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Examples of detailed scientific research interests.

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ab-initio calculations ab-initio periodical and cluster calculations ab-initio powder structure determination
ab-initio structure determination ablation absolute chirality
absolute configuration absolute configuration determination absolute configuration organic compounds
absolute polarity absolute structure absolute structure determination
absolute structure factors absorption absorption correction
absorption edge absorption spectroscopy absorption spectroscopy experimental
absorption spectroscopy theoretical academic management accuracy
accurate data collection accurate data processing accurate electron density
accurate geometry accurate intensity accurate intensity data collection
accurate intensity measurement accurate lattice parameter measurements accurate measurement
accurate phase determination accurate structure analysis accurate structure determination
accurate structure factors acentric crystals acetylenes
acid phosphatases acidophilic proteins acids hydrogen bonding
acoustic elastic properties acoustic thin layers acoustic vibration
acoustics acoustooptics ACRT
actin actin-binding proteins actinide chemistry
actinide structure actinides actinides and lanthanides
actinoxanthin activation energy active sites
active transport active-site recognition active-site structure
activity activity and mechanism of enzymes adaptive systems
addiction adducts of hydrogen halides adhesion
adhesive bonding adrenergic compounds adsorbents
adsorption adsorption kinetics advanced ceramics
advanced materials advanced materials and processing AEM
aerosol research aerospace alloys aerospace materials
AES affinity AFM
AFM-STM studies of minerals and glasses aggregates agricultural natural products
agrochemical computer-assisted design agrochemistry AIDS
AIDS inhibitors air pollution air sensitive reactive sampling
alchemy alcohol chemistry alcohols
aldehyde dehydrogenase aldo-keto reductases aldolases
algebraic geometry algorithm resolution and refinement algorithmic algebra
algorithmic methods algorithms alkali metal anion salts
alkalide and electride xi structures alkaloid structures alkanes
alkoxide crystallography alkoxides alkynes
allergenic compounds allergology allosteric effectors
allosteric enzymes allosterism allostery
allostery cooperative protein allotropy alloy chemistry
alloy clustering alloy development alloy melts
alloy phases alloy steel alloy structure
alloy theory alloys alloys of Cu
AlN crystal growth by sublimation method alpha-amino acids alpha-N-galactosaminidase and alpha-galactosidase
alteration alumina alumina barium components
aluminium alloys aluminium compounds aluminium hydroxide
aluminophosphate molecular sieves aluminophosphates aluminosilicate phase-transitions
aluminosilicates Alzheimer's proteins amides
amino acids amino-acid complexes amino-acid coordination compounds
amino-acid mutations aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases aminoacylases
aminoglutethimide aminophosphonic and phosphinic acids aminotransaminases
aminotransferases amorphization amorphization under pressure
amorphous alloys amorphous and electronic materials amorphous compounds
amorphous crystalline structure amorphous crystalline transition amorphous dielectrics
amorphous diffraction amorphous materials amorphous materials characterization
amorphous metallic alloys quasicrystals amorphous metals amorphous metastable phase determination
amorphous phase heterostructures amorphous phases amorphous scattering
amorphous semiconductors amorphous silicon photovoltaics amorphous solids
amorphous structures amphibole crystal chemistry amphibole halogens
amphibole minerals amphiboles amphiphilic molecules
amphiphilic salts amphiphilic systems amphiphilic toxins
amylase and related enzymes amylases amyloidogenesis
amyloidosis amyloids amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
amyrin benzoate amyrin iode analysis
analysis of Debye-Scherrer method analysis of disordered structures analysis of silicates
analytical chemistry analytical crystallography analytical electron microscopy
analytical geochemistry analytical mineralogy analytical phase refinement
analytical scanning electron microscopy analytical sciences anelasticity
angiogenesis anharmonic condensed matter anharmonic refinement
anharmonic thermal vibrations anharmonicity anharmonicity disorder
anion binding anion packing anisotropic anomalous dispersion
anisotropic elasticity anisotropic optical properties anisotropic orientation
anisotropic physical properties anisotropic properties anisotropy
annealing annexins anomalous diffraction
anomalous dispersion anomalous dispersion methods anomalous dispersion of disordered materials
anomalous scattering anomalous scattering methods anomalous small-angle X-ray scattering
Antarctic geology anti-Candida peptide drug design anti-HIV drug design
anti-inflammatory and anticancer compounds anti-inflammatory compounds antiallergenics
antiallergic drugs antibacterial human protein antibacterials
antibiotic binding antibiotic biosynthesis antibiotic resistance
antibiotics antibodies antibodies insulin
antibody antigen complexes antibody antigen interactions antibody catalysis
antibody conformations antibody structure antibody structure function
anticancer AIDS anticancer biochemistry anticancer compounds
anticancer drug structural study anticancer drugs anticancer ruthenium complexes
anticoagulants antidepressants antiestrogen compounds
antiferroelectricity antiferromagnetics antiferromagnetism
antifolates antifreeze proteins antigen antibody interactions
antigen processing antigens antigorite
antimalarial and antimuscarinic compounds antimalarial compounds antimalarials
antimicrobial compounds antimony compounds antioxidants
antisense antisymmetry antitumour compounds
antitumour drug structure antiviral agents antiviral and antifungal proteins
antiviral compounds anvil cells apatites
aperiodic crystallography aperiodic crystals aperiodic materials
aperiodic structures aperiodicity apoptosis
apparatus application development application of bond-valence model to discrete molecular structures
application of science to technology application software applications
applications in orthopaedics applications of high-pressure research to geophysics and materials science applications of LC
applications of synchrotron radiation applied catalysis applied crystallography
applied crystallography materials applied geology applied mathematics
applied mineralogy applied mineralogy and crystallography applied solid-state chemistry
applied synchrotron radiation aqueous acids aqueous bases
aqueous equilibrium aqueous solutions archaelogical ceramics
archaeological materials archaeology archaeomagnetism
archaeometallurgy archaeometry archean
archeometallurgy archeometry area detection
area detector instrumentation area detectors area detectors for small molecules
arene ruthenium compounds arenes arginine kinase
aromatic organic compounds arsenates arsenic antimony and tin compounds
arsenic compounds artificial heterolayers artificial intelligence
artificial life artificial structures ARUPS
ASAXS asbestos Asian crystallography
asparaginase aspartic proteases aspartic proteinases
assembly decapsidation of viruses association theory astronomical instrumentation
astronomy astrophysics asymmetric catalysis
asymmetric synthesis asymmetry ATEM
atherosclerosis atom-probe field-ion microscopy atomic absorption spectrophotometry
atomic beam diffraction atomic collisions atomic diffusion
atomic energy atomic force microscopy atomic layer epitaxy
atomic physics atomic probe microscopy atomic resolution crystallography
atomic resolution refinement atomic scale characterization atomic scale mechanisms
atomic scattering factors atomic size atomic structure
atomic structure dielectrics atomic structure of magnetic multilayers atomic transport
atomic weights ATP dependent reactions ATPases
attenuation coefficients Auger analysis Auger electron spectroscopy
Auger spectroscopy Austrian topographic mineralogy autoimmunity diabetes
automated crystallization automated data collection automatic control
automatic structure solution automation automation in chemistry
averaging Avogadro constant AWAXS
back-reflection electron Kikuchi pattern bacteria bacterial adhesion
bacterial asparaginases bacterial chemotaxis bacterial pathogenesis
bacterial pili bacterial toxins bacterial toxins cytotoxins
bacterial transport bacteriorhodopsin band calculations
band structure barium compounds basaltic rocks minerals
basic research planning and policy basic salts basic studies of flotation
BaTiO3 batteries battery materials
battery powder battery technology bauxite
bauxite mineralogy BEDT-TTF bentonite
benzodiazepinic ligands beryllium compounds beryllophosphates
beta-amyloids beta-endorphins beta-lactamases
beta-oxidation beta/alpha-barrels betaine compounds
biimidazoles Bijvoet absorption edge bilayer diffraction
bile pigments bile salt interaction complexes bile salt micellar aggregates
bimetallic clusters bimetallics binary alloys
binary and multinary oxides binary organic solids binary phase diagram
binary ternary and multinary semiconductor materials binary ternary semiconductor thin films binding
binding enzyme inhibitors binding proteins bioactive ceramics
bioactive compounds bioactive molecules bioactive peptides
bioactive structures bioactivity selectivity bioceramics
biochemical crystallography biochemical education biochemistry
biochemistry and crystallography of molecular chaperones biochemistry of DNA RNA proteins biocompounds
biocomputing biocoordination biocrystallization
biocrystallography biocrystallography mutagenesis replication biocrystallography of proteins
biodegradable polymers bioenergetics bioenergetics-related proteins
biofilms bioglasses bioinformatics
bioinorganic chemistry bioinorganic compounds bioinorganic crystal growth
bioinorganic materials bioinorganic minerals bioinorganic models
bioinorganic structure determination bioinorganic structures biological activity
biological apatites biological applications biological carbonates
biological chemistry biological clock biological complexes
biological compounds biological crystallization biological crystallography
biological crystals biological diffraction biological effects
biological electron transfer biological fibres biological glasses
biological interactions biological macromolecular assemblies biological macromolecular crystallography
biological macromolecules biological materials biological mathematical models
biological membranes biological mineralization biological molecular complexes
biological molecules biological phosphates biological sciences
biological small molecules biological structure-activity relationships biological structures
biological substances biological system symmetry biological systematics
biologically active compounds biologically active small molecules biologically important compounds
biologically important molecules biologically important substances biologically interesting compounds
biologically interesting molecules biologically interesting synthetic compounds biology
biology applied chaos theory bioluminescence bioluminescent photoproteins aequorin
bioluminescent proteins biomacromolecular structures biomacromolecule crystallization
biomacromolecule crystallography biomacromolecule X-ray crystallography biomacromolecules
biomaterials biomaterials and biodevices biomaterials design
biomaterials development biomechanics biomedical calcification
biomedical compounds biomedical molecules biomedical technology
biomembranes biomimetics biomineralization
biominerals biomolecular handedness biomolecular ion channels
biomolecular recognition biomolecular structure function biomolecular structures
biomolecule conformation biomolecule structure biomolecule structure and conformation
biomolecule structure comparison biomolecule structure determination biomolecules
bioorganic compounds bioorganic crystallography bioorganic molecules
biophysical analysis biophysical biochemical characterization biophysical chemistry
biophysical methods biophysics biopolymers
bioremediation biosciences databases biosensors
biosynthesis biotechnology biotin biochemistry
birefringence bismuth compounds bismuth compounds in medicine
bismuth vanadium oxide BixSbxTe3 blood
blood clotting blood coagulation blood coagulation factors
blood conversion enzymes blood proteins blue copper proteins
bond compressibility bond length bond length/bond strength relationships
bond method bond order bond strength
bonding bonding charge transfer bonding hydrides
bonding in solids bonding intermolecular bonding theory
bone bone biomaterials bone biomechanics
bone microstructure bone mineralization borides
boron compounds boron-neutron capture therapy borophosphates
borosilicates Borrmann absorption botanical quasicrystallography
bound ligand interactions bound proteins bound water
boundaries Boutulinum neurotoxin Bragg intensity
Bragg optics brake linings branching enzymes
Bravais lattice Bravais lattice determination Bridgman-Stockbarger technique
Brillouin spectroscopy bronze iron and slags from ancient production bulk modulus
bulk photovoltaic kinetics burial diagenesis
C reactive proteins C60 cadmium compounds
cadmium copper indium zinc complex compounds cadmium cyanide cage molecules
calcification calcification bone calcium
calcium compounds calcium function signal transducer eukaryotes calcium phosphate
calcium regulator homeostasis eukaryotes calcium-binding proteins calcium-binding transcription factors
calibration calixarene complexes calixarenes
calixarenes fullerenes calmodulin-mediated calcium signal transduction calorimetry
calorimetry kinetics Cambridge structural database camera methods
cameras cancer cancer diagnostic
cancer drug design cannabinoids capillaries
capillary beamline capillary X-ray optics capsids
capture carbides carbides nitrides
carbocation structures carbohydrate crystallography carbohydrate degradation
carbohydrate metabolism carbohydrate structures carbohydrate-binding proteins
carbohydrates carbon compounds carbon dioxide
carbon materials carbon nanotubes carbonaceous materials
carbonate formation carbonates carbonyls
carboranes carboxylases carboxylate complexes
carboxylates carboxylic acids carboxypeptidases
carcinogen antitumour agents carcinogen-nucleic acid interactions carcinogenesis
carcinogens cardiac compounds cardiovascular agents
cardiovascular disease thrombosis carotenoid structures cast iron
catalysis catalysis adsorption catalysis by metals
catalysis macromolecules catalysis structure of intermediates catalyst optimization and design
catalyst structure catalysts catalytic antibodies
catalytic chemistry catalytic conformational change catalytic enzymes
catalytic mechanisms catalytic polymerization catalytic processes
