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SGML entities

If there is any special or accented character that you wish to use that you cannot successfully input via your keyboard, then you may choose to put in an SGML entity for that character. For example, the letter 'e' with an acute accent may be put in as the SGML entity é. So, if your name is 'Hervé' ('Herve' with an acute accent on the second 'e'), then you could put this into an IUCr form as 'Hervé'. When your name is later displayed to other users (for example as part of your entry in the World Directory of Crystallographers), or otherwise used, it should then have the accent correctly displayed.

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AEligcapital AE diphthong (ligature)Æ  Æ
Aacutecapital A, acute accentÁ  Á
Abrevecapital A, breveĂ
Acirccapital A, circumflex accent  Â
Agravecapital A, grave accentÀ  À
Amacrcapital A, macronĀ
Aogoncapital A, ogonekĄ
Aringcapital A, ringÅ  Å
Atildecapital A, tildeà Ã
Aumlcapital A, dieresis or umlaut markÄ  Ä
Cacutecapital C, acute accentĆ
Ccaroncapital C, caronČ
Ccedilcapital C, cedillaÇ  Ç
Ccirccapital C, circumflex accentĈ
Cdotcapital C, dot aboveĊ
Dcaroncapital D, caronĎ
Dstrokcapital D, strokeĐ
ENGcapital ENG, LappŊ
ETHcapital Eth, IcelandicР Ð
Eacutecapital E, acute accentÉ  É
Ecaroncapital E, caronĚ
Ecirccapital E, circumflex accentÊ  Ê
Edotcapital E, dot aboveĖ
Egravecapital E, grave accentÈ  È
Emacrcapital E, macronĒ
Eogoncapital E, ogonekĘ
Eumlcapital E, dieresis or umlaut markË  Ë
Gbrevecapital G, breveĞ
Gcedilcapital G, cedillaĢ
Gcirccapital G, circumflex accentĜ
Gdotcapital G, dot aboveĠ
Hcirccapital H, circumflex accentĤ
Hstrokcapital H, strokeĦ
IJligcapital IJ ligatureIJ
Iacutecapital I, acute accentÍ  Í
Icirccapital I, circumflex accentΠ Î
Idotcapital I, dot aboveİ
Igravecapital I, grave accentÌ  Ì
Imacrcapital I, macronĪ
Iogoncapital I, ogonekĮ
Itildecapital I, tildeĨ
Iumlcapital I, dieresis or umlaut markÏ  Ï
Jcirccapital J, circumflex accentĴ
Kcedilcapital K, cedillaĶ
Lacutecapital L, acute accentĹ
Lcaroncapital L, caronĽ
Lcedilcapital L, cedillaĻ
Lmidotcapital L, middle dotĿ
Lstrokcapital L, strokeŁ
Nacutecapital N, acute accentŃ
Ncaroncapital N, caronŇ
Ncedilcapital N, cedillaŅ
Ntildecapital N, tildeÑ  Ñ
OEligcapital OE ligatureŒ
Oacutecapital O, acute accentÓ  Ó
Ocirccapital O, circumflex accentÔ  Ô
Odblaccapital O, double acute accentŐ
Ogravecapital O, grave accentÒ  Ò
Omacrcapital O, macronŌ
Oslashcapital O, slashØ  Ø
Otildecapital O, tildeÕ  Õ
Oumlcapital O, dieresis or umlaut markÖ  Ö
Racutecapital R, acute accentŔ
Rcaroncapital R, caronŘ
Rcedilcapital R, cedillaŖ
Sacutecapital S, acute accentŚ
Scaroncapital S, caronŠ
Scedilcapital S, cedillaŞ
Scirccapital S, circumflex accentŜ
THORNcapital THORN, IcelandicÞ  Þ
Tcaroncapital T, caronŤ
Tcedilcapital T, cedillaŢ
Tstrokcapital T, strokeŦ
Uacutecapital U, acute accentÚ  Ú
Ubrevecapital U, breveŬ
Ucirccapital U, circumflex accentÛ  Û
Udblaccapital U, double acute accentŰ
Ugravecapital U, grave accentÙ  Ù
