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SGML entities

If there is any special or accented character that you wish to use that you cannot successfully input via your keyboard, then you may choose to put in an SGML entity for that character. For example, the letter 'e' with an acute accent may be put in as the SGML entity é. So, if your name is 'Hervé' ('Herve' with an acute accent on the second 'e'), then you could put this into an IUCr form as 'Hervé'. When your name is later displayed to other users (for example as part of your entry in the World Directory of Crystallographers), or otherwise used, it should then have the accent correctly displayed.

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AElig capital AE diphthong (ligature) Æ   Æ
Aacute capital A, acute accent Á   Á
Abreve capital A, breve Ă
Acirc capital A, circumflex accent    Â
Agrave capital A, grave accent À   À
Amacr capital A, macron Ā
Aogon capital A, ogonek Ą
Aring capital A, ring Å   Å
Atilde capital A, tilde à   Ã
Auml capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark Ä   Ä
Cacute capital C, acute accent Ć
Ccaron capital C, caron Č
Ccedil capital C, cedilla Ç   Ç
Ccirc capital C, circumflex accent Ĉ
Cdot capital C, dot above Ċ
Dcaron capital D, caron Ď
Dstrok capital D, stroke Đ
ENG capital ENG, Lapp Ŋ
ETH capital Eth, Icelandic Ð   Ð
Eacute capital E, acute accent É   É
Ecaron capital E, caron Ě
Ecirc capital E, circumflex accent Ê   Ê
Edot capital E, dot above Ė
Egrave capital E, grave accent È   È
Emacr capital E, macron Ē
Eogon capital E, ogonek Ę
Euml capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark Ë   Ë
Gbreve capital G, breve Ğ
Gcedil capital G, cedilla Ģ
Gcirc capital G, circumflex accent Ĝ
Gdot capital G, dot above Ġ
Hcirc capital H, circumflex accent Ĥ
Hstrok capital H, stroke Ħ
IJlig capital IJ ligature IJ
Iacute capital I, acute accent Í   Í
Icirc capital I, circumflex accent Î   Î
Idot capital I, dot above İ
Igrave capital I, grave accent Ì   Ì
Imacr capital I, macron Ī
Iogon capital I, ogonek Į
Itilde capital I, tilde Ĩ
Iuml capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark Ï   Ï
Jcirc capital J, circumflex accent Ĵ
Kcedil capital K, cedilla Ķ
Lacute capital L, acute accent Ĺ
Lcaron capital L, caron Ľ
Lcedil capital L, cedilla Ļ
Lmidot capital L, middle dot Ŀ
Lstrok capital L, stroke Ł
Nacute capital N, acute accent Ń
Ncaron capital N, caron Ň
Ncedil capital N, cedilla Ņ
Ntilde capital N, tilde Ñ   Ñ
OElig capital OE ligature Œ
Oacute capital O, acute accent Ó   Ó
Ocirc capital O, circumflex accent Ô   Ô
Odblac capital O, double acute accent Ő
Ograve capital O, grave accent Ò   Ò
Omacr capital O, macron Ō
Oslash capital O, slash Ø   Ø
Otilde capital O, tilde Õ   Õ
Ouml capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark Ö   Ö
Racute capital R, acute accent Ŕ
Rcaron capital R, caron Ř
Rcedil capital R, cedilla Ŗ
Sacute capital S, acute accent Ś
Scaron capital S, caron Š
Scedil capital S, cedilla Ş
Scirc capital S, circumflex accent Ŝ
THORN capital THORN, Icelandic Þ   Þ
Tcaron capital T, caron Ť
Tcedil capital T, cedilla Ţ
Tstrok capital T, stroke Ŧ
Uacute capital U, acute accent Ú   Ú
Ubreve capital U, breve Ŭ
Ucirc capital U, circumflex accent Û   Û
Udblac capital U, double acute accent Ű
Ugrave capital U, grave accent Ù   Ù