catalytic reactions or processes involving CO2 catastrophe theory cathepsin
cathodoluminescence cation distribution cation exchange
cation radical salts cation-binding analysis cations
CBED CCD detectors cell adhesion
cell biology cell communication cell cycle
cell cycle and development cell cycle control cell cycle proteins
cell membranes cell mobility cell reduction
cell regulation cell signalling cell surface receptors
cell surfaces cell twinning cellular signalling
cellulases cellulose degradation cellulose fibre structure
celluloses cement calcium silicate powder X-ray diffraction cement chemistry
cement chemistry and technology cement hydration cement microstructure
cement scale clay mineralogy cement technology cements
ceramic chemistry ceramic coatings ceramic compounds
ceramic filters ceramic materials ceramic microporous materials
ceramic phase diagrams ceramic physical properties ceramic processing
ceramic raw materials ceramic surfaces ceramic synthesis
ceramics ceramics electron-dispersive analysis cerium
ceruloplasmin CGTase chain compounds
chain silicates chalcogenide glass disorder chalcogenide glasses
chalcogenide inorganic solid-state chemistry chalcogenide threshold switch chalcogenides
chalcogenites chalcogens chalcopyrites
channel ion potassium structure membrane protein channel proteins channelling
chaos chaos theory chaperone proteins
chaperone-assisted folding chaperones chaperonins
characterization characterization methods characterization of materials
characterization of microstructure of ceramics characterization techniques Charcot Leyden crystal protein
charge carrier transport charge density charge density accuracy
charge density distribution charge density inorganic materials charge density studies
charge density waves charge momentum density charge transfer
charge-transfer complexes chelates chelation
chemical bonding chemical bonding theory chemical compounds
chemical corrosion chemical crystallography chemical databases
chemical defence system in lower animals chemical deposition of oxides chemical design
chemical domain structure chemical education chemical education in high school
chemical engineering chemical etching chemical evolution and origin of life
chemical information chemical kinetics chemical nomenclature
chemical physical properties chemical physical relationships chemical physics
chemical precipitation of ceramic powders chemical properties chemical reaction mechanism
chemical reaction paths chemical reactivity chemical reactivity and structure
chemical structure modelling chemical technology chemical thermodynamics
chemical transport chemical vapor deposition chemisorption
chemistry chemistry and mineralogy of cements chemistry and nutrition
chemistry inorganic chemistry of alkali and alkaline earth metals chemistry of complex compounds
chemistry of water solutions chemistry organometallic chemometrics
chemotaxis chemotherapy children's diseases
chiral compounds chiral discrimination chiral drugs
chiral induction chiral protein crystallography chiral recognition
chiral resolution chiral separation chiral space groups
chirality chirality-polarity chirooptical properties
chlorides chlorine chlorophyll nanotube aggregates
cholesterol chromatin chromatography
chromites chromium chromium compounds
chromium-manganese chromium-tungsten compounds chromosome dynamics
chromosome structure chrysotile CIF
CIF file processing circular dichroism circular dichroism measurement methods
cis-trans isomerization cis-trans proline isomerases classification
classification of crystal structures clathrate compounds clathrate hydrates
clathrates clavoenzymes clay diagenesis
clay geochemistry clay mineralogy clay mineralogy Rietveld X-ray
clay minerals clay-water relationships clays
clays crystal chemistry clinical data analysis clinker
close packing cluster chemistry cluster compounds
cluster compounds transition elements cluster interface cluster-assembled materials
clustering clusters clusters in coordination complexes
clusters organometallics coordination CO2 activation coagulation
coagulation factors coagulation proteins coal
coal gasification kinetics coal microstructure coal mineralogy
coal minerals coalification coarsening
coatings cobalamin methylation cobalamins
cobalt clusters cobalt compounds cobalt dioxygen complexes
CobU cocrystallization and complexation of small molecules cocrystals
cofactor cluster complexes cofactors cohesive energy
coiled coil proteins coke coke structure
cold adapted enzymes cold nuclear fusion cold rolled sheets
colicin collaborative computing collagen
collagen collagenase collagen peptides collagen structure
collagenase collagen collimator correction collimators
colloids colour colour centres
colour due to clustered lattice defects colour physics colour symmetry
combinational theory combinatorial crystallography combinatorial library design
combustion combustion mechanisms common cold viruses
communicating science compaction of powders competitive crystal growth
complement proteins complement systems complex cancer RNA polymerase
complex chemistry complex compounds complex compounds crystal chemistry
complex compounds crystal structure complex compounds synthesis complex cyanides
complex dynamics complex fluids complex inorganic compounds
complex oxides complex protein interactions complex radicals
complex structure complex systems complex vanadium compounds
complexation complexes complexes with polyazenido ligands
complexonates components composite ceramics
composite compounds composite crystals composite materials
composite mechanics composite structures composites
composition composition and structure of materials minerals and alloys composition determination
composition relationships compounds compounds alloys
compounds semiconductor technology compounds semiconductors Compton profiles
Compton scattering computation computational analysis of crystallographic data
computational assistance to researchers computational biochemistry computational biology
computational biophysics computational chemistry computational chemistry estimation of properties
computational crystallography computational drug design computational geometry
computational methods computational modelling methods computational physics
computer algorithm development computer algorithms computer analysis
computer applications computer architecture computer automation
computer automation modelling computer automation X-ray experiments computer chemistry
computer construction computer drug design computer graphics
computer graphics molecular computer management computer modelling
computer modelling and simulation of real structures computer modelling liquids computer modelling polymers
computer modelling solids computer networking computer networks
computer physics computer programming computer programming data collection
computer programming databases computer programming in X-ray diffraction computer programs
computer protein analysis computer science computer simulation
computer simulation of casting and solidification computer simulation of non-crystalline solids computer simulation of solidification
computer simulation of structure computer software computer technology
computer user interface and usability computer-aided crystallographic teaching computer-aided design
computer-aided drug design computer-aided education computer-aided instruction
computer-aided materials design computer-aided molecular design computer-aided molecular modelling
computers computing computing algorithms
computing in crystallography computing methods computing methods in crystallography
computing techniques condensed anions condensed layers
condensed matter condensed matter physics condensed matter science
condensed matter theory condensed models condensed phases
conducting materials conducting molecular crystals conducting polymers
conduction conductive polymers conductivity
conductivity measurement conductivity phenomena conductors
conductors semiconductors configuration and conformation of biomolecules confocal laser scanning microscopy
conformation conformation rings conformation wheels
conformational analysis conformational analysis of macromolecules conformational and packing behaviour of acyclic carbohydrate derivatives
conformational change conformational change of transferrin receptor upon ligand binding conformational energy
conformational flexibility conformational methodology conformational polymorphism
conformational regulation of protein molecules conformational studies conformational transitions
conglomerate molecular crystals conjugate compounds conjugated organic compounds
construction of supramolecules contaminant identification contractile systems
contractility contraction contrast
convection convergent-beam diffraction convergent-beam electron diffraction
cooper compounds cooperative anion binding cooperative Jahn-Teller effect
cooperative phenomena coordinate error estimation coordination
coordination and inorganic compounds coordination and organic compounds coordination chemistry
coordination chemistry compounds coordination chemistry transition metals coordination clusters
coordination complexes coordination compounds coordination crystal chemistry
coordination geometry coordination organometallic coordination polymers
copolymers copper copper chalcogenides
copper complexes copper compounds copper coordination compounds
copper oxide superconductors copper oxides copper proteins
corneal pathologies corneal transparency correlated electron systems
corrosion corrosion modelling corrosion of artefacts
cosmetology cosmic mineralogy cosmochemistry
cosmomineralogy COX cracks
creep critical phenomena critical phenomena polymers
critical point topology cross section crown compounds
crown ether electron channelling crown ether organophosphorus ligands crown ethers
cryocooled crystallography cryocrystallography cryocrystals
cryogenic systems cryogenics cryogenics crystal growth
cryophysics cryostats cryptates
crystal acoustics theory crystal analysis crystal anatomy
crystal and magnetic structure crystal and molecular structure crystal and powder X-ray diffraction structure analysis
crystal anion disorder crystal binding crystal bonding
crystal characterization crystal chemistry crystal chemistry and reactions in solids
crystal chemistry and structure crystal chemistry of alloys crystal Chemistry of boron compounds
crystal chemistry of clays crystal chemistry of coordination compounds crystal chemistry of inorganic compounds
crystal chemistry of minerals crystal chemistry of silicates crystal data
crystal data collection crystal databases crystal defect genesis
crystal defects crystal design crystal diffraction
crystal dislocation crystal disorder crystal electrical conductivity
crystal energetics crystal energy crystal engineering
crystal field crystal field modelling crystal field theory
crystal form crystal geometry crystal growth
crystal growth and imperfections crystal growth and perfection crystal growth apparatus design
crystal growth characterization crystal growth computer modelling crystal growth from gaseous phase
crystal growth from solution crystal growth kinetics mechanisms crystal growth mechanisms
crystal growth microgravity crystal growth of defects crystal growth of ferroelectrics
crystal growth of III-V compounds crystal growth of low-melting materials crystal growth of semiconductors
crystal growth of silicates crystal growth optical crystal growth organic
crystal growth physical crystal growth space crystal growth sputtering
crystal growth technology crystal growth theory crystal habit
crystal hardness crystal imperfections crystal interfaces
crystal lasers crystal lattice distortion crystal lattice energetics
crystal magnetism crystal morphology crystal optics
crystal orientation crystal packing crystal packing stereochemistry
crystal perfection crystal physics crystal polymers
crystal properties crystal research crystal shapes
crystal size crystal spectrophotometry crystal spectroscopy
crystal stability crystal structure analysis crystal structure and properties
crystal structure databases crystal structure defects in crystals crystal structure determination
crystal structure determination X-ray powder data crystal structure nonstoichiometry of fluorine compounds crystal structure of RNA polymerase
crystal structure prediction crystal structure properties crystal structure relationships in oxide minerals
crystal structure research crystal structure software crystal structure solution
crystal structure statistics crystal structure topology crystal structure-physical property relationships
crystal structures crystal structures of aqueous acids at low temperature crystal structures of aqueous bases at low temperature
crystal structures of macrocyclic cation complexes crystal structures of new compounds crystal structures of organic compounds
crystal structures of small organic molecules crystal studies crystal surfaces
crystal symmetry crystal synthesis crystal synthesis and phase transitions
crystal systematics crystal texture crystal truncation rod scattering
crystal twinning crystal-related diseases crystalline and disordered alumina
crystalline composites crystalline defects crystalline disorder
crystalline form crystalline hydrates crystalline hydrates structure
crystalline materials crystalline morphology crystalline non-crystalline state
crystalline pharmaceuticals crystalline polymers crystalline protein catalysts
crystalline proteins crystalline solid solutions crystalline solids
crystalline state reactions crystalline structure crystallinity
crystallite size crystallite size strain crystallites
crystallization crystallization crystallography crystallization defects
crystallization macromolecular crystallization methods crystallization of compounds on diffractometers
crystallization of materials crystallization of nucleic acids and proteins crystallization of proteins
crystallization process crystallization process of protein molecules crystallization robots
crystallization strategies crystallization structures crystallizing membrane
crystallochemistry crystallochemistry layered structure vanadium molybdenum crystallochemistry of coordination compounds
crystallochemistry of silicate minerals crystallogenesis crystallogenesis of biological macromolecules
crystallogenetic modelling crystallogeny crystallographic analysis
crystallographic and NMR solution state structures crystallographic books crystallographic computation
crystallographic computing crystallographic courseware crystallographic data
crystallographic databases crystallographic education crystallographic education of geochemists
crystallographic function crystallographic methodology computing crystallographic methods
crystallographic modelling crystallographic orbits crystallographic orientation
crystallographic ornaments crystallographic programming crystallographic refinement
crystallographic software crystallographic software development crystallographic statistics
