among the distinguished scientists present, many had made special contributions to the research on those topics - had, in fact, pioneered a place for themselves in the story of crystallography.

Conference report in Acta Crystallographica (1966), 21, 455-458.

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P. P. Ewald
[P. P. Ewald]
(15 min 45 sec)

Kathleen Lonsdale
[Kathleen Lonsdale]
(7 min 12 sec)

L. H. Germer
[L. H. Germer]
(3 min 55 sec)

M. Blackman
[M. Blackman]
(3 min 58 sec)

W. Boas
[W. Boas]
(3 min 30 sec)

H. Boersch
[H. Boersch]
(1 min 51 sec)

S. Miyake and R. Uyeda
[S. Miyake and R. Uyeda]
(1 min 17 sec)

A. Guinier
[A. Guinier]
(1 min 05 sec)

Complete programme
[crystallographers in conference]
(41 min 43 sec)

Filmed at the International Crystallography Conference, 1965, Melbourne, Australia, by the CSIRO Film Unit in collaboration with the Australian Academy of Science. With support from UNESCO, the International Council of Scientific Unions, the Australian Academy of Science, the International Union of Crystallography, the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the University of Melbourne.