Umacr capital U, macron Ū
Uogon capital U, ogonek Ų
Uring capital U, ring Ů
Utilde capital U, tilde Ũ
Uuml capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark Ü   Ü
Wcirc capital W, circumflex accent Ŵ
Yacute capital Y, acute accent Ý   Ý
Ycirc capital Y, circumflex accent Ŷ
Yuml capital Y, dieresis or umlaut mark Ÿ
Zacute capital Z, acute accent Ź
Zcaron capital Z, caron Ž
Zdot capital Z, dot above Ż
aacute small a, acute accent á   á
abreve small a, breve ă
acirc small a, circumflex accent â   â
aelig small ae diphthong (ligature) æ   æ
agrave small a, grave accent à   à
amacr small a, macron ā
aogon small a, ogonek ą
aring small a, ring å   å
atilde small a, tilde ã   ã
auml small a, dieresis or umlaut mark ä   ä
cacute small c, acute accent ć
ccaron small c, caron č
ccedil small c, cedilla ç   ç
ccirc small c, circumflex accent ĉ
cdot small c, dot above ċ
dcaron small d, caron ď
dstrok small d, stroke đ
eacute small e, acute accent é   é
ecaron small e, caron ě
ecirc small e, circumflex accent ê   ê
edot small e, dot above ė
egrave small e, grave accent è   è
emacr small e, macron ē
eng small eng, Lapp ŋ
eogon small e, ogonek ę
eth small eth, Icelandic ð   ð
euml small e, dieresis or umlaut mark ë   ë
gacute small g, acute accent ǵ
gbreve small g, breve ğ
gcirc small g, circumflex accent ĝ
gdot small g, dot above ġ
hcirc small h, circumflex accent ĥ
hstrok small h, stroke ħ
iacute small i, acute accent í   í
icirc small i, circumflex accent î   î
igrave small i, grave accent ì   ì
ijlig small ij ligature ij
imacr small i, macron ī
inodot small i without dot ı
iogon small i, ogonek į
itilde small i, tilde ĩ
iuml small i, dieresis or umlaut mark ï   ï
jcirc small j, circumflex accent ĵ
kcedil small k, cedilla ķ
kgreen small k, Greenlandic ĸ
lacute small l, acute accent ĺ
lcaron small l, caron ľ
lcedil small l, cedilla ļ
lmidot small l, middle dot ŀ
lstrok small l, stroke ł
nacute small n, acute accent ń
napos small n, apostrophe ʼn
ncaron small n, caron ň
ncedil small n, cedilla ņ
ntilde small n, tilde ñ   ñ
oacute small o, acute accent ó   ó
ocirc small o, circumflex accent ô   ô
odblac small o, double acute accent ő
oelig small oe ligature œ
ograve small o, grave accent ò   ò
omacr small o, macron ō
oslash small o, slash ø   ø
otilde small o, tilde õ   õ
ouml small o, dieresis or umlaut mark ö   ö
racute small r, acute accent ŕ
rcaron small r, caron ř
rcedil small r, cedilla ŗ
sacute small s, acute accent ś
scaron small s, caron š
scedil small s, cedilla ş
scirc small s, circumflex accent ŝ
szlig small sharp s, German (sz ligature) ß   ß
tcaron small t, caron ť
tcedil small t, cedilla ţ
thorn small thorn, Icelandic þ   þ
tstrok small t, stroke ŧ
uacute small u, acute accent ú   ú
ubreve small u, breve ŭ
ucirc small u, circumflex accent û   û
udblac small u, double acute accent ű
ugrave small u, grave accent ù   ù
umacr small u, macron ū
uogon small u, ogonek ų
uring small u, ring ů
utilde small u, tilde ũ
uuml small u, dieresis or umlaut mark ü   ü
wcirc small w, circumflex accent ŵ
yacute small y, acute accent ý   ý
ycirc small y, circumflex accent ŷ
yuml small y, dieresis or umlaut mark ÿ   ÿ
zacute small z, acute accent ź
zcaron small z, caron ž
zdot small z, dot above ż

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