crystallographic structure crystallographic structure cell adhesion proteins crystallographic structure determination
crystallographic symmetry crystallographic systematics crystallographic teaching
crystallographic techniques crystallography crystallography and computing
crystallography and engineering of proteins in medicine crystallography biological crystallography chemical
crystallography coordination crystallography environmental crystallography exchange
crystallography geochemical crystallography in chemistry crystallography in higher dimensions
crystallography inorganic crystallography instrumentation synchrotron radiation crystallography macromolecular
crystallography medicinal crystallography of antigens and antibodies crystallography of biological macromolecules
crystallography of biological small molecules crystallography of blood clotting enzymes crystallography of cancer drugs
crystallography of coagulation enzymes crystallography of complex structures crystallography of ionophores
crystallography of minerals crystallography of minerals and ceramics crystallography of natural organic molecules
crystallography of nucleic acids crystallography of protein retroviruses crystallography of protein RNA
crystallography of protein small molecules crystallography of protein toxin computation crystallography of proteins and nucleic acids
crystallography of small molecules crystallography of steroid enzymes crystallography of sulfide and oxide minerals
crystallography of thin layers crystallography pharmaceutical crystals
crystals in electric fields crystals in living tissues crystals twinning
CsCl structures of transition metals with Al Cu-Zn bimetallic compounds cubanes
cubic boron nitride cubic insulin viruses cupredoxins
curricular X-ray crystallography custom FIB micromachining cutting of macromolecular crystals
CVD CVD epitaxy CVD of diamond
CVD of solar cells CVD of thin layers CVT
cyanide complexes cyanides cyano compounds
cyclam complexes cyclic peptides cyclodextrins
cyclooxygenases cyclynes cytochrome oxidase
cytochromes cytokine receptors cytokines
cytoplasm cytoskeletal proteins cytoskeleton
cytotoxicity for biomaterials Czochralski growth Czochralski method
Czochralski technique
D-amino acid transfer enzymes DAFS damage
damage in semiconductors data analysis data checking
data collection data collection methods data collection on non-routine samples
data collection processing inorganic compounds data collection techniques data processing
data processing optimization data processing software data reduction
data representation data treatment data validation
database manipulation database minerals database preparation
databases Debye temperature Debye-Scherrer method
Debye-Waller factor decay of cultural objects dechannelling on dislocations
decomposition deconvolution deep centres
defect analysis defect behaviour defect characterization
defect clusters defect crystal structure defect photography
defect structure determination analysis defect structure properties correlation defect structures
defect surfaces defects defects in crystals
defects in oxides defects in semiconductors deformation
deformation behaviour deformation density deformation density distribution
deformation electron microscopy deformation mechanism dehydrogenase steroid nucleotide
dehydrogenases delta 2theta space demixing
demyelinating diseases dendrimers densitometry
density distribution density functional theory density matrices
density modification density prediction dental materials
dental plaque deoxyribonucleoside kinase deposition of thin layers
derivative structure dermatoxicology descriptive mineralogy
design design peptide inhibitors desmearing
detector development detector properties detectors
detergents determining mechanisms of transcription regulation detoxification
detwinning deuterium effect development of XRD software
devitrification devitrification of fluoride glass DFT
diabetes diagnostics diamond
diamond analysis diamond anvil cells diamond anvil high-pressure apparatus
diamond characterization diamond deposition diamond films
diamond mineralogy diamond physics diamond thin films
diamond-like structures dichalcogenides dichroism
dielectric and optical properties dielectric and optical properties of inhomogeneous materials dielectric ceramics
dielectric compounds dielectric materials characterization dielectric properties
dielectric relaxation dielectrics dielectrics microanalysis
differential scanning calorimetry differential thermal analysis differential X-ray spectroscopy
diffraction diffraction analysis diffraction anomalous fine structure
diffraction applications diffraction applied to materials science problems diffraction by fibres
diffraction crystallography diffraction data diffraction data collection and data processing
diffraction enhancement of symmetry diffraction imaging of non-crystalline specimens diffraction instrumentation
diffraction methods diffraction neutrons X-rays electrons diffraction optics
diffraction physics diffraction profile simulation diffraction simulation
diffraction space mapping diffraction synchrotron radiation microcrystals diffraction techniques
diffraction theory diffraction thermal diffraction user center
diffractometer automation diffractometer control software diffractometers
diffractometry diffractometry spectroscopy minerals diffuse diffraction
diffuse scattering diffuse scattering proteins diffuse X-ray scattering
diffusion diffusion of metals digital image processing
digital signal processing dihydrogen complexes diiron proteins
dioxygen-copper catalysis dipeptides diphtheria
direct methods direct methods for proteins direct multipole analysis
direct phasing direct-ion scattering on dislocations Dirichlet domain
discrete mathematics applications discrimination recognition copper carboxylate disease
disease process modelling disease-related structures dislocation structure
dislocation structure properties dislocation theory dislocations
disorder disorder-order transformation disordered and amorphous solids
disordered ferroelectric oxides disordered incommensurate modulated structures disordered materials
disordered molecular crystals disordered solids disordered structures
disordered systems dispersed LC dispersion
displacive modulation dissolution dissolution etch phenomena
distance learning distributed-source radiation field calculations distribution functions
divergent-beam methods DNA DNA and protein crystallography
DNA binding DNA chemistry DNA crystallography
DNA damage and serine proteases DNA distortion DNA flexibility
DNA interactions DNA metabolism DNA packing
DNA polymerases DNA polymerases and replication proteins DNA rearrangement reactions
DNA recognition DNA recombination DNA repair
DNA repair enzymes DNA repair enzymology DNA replication
DNA sequence DNA structure DNA-binding proteins
DNA-branched junctions DNA-drug complexes DNA-drug interactions
DNA-protein complexes DNA-protein drug interactions DNA-protein interactions
DNA-repair enzymes DNA-RNA DNA-RNA structure
docking docking algorithms docking computation
domain motion domain structure domain switching
domains domains in Cu-gamma phases donor-acceptor bonding
doped ferrites dosimetry double crystal diffractometry
double Patterson method double salts double-triple crystal diffraction
drug action drug binding drug complexes with nucleic acids
drug computer-assisted design drug conformation drug design
drug design microgravity epitaxy drug discovery drug discovery and design
drug function drug interactions drug mechanism
drug modelling drug molecules drug packing
drug polymorphism drug QSAR drug receptors
drug structure-activity relationships drug structures drug targets
drug topography drug-DNA complexes drug-DNA interactions
drug-protein interactions drug-receptor interactions drug-receptor modelling
drugs DSC DSC calorimetry
DSC/XRD DT diaphorase DTA
dye compounds dye crystallography dye HPLC
dyes dynamic compaction of powders dynamic crystallography
dynamic light scattering dynamic processes in crystals dynamic properties
dynamic properties of solids dynamic scattering dynamical diffraction
dynamical diffraction theory dynamical properties dynamical scattering
dynamical theory dynamical X-ray diffraction theory dynamics
dynamics defect dynamics simulation dynamics thermodynamics of biomacromolecules
early transition metal chemistry EBSP ecology
economic geology edge structure edge-topography of polytypes
editing EDS EDS quantitative
education education of mineralogists in high school EDX
EELS EF-hand proteins effect of stress on diffraction
effect overhang residues EGA eggshell
elastic inelastic scattering elastic neutron diffractometry elastic properties
elastically bent perfect crystals elasticity elasticity theory
electret orientation and related properties electric field crystallization electrical and magnetic properties of superconductors and dielectrics
electrical and optical characterization electrical and optical properties electrical ceramics
electrical characterization electrical circular dichroism electrical conductivity
electrical conductivity of biomaterials electrical magnetic and optical properties of condensed matter electrical magnetic properties
electrical properties electrical properties of crystals electrical properties of matter
electrical properties of p-n junctions electrical properties of solids electrical resistivity
electrical steels electroceramics electrochemical characterization of amorphous and microcrystalline metals
electrochemistry electrochromic materials electrocrystallization
electrocrystallization of metals and alloys electrode kinetics electrodeposition
electrodiffraction electrodynamics of elastic waves in piezoelectrics electrolytes
electromagnetic spin wave theory electromagnetic wave theory electromechanical effect
electromechanics electromicroscopy electron absorption X-ray fine structure
electron and X-ray diffractometry electron charge density electron crystallography
electron density electron density distribution electron density distribution in bonds
electron density studies electron diffraction electron diffraction analysis
electron diffraction of crystals electron diffraction of gases electron diffraction of polymers
electron diffraction techniques electron diffraction theory electron distribution
electron distribution of small molecules electron energy loss electron energy loss spectroscopy
electron holography electron localization electron microanalysis
electron microdiffraction electron micrography electron microprobe analysis
electron microprobes electron microscope instrumentation electron microscope tomography
electron microscopes Electron microscopy electron microscopy
electron microscopy analysis electron microscopy and diffraction electron microscopy Lorentz
electron microscopy of crystals electron microscopy techniques electron optics
electron paramagnetic resonance electron probe microanalysis electron scattering
electron spectroscopy electron spectroscopy diffraction electron spin resonance
electron theory electron theory of intermetallic compounds electron tomography
electron transfer electron transfer in proteins electron transfer mechanism
electron transport electron transport proteins electron X-ray absorption fine structure
electron-phonon coupling electronic band structure calculations electronic ceramics
electronic density electronic materials electronic photonic materials
electronic physics electronic properties electronic publishing
electronic spectrum electronic structure electronic structure and magnetism
electronic structure calculations electronic structure of matter electronic transport properties
electronic vibrational magnetic properties of coordination solids electronics electronography
electrons electrons and phonons in quasiperiodic systems electrooptic materials
electrooptics electroplating electrostatic calculations
electrostatic interactions electrostatic interactions in ordered water electrostatic potential
electrostatic properties electrostatics ellipses ellipsoids packing
ellipsometry ELNES elongation factors complexes
EMP EMPA empirical testing of chemical bonding theory
enamels enantiomeric and diastereomeric mixtures enantioselective catalysis
endocrinology endonucleases ENDOR
energetic compounds energetic crystals energetic materials
energetics energy energy calculations
energy conversion energy minimization energy production
energy research energy transduction energy-dispersive analysis
energy-dispersive diffraction energy-dispersive diffraction analysis energy-dispersive EXAFS
energy-dispersive Laue diffraction energy-dispersive spectroscopy energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction
engineering engineering environmental engineering materials
enhancing science education enkephalins enterotoxins
enthalpies of mixing entomology entropy
environment environment protection environmental affairs
environmental biochemistry environmental chemistry environmental geology
environmental pollution environmental sciences environmental system dynamics
environmental technology enzymatic activity enzymatic catalysis
enzymatic mechanisms enzymatic proteins enzymatic reaction mechanisms
enzymatic structure-activity relationships enzyme active site enzyme activity mechanism
enzyme catalysis enzyme catalytic reaction mechanism enzyme chemistry
enzyme evolution enzyme function enzyme inhibitor design
enzyme inhibitor drug design enzyme inhibitors enzyme kinetics
enzyme kinetics enzyme mechanisms enzyme ligand complexes enzyme mechanics
enzyme mechanisms enzyme mechanisms kinetics enzyme protein mechanism
enzyme specificity enzyme stability enzyme structure
enzyme structure determination enzyme structure function enzyme structure mechanism
enzyme substrates enzymes enzymes phosphorylases
enzymology enzymology inhibition mutagenesis mechanism epitaxial growth
epitaxial interface crystallography epitaxial layer growth epitaxial layer growth from gaseous phase of A3B5 compounds
epitaxial layer growth of II-VI compounds epitaxial layers epitaxial layers of A3B5 compounds
epitaxial semiconductor layer growth epitaxial structures epitaxial temperature
epitaxic misorientation epitaxy epitaxy of semiconductors
epitaxy topotaxy epoxide hydrolases EPR
EPR crystalline EPR physical equations of state
equilibria and dynamics of coordination compounds in solution equilibrium crystal shape ergot alkaloid
erroneous structures ESCA ESEEM ENDOR
ESR esterases estrogens
etching ethanol eukaryotic topoisomerase I
eutectic crystallization evaporitic minerals evolution
EXAFS EXAFS and XANES EXAFS spectroscopy
exchangers exciton structure EXELFS
exfoliation exotic oxides experimental charge densities
experimental condensed matter physics experimental design experimental high-resolution electron microscopy
experimental instrumentation experimental mineralogy experimental mineralogy and petrology