Umacrcapital U, macronŪ
Uogoncapital U, ogonekŲ
Uringcapital U, ringŮ
Utildecapital U, tildeŨ
Uumlcapital U, dieresis or umlaut markÜ  Ü
Wcirccapital W, circumflex accentŴ
Yacutecapital Y, acute accentÝ  Ý
Ycirccapital Y, circumflex accentŶ
Yumlcapital Y, dieresis or umlaut markŸ
Zacutecapital Z, acute accentŹ
Zcaroncapital Z, caronŽ
Zdotcapital Z, dot aboveŻ
aacutesmall a, acute accentá  á
abrevesmall a, breveă
acircsmall a, circumflex accentâ  â
aeligsmall ae diphthong (ligature)æ  æ
agravesmall a, grave accentà  à
amacrsmall a, macronā
aogonsmall a, ogoneką
aringsmall a, ringå  å
atildesmall a, tildeã  ã
aumlsmall a, dieresis or umlaut markä  ä
cacutesmall c, acute accentć
ccaronsmall c, caronč
ccedilsmall c, cedillaç  ç
ccircsmall c, circumflex accentĉ
cdotsmall c, dot aboveċ
dcaronsmall d, caronď
dstroksmall d, strokeđ
eacutesmall e, acute accenté  é
ecaronsmall e, caroně
ecircsmall e, circumflex accentê  ê
edotsmall e, dot aboveė
egravesmall e, grave accentè  è
emacrsmall e, macronē
engsmall eng, Lappŋ
eogonsmall e, ogonekę
ethsmall eth, Icelandicð  ð
eumlsmall e, dieresis or umlaut markë  ë
gacutesmall g, acute accentǵ
gbrevesmall g, breveğ
gcircsmall g, circumflex accentĝ
gdotsmall g, dot aboveġ
hcircsmall h, circumflex accentĥ
hstroksmall h, strokeħ
iacutesmall i, acute accentí  í
icircsmall i, circumflex accentî  î
igravesmall i, grave accentì  ì
ijligsmall ij ligatureij
imacrsmall i, macronī
inodotsmall i without dotı
iogonsmall i, ogonekį
itildesmall i, tildeĩ
iumlsmall i, dieresis or umlaut markï  ï
jcircsmall j, circumflex accentĵ
kcedilsmall k, cedillaķ
kgreensmall k, Greenlandicĸ
lacutesmall l, acute accentĺ
lcaronsmall l, caronľ
lcedilsmall l, cedillaļ
lmidotsmall l, middle dotŀ
lstroksmall l, strokeł
nacutesmall n, acute accentń
napossmall n, apostropheʼn
ncaronsmall n, caronň
ncedilsmall n, cedillaņ
ntildesmall n, tildeñ  ñ
oacutesmall o, acute accentó  ó
ocircsmall o, circumflex accentô  ô
odblacsmall o, double acute accentő
oeligsmall oe ligatureœ
ogravesmall o, grave accentò  ò
omacrsmall o, macronō
oslashsmall o, slashø  ø
otildesmall o, tildeõ  õ
oumlsmall o, dieresis or umlaut markö  ö
racutesmall r, acute accentŕ
rcaronsmall r, caronř
rcedilsmall r, cedillaŗ
sacutesmall s, acute accentś
scaronsmall s, caronš
scedilsmall s, cedillaş
scircsmall s, circumflex accentŝ
szligsmall sharp s, German (sz ligature)ß  ß
tcaronsmall t, caronť
tcedilsmall t, cedillaţ
thornsmall thorn, Icelandicþ  þ
tstroksmall t, strokeŧ
uacutesmall u, acute accentú  ú
ubrevesmall u, breveŭ
ucircsmall u, circumflex accentû  û
udblacsmall u, double acute accentű
ugravesmall u, grave accentù  ù
umacrsmall u, macronū
uogonsmall u, ogonekų
uringsmall u, ringů
utildesmall u, tildeũ
uumlsmall u, dieresis or umlaut markü  ü
wcircsmall w, circumflex accentŵ
yacutesmall y, acute accentý  ý
ycircsmall y, circumflex accentŷ
yumlsmall y, dieresis or umlaut markÿ  ÿ
zacutesmall z, acute accentź
zcaronsmall z, caronž
zdotsmall z, dot aboveż

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