experimental modelling experimental theoretical kineticss expert systems
exploration exploration and mining geology explosives
exsolution extended defects extended Huckel calculations
extinction eye lens proteins eye lens structure
F1 ATPase Fab complex crystallization Fab fragments
fabrication of novel materials factor analysis factor XIII
failure analysis Fankuchen effect fast chemical reactions
fast diffraction methods fast Fourier transform fast-ion conductors
fatigue fats fatty acid biosynthesis
fatty acid biosynthesis enzymes faults FEL free electron lasers
feldspar mineralogy feldspar properties feldspars
fermions ferrites ferroantiferro-magnetic ferroelectrics
ferrocene compounds ferrocyanide compounds ferroelasticity
ferroelastics ferroelectric crystals ferroelectric materials
ferroelectric oxides ferroelectric phase transitions ferroelectric physics
ferroelectric piezoelectric crystals ferroelectric properties ferroelectricity
ferroelectrics ferroelectrics and related materials ferrofluids
ferroic domain structures ferroic phase transitions ferroics
ferromagnetic alloys ferromagnetic semiconductor superconductor ferromagnetics
fertilization fertilization proteins fertilizer
FFH fibre diffraction fibre diffraction theory
fibre physics fibre structure fibres
fibrinogen fibrinogen fibrin fibrous diffraction
fibrous materials fibrous molecular complexes fibrous polymers
fibrous proteins field emission field ion microscopy
field theory film structure of organic compounds film thickness particle size
film whisker growth films filter
FIM finding new substances finely divided solids
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis with Fe catalyst fission yeast cell-cycle regulation five-dimensional crystallography
flavins flavoenzymes flavonoids
flavoprotein structure flavoproteins flexi-crystallography
flight hardware design float zone growth flotation
fluid electronic properties fluid inclusions fluid occlusions
fluid optical properties fluids fluorescence
fluorescence spectroscopy fluoride compounds fluorides
fluorides and oxides fluorine compounds fluorometallate crystallography
fluorometallates fluvial sedimentology flux
flux growth fluxoid lattice foaming
focused ion beam focusing mirrors folate dependent enzymes
folding food production food science
forbidden reflections force constant structure force field design
force field development force field method force fields
forensic microanalysis forensic mineralogy form factors
formation of new phases in clay mineral systems Fortran fossil fuels
foundations of quantum mechanics and cosmology four-dimensional crystallography Fourier methods
Fourier optics Fourier transform fractal materials
fractal properties powder diffraction patterns fractals fracture
framework silicates framework structures free electron lasers
free energy free radicals freeze trapping
friction fructose-1 frustrated magnets
FTIR FTIR spectroscopy FTIR-Raman defect spectroscopy
fuel cells fuels fullerene separation
fullerenes function function of biological macromolecules
function prediction functional dyes and polymers functionally graded materials
fundamental crystallography fundamental physics fungal proteins
fungicides furnaces
G proteins G-protein coupled receptor crystallization GaAs
GABA receptors galactose-binding protein gallium antimonide
gallium arsenide gallium compounds gallium nitride
gallstones gamma-lasers gamma-ray diffraction
gamma-ray resonance spectroscopy gamma-ray spectroscopy garnets
gas electron diffraction gas phase gas phase molecular structures
gas sensors gas-phase ion chemistry gas-solid inclusion reactions
gas-solid interactions gas-solid reactions gases
gasification GCMS gel crystallography
gel structure gels gemology
gemstones gender and science gene expression
gene regulation gene synthesis gene therapy
general chemistry general crystallography general microscopy
general physics generators and detectors genes
genesis of diamond crystals genesis of industrial minerals genetic disease
genetic engineering genetic selection genetics
genome analysis genomics geochemistry
geochemistry of igneous and metamorphic rocks geochemistry of salts geology
geometric analysis geometric crystallography geometric measurement
geometric symmetry geometry geometry analysis
geometry of amino acids in complex molecules geophysics geosciences
geranyl-geranyl transferase germanates germanium
germanium compounds germination GISAXS
GIXS glass glass ceramics
glass collimator glass liquids glass malerei
glass science and technology glass transition glasses
glasses ceramics glasses phase separation glassy carbon
glassy crystals glassy metal glassy state
glucocorticoid receptor glutamine glutathione transferase
glycoproteins glycoproteins modelling glycosaminoglycanes
glycosyl hydrolases glycosylation glycosyltransferases
GMR materials gold gold complexes
gold compounds gold mineralogy goniometry
graduate education grain boundaries grain boundary engineering
grain growth grain growth simulation granites
graph set analysis graph theory graphic arts
graphical display and rendering of molecules graphical interfaces graphical investigation
graphics graphics modelling graphites
gravity grazing angle X-ray standing wave grazing incidence
grazing incidence diffraction grazing X-ray diffraction group 10 and 15 metals and metalloids
group theory growth growth and dissolution
growth crystal growth factor receptors growth factor structure
growth factors growth hormones growth kinetics
growth MBE and sputtering growth mechanisms growth metallurgy
growth of II-VI compound layers growth of semiconductor materials growth of thin layers of II-VI compounds
growth structures growth textures growth titanates
growth whiskers GTP-binding proteins guest-host structures
Guinier techniques gypsum
habit modification haemoglobin halides
halogens halophilic enzymes halophilic proteins
hard magnetic materials hard materials hard metals
hard permanent magnets hardening hardness
He scattering heat capacity heat transfer
heat treatment of steel heat-shock proteins heavy elements
heavy fermion physics heavy fermions heavy metal oxides
heavy metals heavy-atom radiochemistry heavy-atom soaks
helical macromolecules helix-loop-helix transcription factors heme biosynthesis
heme enzyme structure and function heme proteins hemes bioinorganic
hemoglobin allostery hemoglobins heparin
heteroatom compounds heteroboranes heterocycles
heterocyclic amino acids heterocyclic chemistry heterocyclic compounds
heterogeneous catalysis heterogeneous ice nucleation heterogeneous photocatalysis
heterogenous nanocrystal catalysts heterojunctions heteronuclear main-group metal clusters
heteropoly acids heterostructural defects heterostructure of semiconductors
heterostructures heuristics hexaferrites
HgI2 high coordination number high field
high pressure high purity high resolution
high Tc high temperature high-accuracy universal polarimeter
high-affinity protein-ligand complexes high-affinity systems high-energy electron diffraction
high-energy electron microscopy high-melting oxide materials high-melting systems
high-order X-ray data high-power lasers high-precision diffractometry
high-precision structures high-pressure chemistry high-pressure crystallography
high-pressure diffraction high-pressure mineralogy high-pressure minerals
high-pressure neutron diffraction high-pressure oxides high-pressure phase transformations
high-pressure phase transitions high-pressure phases high-pressure physics
high-pressure polymorphism high-pressure research high-pressure silicates
high-pressure structure determination high-pressure structures high-pressure synthesis
high-pressure transformations high-pressure X-ray diffraction high-resolution analytical
high-resolution crystal structures high-resolution crystallography high-resolution diffractometry
high-resolution electron microscopy high-resolution microscopy high-resolution protein structures
high-resolution refinement high-resolution structures high-resolution TEM
high-resolution transmission electron microscopy high-resolution X-ray crystallography high-resolution X-ray crystallography cubic insulin
high-resolution X-ray diffraction high-resolution X-ray diffraction techniques high-resolution X-ray diffractometry
high-resolution X-ray structures macromolecules high-strength materials high-strength steels
high-Tc superconducting oxides high-Tc superconductivity high-Tc superconductors
high-temperature ceramics high-temperature compounds high-temperature crystallization
high-temperature crystallography high-temperature diffraction high-temperature diffraction techniques
high-temperature diffractometry high-temperature furnaces high-temperature materials
high-temperature nonstoichiometric phase transitions high-temperature oxidation high-temperature powder diffraction
high-temperature structures high-temperature superconductivity high-temperature superconductor structures
high-temperature superconductor thin films high-temperature superconductors high-temperature X-ray diffraction
high-temperature X-ray powder diffraction high-vacuum processing higher-dimensional structure analysis
highly alkaline conditions histochemistry histone octamer
history and philosophy of science history of Australian chemistry history of crystal growth and crystallography
history of crystallography history of crystallography and mineralogy history of electron diffraction
history of instruments history of mineralogy history of physical science research laboratories
history of physics history of science history of X-ray structure analysis
HIV HIV assembly structure HIV capsid human cyclophilin
HIV drug design HIV protein structure function HIV retroviral proteases
HIV structure assembly HIV-1 reverse transcriptase HLA
Holliday junctions holographic interferometry holographic storage
holography homogenous catalysis homology
homology model building homology modelling homology modelling of proteins
homology prediction homometry hormones
host-guest complexes hot gas desulfurization of coal gases HREM
human enzymes human growth hormone human immunodeficiency virus protease
human proteins human stones humic compounds
HVPE hydrates hydrates and clathrates
hydrates of acids and bases hydrates stability hydration
hydration of proteins hydride batteries hydride compounds
hydride structure hydrides hydrocarbons
hydrodynamics hydrogen hydrogen bonding
hydrogen bonding of coordination compounds hydrogen bonding of minerals hydrogen bonding recognition
hydrogen bonds hydrogen bonds in organic crystals hydrogen bridges
hydrogen compounds hydrogen storage hydrogen-bond patterns
hydrogen-bonded molecular adducts hydrogen-deuterium exchange hydrogenase
hydrogenase structure hydrolase hydrolysis
hydrophobic effect hydrophobic fields hydrophobicity
hydrophobicity isotope hydrothermal method hydrothermal mineralization
hydrothermal synthesis hydrothermal titration hydrotreating
hydroxides hydroxyapatite hyperfine interactions
hyperpurification hypervalent compounds
I-III-VI compounds I-VII compounds I-VIII-V semiconductors
ICDD ICDD powder diffraction file ice
ice structures ideal structure identification
identification quantitative qualitative igneous materials igneous petrology
igneous rocks II-VI compounds II-VI materials
III-V compounds III-V compounds characterization III-V nitride semiconductors
III-V semiconductor technology III-V semiconductors ill-ordered materials
image analysis image filtering image plates
image processing image processing theory image reconstruction
image simulation imaging imaging agents
imaging compounds imaging detectors imaging plate systems
imaging plates imidos immobilization in reservoir minerals
immune regulation immune system immune system proteins
immunobiology immunochemistry immunoglobins
immunoglobulin structure immunoglobulins immunological molecules
immunology immunology receptor MHC Fab immunophilins
immunosuppressants immunotoxin design impedance spectroscopy
imperfect crystals imperfection implantation
impurity impurity additives impurity adsorption
impurity detection impurity microanalysis in situ deposition
in situ diffraction in situ neutron and X-ray scattering in situ observations
in situ reactions in-process monitoring in-situ dynamic XRD
in-situ experiments in-situ powder diffraction in-situ reactions solid-gas
in-situ structure determination in-situ temperature diffraction in-situ time-resolved powder diffraction
incidence inclusion inclusion chemistry
inclusion complexes inclusion compounds inclusion compounds polymorphism
inclusion phenomena inclusions in minerals incoherent scattering
incommensurate crystals incommensurate modulated structures incommensurate ordering
incommensurate phase crystallography incommensurate phases incommensurate structure factors
incommensurate structures indexing indexing powder hydrides
indium compounds industrial and physical pharmacy industrial applications
industrial crystallization industrial crystallography industrial materials
industrial minerals and rocks industrial rocks industrial X-ray diffraction
industry inelastic neutron scattering inelastic scattering
inelastic X-ray scattering infectious diseases informatics
information science information storage information systems
information theory infrared infrared detectors
infrared properties infrared signatures infrared spectrography
infrared spectrophotometry infrared spectroscopy infrared transmission polarization microscopy
inhibition inhibitor and drug design inhibitor binding
inhibitor design inhibitor interactions inhibitors
inorganic aluminium compounds inorganic and intermetallic solids inorganic and mineral structures
inorganic and organic chemistry inorganic and organic compounds inorganic and organic crystal structures
inorganic and organometallic compounds inorganic bonding inorganic carboxylates
inorganic chemical crystallography inorganic chemistry inorganic clusters
inorganic cobalt compounds inorganic complexation inorganic complexes
inorganic complexes clusters inorganic compounds inorganic compounds classification
inorganic compounds crystal chemistry inorganic compounds structure inorganic computing
inorganic crystal chemistry inorganic crystal structure determination inorganic crystal structures
inorganic crystallography inorganic crystals inorganic database
inorganic fluorine compounds inorganic halides inorganic intermetallic compounds
inorganic ion exchanger inorganic layered compounds inorganic luminescence
inorganic materials inorganic materials oxides silicates minerals inorganic materials science
inorganic modulated structures inorganic molecules inorganic monocrystals
inorganic organic compounds inorganic organic crystals inorganic organic interface
inorganic organic small molecules service inorganic organic structures inorganic organometallic complexes
inorganic oxides inorganic oxygen compounds inorganic petrology
inorganic phase determination inorganic polymers inorganic rare-earth compounds
inorganic solid-state inorganic solid-state chemistry inorganic solid-state diffraction
inorganic solids inorganic stereochemistry inorganic structural chemistry
inorganic structure determination inorganic structures inorganic surfaces
inorganic synthesis inorganic systems inorganics
insecticidal antibacterial peptides insecticides instability
instructional materials videotapes instructional software instrument design
instrument development instrumental computing instrumentation
instrumentation and development of EDXRF spectrometer instrumentation and software instrumentation control
insulators insulin insulin receptor
integrated circuits intelligence intensity distribution functions
intensity measurement intensity statistics inter- and intramolecular interactions
interactions interactions of proteins and dyes interactive computer graphics
interatomic forces interatomic interactions intercalates
intercalation intercalation chemistry intercalation compounds
intercalation materials intercalation-deintercalation interconversion reactions
intercrystalline boundaries interface characterization interface diffraction
interface diffuse scattering interface liquid interface physics
interface polymer interface processes interface properties
interface structural chemistry interface structure interface surface
interfaces interfacial structure interfacial structure electrochemistry
interferometry intergranular embrittlement intergrowth structures
interleukin-1 intermediate filaments intermediate phases
intermediate-range order of glasses intermetallic alloys intermetallic compounds
intermetallic compounds crystal chemistry intermetallic compounds crystal structure intermetallic compounds physical properties
intermetallic compounds structure intermetallic compounds synthesis intermetallic database
intermetallic hydrides intermetallic materials intermetallic molecules
intermetallic phase equilibrium intermetallic phase transitions intermetallic phases
intermetallic structures intermetallics intermolecular chains
intermolecular interactions intermolecular interactions and packing in small-molecule crystals intermolecular mobility
intermolecular packing intermolecular patterns intermolecular potential energy
intermolecular potentials internal friction internal morphology
internal strain internal stress internal stress metallic materials analysis
international science International Tables International Tables for Crystallography
Internet interstitial alloys interstitial compounds
intracellular proteolysis intracellular proteolysis ubiquitin system intracrystalline ordering
intramolecular forces intramolecular interactions intrazeolitic structure
inverse problem inverse protein folding investigating phase changes during firing
iodine compounds ion beam modification of structure ion beams
ion channel proteins ion channel structures ion channelling
ion channels ion chromatography ion dynamics modelling
ion electron emission ion exchange ion exchange reactions in terrestrial and extraterrestrial minerals
ion implantation ion implanted materials ion irradiation ionization
ion transport ion-atom collisions ion-beam analysis
ion-beam/solid-state interactions ionic conductivity ionic conductivity phosphates
ionic conductors ionic crystals ionic materials
ionic solids ionophores IR and Raman spectroscopy
IR spectroscopy iridescence of feldpars iridium compounds
iridium oxide compounds iron iron age pottery
iron cluster compounds iron complexes iron compounds
iron oxides iron sulfur clusters iron sulfur proteins
iron whiskers iron-sulfur proteins irradation
irradiated crystals irradiated materials irradiated semiconductors physical properties
irradiation ISIR isomerases
isomers isomorphism isomorphism of macromolecular crystals
isomorphous replacement isopolymetallates isostructurality
isotope composition isotope solid solutions ISS
IV-VI compounds IV-VI semiconductors
Jahn-Teller complexes Jahn-Teller compounds Jahn-Teller effect
Java programming JCPDS journal publication
kaolinite derivatives Karle-Hauptman matrices keratin
kidney stone analysis kidney stone crystallization kidney stone diseases
kidney stones Kikuchi effect Kikuchi lines
kinase structure kinases kinematical and dynamical X-ray diffraction
kinetics kinetics and mechanism of crystal growth kinetics of growth
knowledge-based design Kossel diffraction KTP isomorphs
laboratory automation lactamase lactose synthesis
lamps Langmuir monolayers Langmuir-Blodgett films
lanthanide actinide coordination chemistry lanthanide and actinide chemistry lanthanide chalcogen complexes
lanthanide coordination lanthanide halides lanthanide oxides
lanthanides large angle scattering large molecular assemblies
large scale computation laser ablation laser and nonlinear optical materials
laser and other techniques of surface treatments of metallic materials laser biophysics laser crystals
laser diffractometry laser dyes laser plasmas
laser radiation laser technology laser-induced damage threshold
lasers laterally structured thin films laterites
lattice lattice clathrates lattice defects
lattice distortion lattice dynamics lattice energy
lattice energy calculations lattice formation lattice identification
lattice imperfections lattice parameter refinement lattice parameters
lattice properties lattice stability lattice studies at high temperatures
lattice symmetry lattice vibrations Laue crystallography
Laue diffraction Laue method Laue method indexing software
Laue spectrum analysis Laue time-of-flight diffraction layer multilayer
layered compounds layered compounds theory layered materials
layered silicates layered structures LCAO method
lead lead acid batteries lead compounds
least-squares methods least-squares refinement least-squares refinement methods
lectin crystallography lectin proteins lectins
LEED lens leukotriene A4 hydrolase
ligand and electron exchange in solution ligand binding ligand binding of proteins
ligand design ligand recognition ligand spectroscopy
ligand-binding proteins ligand-protein interactions ligand-receptor interactions
ligands light absorption spectroscopy light scattering
lignin degradation lignin model compounds lime
limestones line broadening line profile analysis
linear algebra linear dichroism linux crystallographic computing
lipases lipases colipases lipid crystallization
lipid films lipid mesophases lipid polymorphism
lipid second messengers lipid structure lipid-protein interactions
lipids lipoprotein structure lipoproteins
liposomes liquid alloys liquid crystals
liquid epitaxy liquid metal alloy compounds liquid metal ion source
liquid metals liquid phase epitaxy liquid physics
liquid state liquid structure liquid surfaces
liquid-crystal displays liquid-crystal polymers liquid-crystal structures
liquid-crystal technology and theory liquid-crystal theory liquid-state diffraction
liquids lisicon lithium batteries
lithium compounds lithium intercalation compounds lithium niobate
lithostathine liver regeneration factors living systems
local order local structure localization of impurity-atom positions
long-chain aliphatic compounds long-chain compounds long-period order
long-range contacts loop conformation loop modelling
low resolution low temperature low- and high-temperature devices
low-angle diffraction low-angle scattering low-angle solution scattering
low-coordinated phosphorus and silicon compounds low-dimensional compounds low-dimensional conductors
low-dimensional magnetism low-dimensional materials low-dimensional metals
low-dimensional molecular composites low-dimensional organic conductors low-dimensional semiconductor systems
low-energy electron diffraction low-gravity low-melting compounds
low-momentum transfer scattering low-pressure diamond synthesis low-resolution phasing
low-temperature crystallization low-temperature crystallography low-temperature data collection
low-temperature diffractometry low-temperature electron microscopy low-temperature metamorphic minerals
low-temperature phases low-temperature physics low-temperature single-crystal diffractometry
low-temperature structures low-temperature techniques low-valent transition elements
luciferase luminescence luminescence physical properties
luminescence spectroscopy luminescent compounds luminescent porous silicon
lunar mineralogy Lyme disease lymphocytes
lymphokine receptors lymphokines lytic transglycosylase
machine vision machinery design Macintosh programming
macro micro separation macro micro texture analysis macrocycle chemistry
macrocycles macrocyclic cation salts macrocyclic complex materials
macrocyclic complexes macrocyclic compounds macrocyclic ligands
macrocyclic silver compounds macromolecular activity macromolecular assemblies
macromolecular complexes macromolecular cooperative phenomena macromolecular cryogenics crystallography
macromolecular crystal growth macromolecular crystal physics macromolecular crystal structure
macromolecular crystallization macromolecular crystallography macromolecular crystallography drug design
macromolecular crystallography pathology phosphatase macromolecular crystallography protein structures macromolecular design
macromolecular diffuse scattering macromolecular flexibility macromolecular function
macromolecular geometric fitting macromolecular interactions macromolecular materials research
macromolecular modelling macromolecular NMR macromolecular phase determination
macromolecular polymers macromolecular proteins macromolecular refinement
macromolecular sequence analysis macromolecular steroid conformation macromolecular structure comparison
macromolecular structure determination macromolecular structure refinement macromolecular structure-function relationships
macromolecular structures macromolecular synchrotron X-ray crystallography macromolecular X-ray crystallography
macromolecules macromolecules DNA macromorphology
MAD MAD methodology MAD phasing
Madelung factor magnesite processing magnesium compounds
magnesium oxide magnetic amorphous alloys magnetic and transport behaviours
magnetic behaviour magnetic colloids magnetic compounds
magnetic copper compounds magnetic crystal structures magnetic domains
magnetic exchange magnetic film magnetic frustration
magnetic materials magnetic Mossbauer analysis magnetic neutron scattering
magnetic ordering magnetic oxides magnetic particles
magnetic perovskite materials magnetic phase transitions magnetic properties
magnetic properties of molecules magnetic resonance magnetic semiconductors
magnetic structural phase transitions magnetic structure determination magnetic structures
magnetic structures and excitations magnetic susceptibility magnetic X-ray scattering
magnetism magnetism of minerals magnetization
magnetization density magnetochemistry magnetoelectricity
magnets magnon main and trace elements
main-group compounds main-group elements main-group transition metals
major coat protein P3 of bacteriophage PRD1 major histocompatibility complex malaria
man-made materials management manganese
manganese compounds manganese minerals manganese silicates
manufacture and sale of analytical X-ray equipment marine invertebrates marine natural products
martensite characterization martensites martensitic alloys
martensitic transformation mass crystallization mass spectrometry
mass transfer massively parallel computing materials
materials application of synchrotron radiation materials characterization materials characterization using X-rays
materials chemistry materials classification materials control
materials damage materials deposition materials engineering
materials engineering teaching programme materials for electronics materials inorganic
materials investigation materials metals ceramics materials metrology
materials nuclear magnetic resonance materials processing microgravity materials properties
materials research materials science materials science and engineering
materials structure materials structure and characterization materials volatile
mathematical crystallography mathematical methods mathematical modelling
mathematical physics mathematical simulation mathematical software systems
mathematics mathematics non-linear phenomena matic minerals
matrix proteins maximum entropy maximum likelihood
maximum-entropy imaging maximum-entropy method MBE
MBE multilayer measurement measurement and computing of temperature
measurement science measuring techniques mechanical alloying
mechanical and chemical properties mechanical properties mechanical properties of crystals
mechanical properties of polymers mechanically induced disorder mechanics
mechanism-based enzyme inactivators mechanisms mechanisms binding
mechanisms enzymes mechanisms inorganic mechanistic aspects of electrocrystallization
mechanochemistry medical applications of synchrotron radiation medical image processing
medical imaging medical informatics medical physics
medical sciences medicinal chemistry medicinal compounds
medicinal natural products medicinal neurochemistry medicinal plants
medicine melt convection melt structure
melting membrane associated proteins membrane associated receptor molecules
membrane biophysics membrane channel transport membrane filtration
membrane fusion protein crystallography membrane lipid cholesterol peptide structure dynamics membrane macromolecules structure
membrane protein channels membrane protein complexes membrane protein crystallization
membrane protein receptors membrane protein structures membrane protein X-ray crystal structure determination
membrane proteins membrane receptors membrane structures
membrane targeting membrane technology membrane trafficking
membrane transport membrane-binding proteins membranes
MEMS mercury mercury compounds
mercury measurements in environment and geology merohedral twinning of organometallic compounds metabolism
metabolism enzyme metal alloys metal and alloy electrodeposit structures
metal binding metal carbenes metal chalcogenides
metal cluster compounds metal clusters metal complexes
metal complexes of purine derivatives metal coordination complexes metal creep
metal cyanides metal hydride structures metal hydrides
metal ions in biology metal ligands metal oxide synthesis
metal oxides metal phases metal physics
metal rare-earth perovskites metal RNA metal semiconductors
metal sulfides metal surface coordination metal surfaces
metal thiolates metal-based drugs metal-binding proteins
metal-biomolecule interactions metal-ceramic interfaces metal-containing pharmaceuticals
metal-germanium alloys metal-hydrogen interactions metal-imidazole complexes
metal-induced facetting metal-insulator transitions metal-ion biosensors
metal-ion catalysis metal-matrix composites metal-metal bonded complexes
metal-metal bonds metal-metal multiple bonds metal-nucleic acid interactions
metal-nucleotide complexes metal-organic complexes metal-organic compounds
metal-oxide interfaces metalceram metallacarboranes
metallacrowns metallaheteroboranes metallapeptides
metallic alloys metallic chelates metallic clusters
metallic coatings metallic coatings on steel metallic complexes
metallic compounds metallic coordination metallic glasses
metallic hydrides metallic intermetallic crystals metallic materials
metallic multilayers metallic oxides metallic polymers
metallic structures metallic superlattices metallic trace analysis
metallo enzyme X-ray crystallography metallo enzymes metallo RNA enzymes
metallodrugs metalloenzymes metallogenesis
metallography metalloorganic catalysts metalloorganic chemistry
metalloorganic complexation metalloorganic complexes metalloorganic compounds
metalloorganic database metalloorganic epitaxy metalloorganic fluorine compounds
metalloorganic liquid crystals metalloorganic structures metallopharmaceuticals
metalloporphyrins metalloprotein chemistry metalloprotein models
metalloprotein structures metalloproteinases metalloproteins
metallurgical coatings metallurgical processes metallurgical single-crystal X-ray diffraction
metallurgical slag metallurgical superalloys metallurgical transformations
metallurgy metals metals and alloys
metamorphic minerals metamorphic reactions metamorphism
metastable crystalline and amorphous phases metastable impurities electronic spectrum metastable materials
metastable phases metastable state decay metastable structure determination
meteorite craters meteorites meteoritics
meteorological optics methane monooxygenase method Laue
method optimization methodology methodology and philosophy of science
methodology of diffraction analysis methods methods based on symmetry of nonrigid molecules
methods development methods for protein structure solution methods macromolecular crystallography
methods of structure determination methods structural analysis methylases
MHATT-CAT MHC complexes MHC proteins
mica dislocations micas micellar aggregates
micelles micelles microemulsions microabsorption
microanalysis microbeam analysis microbial receptors
microcalorimetry microcomputer interfaces microcomputers
microcrystal particle structure microcrystal-induced synovitides microcrystallinity
microcrystallography microcrystals microdefects
microdiffraction microdomains microelectronics
microemulsion microgravity microgravity crystal growth
microgravity crystallization microgravity experiments microgravity science
microhardness microindentation microlithography
micromachining micromechanics micromorphology
microporous materials microporous solids microprobes
microprocessors microscopes microscopy
microstrains microstructural properties microstructure
microstructure analysis microstructure characterization microstructure evolution
microstructure hardness relationships microstructure of alloys microstructure of ceramics
microstructure of metal-metalloid glasses microstructure of rocks microstructures
microsystem technology microsystems microtexture
microtomography microwave absorption materials microwave materials
microwave synthesis microwaves MII and MIII compounds
mineral and inorganic structures mineral characterization as soil components mineral chemistry
mineral collecting mineral crystal structures mineral deposits
mineral dust mineral mining mineral morphology
mineral physics mineral preferred orientations mineral structures
mineral transport mineralization mineralogical collections
mineralogical crystallography mineralogical databases mineralogical determination
mineralogy mineralogy and crystallography mineralogy and crystallography of platinum ores
mineralogy and crystallography using X-ray diffraction mineralogy clays mineralogy geophysics high pressure
mineralogy metamorphic mineralogy moon rock meteorites mineralogy of zeolites
mineralogy synthesis mineralomimetic compounds mineralomimetics
minerals minerals characterization minerals crystal chemistry
minerals database minerals exploration minerals identification
minerals inclusion minerals of pegmatites minerals synthesis
minimal surface mining MIR
MIRAS mirrors miscibility
misfit dislocations misorientation mixed conducting oxides
mixed crystals mixed layer compounds mixed layers
mixed oxide reaction mixed oxides mixed valence
mixed-metal oxide structures mixed-valence chemistry mixed-valence compounds
mixed-valence oxides mixed-valence structural chemistry mixed-valence transition-metal compounds
mixtures mmCIF MO calculations
model building model catalysts model compounds
model molecules related to polymers modelling modelling molecular mechanics
modelling of drug receptors modelling of growth inhibitors on inorganic surfaces modelling of protein dynamics
modelling of proteins modelling service modification
modified nucleosides nucleotides modulated apatites modulated crystal structures
modulated crystals modulated magnetic structures modulated structures
molecular alloys molecular and crystal structures molecular architecture self-assembly
molecular assembly molecular beams molecular binary alloys
molecular biology molecular biophysics molecular chaperones
molecular clusters molecular cocrystals molecular complexation
molecular complexes molecular compounds molecular computer animation
molecular computer graphics molecular conformation molecular crystal channels
molecular crystal chemistry molecular crystals molecular crystals reaction pathways
molecular databases molecular design molecular design recognition
molecular devices molecular display molecular diversity similarity
molecular dynamics molecular dynamics simulations molecular electron density
molecular electronics molecular evolution molecular force fields
molecular genetics molecular geometry molecular graphics
molecular imaging molecular immunology molecular inclusion
molecular interactions molecular internal rotation molecular ladders
molecular lattice dynamics molecular magnetism molecular magnets
molecular mechanics molecular mechanics dynamics molecular metals
molecular mimicry molecular mobility molecular modelling
molecular modelling drug design molecular modelling polymers polysaccharides molecular models
molecular motion molecular packing molecular pharmacology
molecular phylogeny molecular recognition molecular recognition and evolution
molecular reorientation in solids molecular replacement molecular replacement method
molecular screening molecular sequence molecular sieve structures
molecular sieves molecular signals molecular similarity
molecular simulation molecular simulation of immunoglobulins and related proteins molecular solids
molecular spectroscopy molecular structure molecular structure analysis
molecular structure determination molecular structure determination by eigenstate resolved spectroscopy molecular structure inorganic organic biological
molecular switches molecular systematics molecular tectonics
molecular thermal vibration molecular transduction molecular tunnelling spectroscopy
molecular vibration molecular wires molecular-beam epitaxy
molecular-electronic structure molecular-orbital calculations molecules
molluscs molybdates molybdenite
molybdenum molybdenum complexes molybdenum compounds
molybdenum VI oxy compounds molybdovanadates momentum density
monitoring monoamine oxidase inhibitors monochromators
monoclonal FAB fragments monocrystal laser properties monocrystal orientation
monocrystals monolayers monooxygenases
Monte Carlo treatment morphology morphology of crystal borders
morphology of inorganic materials morphology structure relationship mosaicity
Mossbauer Mossbauer diffraction Mossbauer spectral analysis
Mossbauer spectroscopy Mossbauer spectroscopy magnetic materials motion
motion in crystals MOVPE MR
MR tomography mu-receptors multibeams
multichannel analyzer multicomponent polymer systems multicrystal X-ray diffractometry
multicrystalline silicon multicrystalline silicon ingot technology multienzyme complexes
multilayer films multilayer polymers oligomers multilayer structures
multilayer thin films multilayers multimedia
multiphase materials multiphoton ionization multiple anomalous diffraction phasing
multiple bonds multiple crystal diffraction multiple crystal diffractometry
multiple diffraction multiple isomorphous replacement multiple scattering
multiple-crystal diffractometry multiple-wavelength anomalous dispersion multiple-wavelength anomalous phasing
multiple-wavelength phasing multipole refinements multislice method
muscle muscle contraction muscle proteins
muscle time-resolved X-ray diffraction mutagenesis mutagenesis coagulation enzymes
mutant HIV protease mutant HIV protease structures mutational analysis
mutations mycobacteria mycology
myelin myelin structure myelin structure function
myoglobin myosin myosin light chain
myosin mutation expression
n-beam diffraction n-dimensional crystallography NADP
nanoanalysis nanochemistry nanocomposites
nanocrystalline arrays nanocrystalline compounds nanocrystalline materials
nanocrystalline structure defects nanocrystallinity nanocrystallites
nanocrystals nanoparticles nanophase materials
nanophase systems nanophases nanostructures
nanotechnology nanotubes narcotics
nasicon native metals natural compounds
natural history natural products natural zeolites
NBC-protection materials NDE near-field optical microscopy
near-field scanning optical microscopy nearly perfect crystals nervous system
nesosilicates neural development neural modelling
neural networks neural processes neural processes at molecular level
neurobiology neurobiology receptors neurochemistry
neurodevelopmentally important ligand-receptor complexes neurohypophyseal hormones neuroleptics
neurological toxins neuropeptides neurophysin
neurophysin hormone systems neurotoxins neurotransmission
neutron and X-ray diffractometry neutron and X-ray scattering neutron Compton scattering
neutron crystallography neutron detectors neutron diffraction
neutron diffraction biomembranes neutron diffraction diffuse scattering reflectometry SANS neutron diffraction elastic and inelastic
neutron diffraction mantle minerals neutron diffraction techniques neutron diffraction topography
neutron diffractometry neutron diffuse scattering neutron diffusion
neutron elastic inelastic scattering neutron electron diffraction neutron high-resolution diffractometry
neutron inelastic scattering neutron instrumentation neutron interferometry
neutron interferometry and neutron optics neutron linear detector neutron optics
neutron physics neutron polarimetry neutron polarization analysis
neutron powder diffraction neutron powder diffractometry neutron radiation
neutron radiography and detector development neutron reflectivity neutron reflectometry
neutron scattering neutron scattering techniques neutron small-angle scattering
neutron sources neutron spectrometry neutron spectroscopy
neutron spin echo neutron spin filtering neutron spin Larmor precession
neutron strain mapping neutron structure analysis neutron structure determination
neutron time-of-flight neutron X-ray diffraction neutron X-ray FTIR characterization
neutron X-ray scattering neutrons neutrons in biology
new detector technologies new glasses new materials
new minerals new phases new phases in cement and cement minerals
new powder diffraction techniques new synchrotron instrumentation new XRD technology
nickel nickel compounds nickel iron hydrogenase
nicotinates NiMetal hydride battery niobates
niobium cluster oxides and halides niobium complexes niobium compounds
nitrate assimilation nitrates nitric oxide complexes
nitrides nitriding nitrogen
nitrogen compounds nitrogen fixation nitrogen oxide complexes
nitrogenases NK receptors NLO
NMR NMR human imaging NMR imaging
NMR in solids NMR NQR NMR of paramagnetic complexes
NMR of phase transitions NMR spectroscopic investigations NMR spectroscopy
NMR spectroscopy of DNA proteins NMR spectroscopy of DNA-binding proteins NMR spectroscopy of polysaccharides
noble metal oxides noble metals nomenclature
non-aqueous solutions non-equilibrium phonons non-ideal structures
nonbonded interaction potential energy nonbonded interactions noncentrosymmetric oxides
noncentrosymmetry noncovalent bonding noncrystalline compounds
noncrystalline condensed matter noncrystalline growth noncrystalline materials
noncrystalline phase structures noncrystalline solids noncrystallographic symmetry
noncrystallographic symmetry free residual factor refinement nondestructive analysis nondestructive evaluation
nondestructive examination nondestructive testing nonequilibrium phase change
nonheme iron enzyme model nonhomogeneous monocrystal nonlinear effects in solids
nonlinear excitation nonlinear materials nonlinear optical materials
nonlinear optical properties nonlinear optics nonlinear optimization
nonlinear physical properties nonlinear physics nonlinear properties
nonlinear variations in rock-forming minerals nonmerohedral nonmetallic inclusion in steels
nonmetallic minerals nonmolecular solids nonstoichiometric oxides
nonstoichiometry nonstoichiometry of II-VI compounds normal and pathological hard tissue formation
notations for describing structures novel detergents novel structures
NOx emission control NQR NQR spectroscopy of acetates
nuclear and reactor physics nuclear doped nuclear fuel
nuclear fuel cycle nuclear hormone receptors nuclear magnetic resonance
nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy nuclear magnetic resonance structure determination nuclear physics
nuclear reaction analysis nuclear reactors nuclear receptors
nuclear technology nuclear waste nucleation
nucleation and crystal growth mechanisms nucleation phase transitions nucleation theory
nucleic acid cations nucleic acid complexes nucleic acid crystallography
nucleic acid sequences nucleic acid structures nucleic acid topology
nucleic acid-binding proteins nucleic acid-DNA complexes nucleic acid-drug interactions
nucleic acids nucleoproteins nucleoside metabolism
nucleoside stereochemistry nucleosides nucleosomes
nucleotide metabolism nucleotides number theory
numerical analysis numerical methods numerical methods and simulation techniques
numerical modelling
occupancy OD OD structure
OD theory odour compounds ogy of suspensions
oil old instruments oligomeric proteases
oligomers oligonucleotide drug interactions oligonucleotide structures
oligonucleotides oligopeptides oligosaccharides
olivine olivine amphibole mica zeolite silicate sulfate oncogenes
one-dimensional conductors one-dimensional structures one-dimensional tunnel structure
ontogeny of minerals OPA anhydrolases opal phytoliths
opaque minerals ophiolite opiates
optical absorption spectroscopy optical activity optical activity of solids
optical analogues optical birefringence optical bistability
optical crystallography optical detection of magnetic resonance optical elastic properties of crystals
optical fibres optical glass optical goniometry
optical imaging optical investigations optical laser crystals
optical magnetic properties optical materials optical measurements
optical memory optical microscopy optical properties
optical properties of crystals optical properties of defects optical properties of materials
optical properties of semiconductors optical properties of solids optical spectroscopy
optical spectroscopy methods optical transformation optical transforms
optics optics non-linear optics X-ray
optimization optimization algorithms optimized anomalous scattering
optoelectrical properties optoelectrical properties physical optoelectronics
orbital calculations order-disorder order-disorder feldspars
order-disorder phenomena order-disorder structure order-disorder transitions
ordered colloids ordered structures ordered structures magnetic
ordering ordering clustering ore deposit research
ore deposits ore dressing products ore formation
ore genesis ore microscopy ore mineralogy
oregenesis ores ores geology
organelle assembly organic acids organic aluminium compounds
organic and inorganic chemistry organic and inorganic compounds organic and inorganic coordination compounds
organic and inorganic crystal structures organic and inorganic materials organic and inorganic structure determination
organic and inorganic structures organic and inorganic substances organic biostructures
organic carbon compounds organic chalcogenides organic chemistry
organic clathrates organic complex compounds organic complexes
organic compounds organic compounds chemical crystallography organic compounds crystal chemistry
organic computational chemistry organic conductors organic conductors superconductors
organic crystal chemistry organic crystal structures organic crystalline structures
organic crystallography organic crystals organic database
organic diastereomers organic fluorescent compounds organic hydrates
organic impurities organic inclusion compounds organic indexing
organic inorganic compounds organic inorganic hybrid materials organic inorganic materials
organic ketocarboxylic acids organic materials organic materials obtained from plants
organic metal chemistry organic metals organic molecular crystal structures
organic molecular crystals organic molecular packing organic molecules
organic organometallic biomolecule crown compounds organic organometallic compounds organic organometallic crystal chemistry
organic peroxides organic pharmaceuticals organic phase transitions
organic phosphorescent compounds organic phosphorus compounds organic photochemistry
organic pigments organic polyiodides organic semiconductors
organic small molecules organic solid-state chemistry organic structure determination
organic structures organic sulfur compounds organic superconductors
organic synthesis organic techniques organic thin films
organocuprates organometallic alkalis organometallic and inorganic chemistry
organometallic characterization organometallic chemistry organometallic clusters
organometallic complexation organometallic complexes organometallic compounds
organometallic coordination organometallic copper compounds organometallic crystal chemistry
organometallic crystal structures organometallic crystallography organometallic crystals
organometallic inorganic organic structures organometallic intermolecular interactions hydrogen bonding organometallic lithium compounds
organometallic materials organometallic molecules organometallic oxides
organometallic reactivity organometallic small molecules organometallic structural chemistry
organometallic structures organometallic sulfides organometallic synthesis
organometallics organomineral complexes organomineral materials
organophosphorus acid anhydrase organophosphorus compounds organophosphorus ligands
organophosphorus structures organosulfur compounds orientation
orientation relationships and lattice distortion orientational disorder orientational glasses
oriented solidification orthorhombic iron compounds perovskites oscillation camera
osmium clusters osmium compounds osteoporosis
oxidation oxidation and phosphorylation oxidation catalytic
oxidation damage oxidative dehydrogenation oxide and silicate crystallography
oxide ceramics oxide chemistry oxide glasses
oxide hydroxides oxide melts oxide phase diagrams
oxide solid solutions oxide superconductors oxide surfaces
oxides oxides alumina spinels ZrO2 oxides ferroelectric
oxides mineral oxides superconductor oxides thermal
oxo salts oxocuprates oxometallates
oxygen compounds oxygen detection oxygen evolution
oxygenase oxygenase chemistry oxynitrides
packing packing analysis packing and symmetrical analogues
packing disorder packing forces packing interaction
pair distribution function paleontology palladium
palladium compounds pancreatic proteins paper
paracrystals paraffin paraffin crystals
paragenesis parallel algorithms parallel computing
parallel processors paramagnetic NMR paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy
paramagnetic resonance paramagnetics paramagnetics supermagnetism
parasites parasitology partially ordered materials
particle characterization particle-size measurement particles
patents pathogenic bacterial mechanism pathology
pathway modelling pattern recognition patterns
Patterson method Pb compounds peaks
pectate lyases substrate binding pedagogics pedology
pegmatite mineralogy pegmatites pegmatitic and granite minerals
pegmatitic minerals peptaibols peptide antibiotics
peptide chelates peptide conformation peptide conformational analysis
peptide crystallography peptide ligands peptide mimetics
peptide stereochemistry peptide structure function peptide synthesis
peptide-bilayer interactions peptides peptides containing D-amino acids
peptides protein pheromones peptidoglycan biosynthesis peptidomimetics
perfect crystals perfection permanent magnet characterization
permanent magnets perovskite layered compounds perovskite oxides
perovskite structures perovskites peroxo compounds
pesticides petrography petroleum
petroleum geology petrology petrophysics
phage phage capsids pharmaceutical activity
pharmaceutical chemistry pharmaceutical compounds pharmaceutical crystallography
pharmaceutical organic molecules pharmaceutical physics pharmaceutical structure determination
pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals neuroleptics pharmacological compounds
pharmacologically important molecules structures pharmacology pharmacophore identification for GABAb receptor
phase phase abundance analysis phase analysis
phase behaviour phase change technology phase composition
phase contrast imaging phase determination phase determination methods
phase determination techniques phase diagrams phase diagrams semiconductors
phase equilibria phase extension phase formation
phase formation of inorganic materials phase identification phase identification and quantification
phase improvement phase kinetics phase measurement
phase problem phase reconstruction phase refinement
phase refinement method phase separation phase seperation
phase space phase stability phase structure
phase transfer phase transition kinetics phase transition theory
phase transitions phase transitions and structure phase transitions crystal characterization
phase transitions crystal growth phase transitions in solids phase transitions organic
phases interaction phasing phasing methodology
phasing methods phenol hydroxylase philosophy
philosophy of science philosophy of scientific method phonon properties
phonon resonance phonon softening phonons
phosphatases phosphate crystal chemistry phosphate minerals
phosphate transferase phosphates phosphazenes
phospholipid protein interactions phosphoribosyltransferases phosphors
phosphorus and sulfur chemistry phosphorus chemistry phosphorus compounds
phosphorus polymers phosphorus-silicon compounds phosphorylases
phosphorylation phosphotriesterase photo-induced metal deposition
photocatalysis photochemistry photochemistry coordination compounds
photochemistry organometallic compounds photochromic compounds photochromism
photoconductivity photoconductors photodetectors
photodimerization photoelectrical properties photoelectrochemistry
photoelectron diffraction photoelectron spectroscopy photoemission
photoemission electron microscopy photoemission spectroscopy photography
photoionization of free molecules photon correlation spectroscopy photonic crystals
photonics photoreaction centre photoreceivers
photorefraction photorefractive effects and devices photosensors
photostimulated processes photosynthesis photosynthesis-related proteins
photosynthetic proteins photothermal materials photovoltaic compounds
photovoltaics phthalocyanines phyllosilicates
phyllosilicates structural physical and chemical properties of minerals physical and theoretical chemistry
physical chemistry physical chemistry crystallography physical crystallography
physical measurements physical metallurgy physical methods in chemistry
physical phase determination physical properties physical properties electrical magnetic
physical properties intermetallic compounds physical properties of crystals physical properties of III-V compounds
physical properties of matter physical properties of novel compounds physical properties of silicates and oxides
physical properties prediction and measurement physical properties structure relationships physical sciences
physico-chemical properties physics physics education
physics of disordered systems physics of oxide semiconductors physics of paracrystalline materials
physics of solids physics properties physics teaching
physics theoretical condensed matter physics theory pi-helices
piezo- and ferroelectric materials piezoelectric acoustic physics piezoelectric ceramics
piezoelectric quartz piezoelectric thin films piezoelectricity
piezoelectrics pigment proteins pigments
pillared layered solids pitch PIXE
planar faulting planetary interiors plant biotechnology
plant enzymes plant hormones plant pathology
plant toxins plants plasma physics
plasma proteins plasma spraying plasma X-ray
plasmas plasmon plastic deformation
plastic law plastic materials plasticity
plastics plastics X-ray characterization plate tectonics
platelet factor 4 platinum platinum antitumour agents
platinum compounds platinum coordination compounds platinum group
platinum NMR platinum-group minerals plutonium compounds
pneumoconioses podand complexes structural investigation point defect diffusion
point defects point groups poisons
polar compounds polar compounds organic polarity
polarization polarization microscopy polarization optical technique
polarized dispersion polarized light microscopy polarized neutron scattering
polarized neutrons polarized XAS polarizing microscopy
pole figures pollution pollution control
polyacids polyanion compounds polyanions
polycations polycations of main-group elements polycrystalline diffraction
polycrystalline materials polycrystalline texture polycrystalline X-ray diffraction
polycrystals polycrystals phase determination polycyanopolycadmate inclusion compounds
polycyclic carcinogens polyesters polyesters active sites
polyether coordination chemistry polyhedra polyiodides
polymer chemistry polymer crystallization polymer crystallography
polymer crystals polymer diffraction polymer education
polymer electrolytes polymer fibre electron diffraction polymer fibre powder diffraction
polymer films polymer interactions polymer model molecular modelling
polymer models polymer morphology polymer physics
polymer science polymer structure polymer structure and morphology
polymer structure determination polymer structures polymer structures conformation
polymer structures database polymer synthesis polymerases
polymeric liquid crystals polymeric materials polymeric packing
polymerization polymerization catalysts polymers
polymers morphology polymorph pediction polymorphic solvents
polymorphic structures polymorphism polymorphs
polynucleotides polyolefins polyoxoanions
polyoxometalate chemistry polyoxometalate structures polyoxometalates
polypeptide growth factors polypeptides polyphosphines
polysaccharide engineering polysaccharides polysomatic structures
polytypes polytypic dichalcogenides polytypism
polytypism of silicates popular science pore formation membranes
pore-forming toxins porosity porosity of metals
porous ceramics porous materials porous solids
porphyrin crystallization chromatography oxidation porphyrin structures porphyrins
position-sensitive detectors positron annihilation potassium channels
potassium compounds potassium dihydrogen phosphate potential energy
potential energy calculations powder analysis powder and single crystal diffraction
powder and single crystal instrumentation powder CIF powder crystallography
powder data powder diffraction powder diffraction analysis
powder diffraction data powder diffraction for unknown samples powder diffraction in industry
powder diffraction of tungsten compounds powder diffraction programming powder diffraction software
powder diffraction techniques powder diffraction under non-ambient conditions powder diffractometry
powder diffractometry and crystal physics powder difraction powder indexing
powder intensity simulation powder materials powder metallurgy
powder method powder neutron diffraction powder patterns
powder phase formation powder phase silicate quartz powder refinement
powder software powder structure determination powder structure resolution
powder structures powder X-ray diffraction powder-diffraction-program exchange bank
powders powders and thin films precession
precession diffractometry precipitation precipitation phase transformation
precise crystal structure analysis precise lattice parameter measurements precise measurements
precise small-molecule crystallography precision precision engineering
precision spectroscopy prediction preferred orientation
preferred orientation of materials preferred orientation of polymers and fibres preparation
preparation and characterization preparation and characterization of catalysts preparation methods for TEM
preparation of complexes preparation of perfect silicon crystals preparative chemistry
pressure pressure actuators pressure-induced amorphization disordering
printed circuit board manufacture prions problem crystals
problem structures process control process kinetics
processes of single crystal dissolution processing of ceramics processive exonucleases
production techology profile analysis profile fitting
programming programming crystallographic software properties
properties and structure relationships properties framework structures properties of crystals
properties of microdispersed ores properties of permanent magnets properties of polymers
property measurement prostaglandins protease inhibitors
protease mechanism protease structures proteases
proteases proteinases proteasome protein allergens
protein architecture protein assembly protein biochemistry
protein biosynthesis protein carbohydrates protein chaperone
protein chemistry protein complex structure protein complexes
protein computer graphics protein conformation protein conformational stability
protein cryocrystallography protein crystal growth protein crystallization
protein crystallization development protein crystallography protein crystallography applications
protein crystallography chaperones protein crystallography drug design protein crystallography modeling
protein crystallography structures protein crystallography with synchrotron radiation protein crystals
protein data collection protein database protein degradation
protein design protein disorder protein dynamics
protein electrostatics protein engineering protein engineering and biotechnology
protein engineering mutagenesis protein evolution protein expression
protein expression purification crystallization protein flexibility protein folding
protein folding dynamics protein folding in membranes protein growth
protein homology protein hydration protein immune system
protein interactions protein isolation and purification protein kinases
protein kinetics protein ligands protein lipid complexes
protein mechanisms protein modelling protein molecular dynamics
protein motions protein motors protein overexpression
protein packing protein phasing protein phosphatases
protein phosphorylation protein purification protein purification analysis
protein purification characterization protein purification crystallization protein purification methods
protein receptors protein refinement protein refinement methods
protein regulation protein secondary structure analysis protein sequence analysis
protein sequence database protein sequences protein stability
protein structural analysis protein structural relationships protein structure analysis
protein structure and folding protein structure and function protein structure comparison
protein structure database protein structure determination protein structure function
protein structure glycolysis immunobiology protein structure interactions protein structure modelling
protein structure prediction protein structure refinement protein structures
protein synthesis protein threading protein toxins
protein transport protein tyrosine kinases protein water analysis
protein X-ray crystallography protein-based inhibitor design protein-bonding interactions
protein-carbohydrate interactions protein-carbohydrate structures protein-DNA complexes
protein-DNA crystallography topology protein-DNA interactions protein-DNA recognition
protein-drug interactions protein-hormone interactions protein-inhibitor binding
protein-ligand complexes protein-ligand interactions protein-lipid interactions
protein-membrane interactions protein-nucleic acid complexes protein-nucleic acid crystallography
protein-nucleic acid function protein-nucleic acid interactions protein-nucleic acid structures
protein-peptide interactions protein-protein interactions protein-receptor interactions
protein-RNA complexes protein-RNA crystal structures protein-saccharide interactions
proteinases proteins proteins biological macromolecules function
proteins cytokines proteins DNA interaction proteins enzymes
proteins involved in cancer pathways proteins muscle proteins structure
proteins structure-activity thyroid transthyretin proteins-inhibitor complexes proteolytic enzymes
proton conductivity proton transfer PSD
pseudopeptides pseudopotentials pseudosymmetry
psychoactive compounds publishing pulsed field magnetometry
pulsed laser ablation pulsed neutron diffraction pulsed neutron diffraction techniques
pulsed neutron scattering pulsed neutrons purification
purification of coal gases purine metabolism PVD
PVD materials PVD nitrides PVD nitrides adhesion
pyridine complexes pyroelectricity pyrolysis
pyruvate dehydrogenase
QED tests QSAR qualitative analysis
qualitative identification qualitative phase determination qualitative quantitative phase analysis rocks
qualitative quantitative powder diffraction quality assurance quantification
quantitative analysis quantitative analysis by XRD quantitative cement phase characterization
quantitative diffraction quantitative electron diffraction quantitative identification
quantitative microscopy quantitative phase analysis quantitative phase analysis by XRD
quantitative phase determination quantitative Rietveld structural analysis quantitative X-ray analysis
quantitative X-ray diffraction quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis quantitative X-ray powder diffraction
quantitative XRPD quantum chemistry quantum dots
quantum magnetism in low dimensions quantum mechanics quantum well structures
quantum wells quartz quasi-equivalence
quasicrystal crystallography quasicrystal scattering quasicrystallography
quasicrystals quaternary association of proteins quaternary oxides
quaternary structures quinone reductase quinoproteins
racemases radiation radiation chemistry
radiation cures radiation damage radiation damage studies
radiation detectors radiation protection radiation safety
radical salts radicals radioactive waste
radioactivity radiochemistry radiography
radiological physics radiolysis radiopharmaceutical compounds
Raman and neutron scattering Raman scattering Raman spectroscopy
random phasing method random systems rapid cooling
rapid data collection rapid solidification rapid solidification oxides
rapid solidification processing rapid thermal processing rapid X-ray measurement system
rapid X-ray measurement system for unstable crystals rare-earth compounds rare-earth elements
rare-earth luminescent materials rare-earth materials rare-earth superlattice
rare-earth titanates rational drug design rational inhibitor design
raw materials Rayleigh scattering reaction centres
reaction coordinates reaction kinetics reaction mechanisms
reaction pathways reactions reactive intermediates
reactivity reactivity of solids reactor physics
real crystal colour symmetry real crystal physics real crystals
real structure real structure analysis real structure of crystals
real structure of minerals real-space refinement methods real-time control
real-time diffraction receptor binding receptor complexes
receptor design receptor modelling receptor recognition
receptor structures receptor-ligand interactions receptors
reciprocal space mapping recognition recognition molecular
recognition motifs recombinant protein expression systems recombination
recrystallization redox redox biomacromolecules
redox enzymes redox proteins reduced cells
reductase inhibitor modelling reductases refinement
refinement disorder refinement methods refinement problematic structures
reflectance reflected light microscopy reflectivity
reflectometry refractive index refractories
refractory cements refractory compounds refractory nitrides
refractory solids regulation regulation and reaction mechanisms of enzymes
regulation by calcium relation between structure and physical properties relations between structure and magnetism
relaxation reliability REM
remote access for crystallography remote control remote sensing
renal lithogenesis renins repair
replacement of animal models in medical research replica technique replication
representation theory research research administration
research and development management research management research organization and strategy
residual applied strain residual electron density residual stress
residual stress analysis residual stress ceramics coatings residual stress measurement
residual stress strain resins resistivity
resolution resolution of racemic compounds resonance spectrometry
resonant nuclear scattering resonant scattering restrained least squares
restriction retinoic acid receptors retinoid receptors
retrieval retroviral proteases retroviral protein structure function
revalued unified reciprocal physics reverse Monte Carlo reverse transcriptases
RHEED RHEED enhancement AES RHEED intensity computations
RHEED SEM rhenium rhenium compounds
rheology rhodium compounds rhodobacter sphaeroides
ribonuclease ribonucleic acid ribonucleoproteins
ribonucleotide ribosome structure ribosome structure and function
ribosome-inactivating proteins ribosomes ribozymes
rice disease resistance Rietveld analysis Rietveld method
Rietveld refinement Rietveld refinement powder pattern decomposition Rietveld structural refinement
Rietveld structure analysis Rigaku rigid-body analysis
ring molecules ring theory RNA
RNA biochemistry RNA chemistry RNA editing
RNA proteins RNA splicing RNA structure
RNA synthetase RNA-binding proteins RNA-protein complexes
RNA-protein interactions road materials robots
rock mechanics rock-forming minerals rocking curves
rocking distribution rocks rotational disorder
rotational isomers rotatory dispersion rotatory dispersion crystals
rotaxanes rubber elasticity ruthenium
ruthenium cluster compounds ruthenium compounds ruthenium compounds inorganic
ruthenium iron complexes ruthenium oxide compounds ruthenium polypyridine complex
s-block chemistry saccharides SAD
safety salicylates saliva
SALLS salts sample preparation
sandwich compounds SANS SAS
satellite reflections SAW device SAXS
SAXS and SANS synchrotron SAXS polymers SAXS WAXS
scalar attractive and repulsive forces of solid cohesion scale mechanism scanning electron microscopy
scanning force microscopy scanning microscopy scanning probe microscopy
scanning tunnelling microscopy scattering scattering factors
scattering neutron scattering physics scattering synchrotron radiation
scattering theory Scherrer science
science and society science education science history
science outreach to basic education science philosophy science policy
science teaching scientific and industrial applications of diamond scientific editing
scientific instruments scientific planning scientific popularization
scientific teaching HERCULES scientific translation scientific visualization
scientometrics scribing and clearing behaviour of III-V compounds search and match
search match phase identification searching of crystallographic databases secondary bonding
secondary bonds secondary electron emission secondary structure analysis
sedimentary rocks sedimentation sedimentology
sediments segregation segregation of impurities
seismology seismology waves selected area electron diffraction
selective area epitaxy selenates selenides
selenites selenium compounds selenium organic compounds
selenomethionyl proteins self-assembly supramolecular chemistry SEM
semi-empirical calculations semi-empirical methods semiconductive A3B5 compounds
semiconductor and ceramic thin films semiconductor compounds semiconductor crystals
semiconductor defects semiconductor devices semiconductor epitaxy
semiconductor films semiconductor layer structures semiconductor materials
semiconductor physics semiconductor solar cells semiconductor structures
semiconductor superlattices semiconductor thin films semiconductors
semiconductors alloys semicrystalline compounds sensors
separation separation science sequence alignment
sequence analysis sequence effects sequence homology
sequence similarity sequences sequencing
serine serine-protease inhibitors serpentine
serpins serum albumin service crystallography
sesquiterpenes SEXAFS shape-memory alloys
shape-memory materials sheet silicates shells
SHELX shock consolidation shock metamorphism
shock waves in materials shock-induced solid-state chemistry short hydrogen bonds
short-chain dehydrogenase reductases short-chain dehydrogenases short-range order
sickle cell anemia siderophores SiGe
SiGe growth mechanisms signal analysis signal processing
Signal recognition particle signal recognition particle signal transduction
signal transduction proteins signal truncation protein structures silica
silica-mimetic compounds silicate chemistry silicate classification
silicate crystal chemistry silicate crystal structures silicate mineralogy
silicate minerals silicate structure determination silicate structures
silicate technology silicates silicates of rare elements
silicides silicon silicon carbide
silicon compounds silicon crystal growth and its effect on device performance silicon crystals
silicon etching silicon fabrication silicon monochromators
silicon nitride silicon oxides silicon oxynitrides
silicon semiconductors silicon technology silicon-metal interfaces
silicone silicosis silver complexes
silver compounds simulation simulation indexing Laue pattern
simulation of phase diagrams H-T simulation software simulation X-ray diffraction
single anomalous diffraction single crystals single-crystal alloys
single-crystal analysis single-crystal applications single-crystal characterization
single-crystal diffraction single-crystal diffractometry single-crystal growth
single-crystal orientation single-crystal spectroscopy single-crystal structure analysis
single-crystal structure determination single-crystal superalloys single-crystal X-ray analysis
single-crystal X-ray crystallography single-crystal X-ray diffraction single-crystal X-ray methods
sintering SIR SIRAS
site mutants size distribution size effect
size strain analysis slags slow dynamics
slow neutron spectroscopy small biological molecules small biologically active molecules
small computers small crystals small macromolecular crystallography
small molecular complexes small molecular crystallography small molecular inorganic structures
small molecule-macromolecule interactions small molecules small molecules organic
small organic acids small organic bases small organic molecules
small organic salts small particles small structures
small-angle diffraction small-angle neutron scattering small-angle scattering
small-angle scattering by ceramic materials small-angle X-ray scattering small-molecule area detectors
small-molecule area-detector crystallography small-molecule chemical crystallography small-molecule chemistry
small-molecule crystallography small-molecule ionic interactions small-molecule single crystals
small-molecule structure determination small-molecule structures SMART
smart sensors and actuators smart structures smectic crystals
snRNP structure and function sodalites soft chemistry
soft chemistry synthesis soft X-rays software
software computing software design software development
software for crystallography software for mineral identification software writing
soil chemistry soil mineralogy soil minerals
soil physics soils sol-gel materials
sol-gel method sol-gel synthesis sol-gel transitions
solar cell fabrication solar cells solar energy
solar energy conversion solid catalysts solid chemistry
solid electrolytes solid lasers solid lubricants
solid oxide fuel cells solid oxygen orientation magnetic disorder solid phase reactions
solid phase transitions solid phases solid reactions
solid solubility solid solutions solid state
solid structures solid-crystal technology solid-liquid interactions
solid-state batteries solid-state bismuth solid-state calculations
solid-state chemistry solid-state chemistry fluoride-ion conductors solid-state chemistry of drugs
solid-state compounds solid-state crystal chemistry solid-state dynamics
solid-state electrochemistry solid-state electronic theory solid-state gas-sensors
solid-state inorganic chemistry solid-state ionics solid-state kinetics
solid-state magnetic resonance solid-state materials solid-state mechanics
solid-state mineralogy clays solid-state modelling solid-state NMR
solid-state NMR spectroscopy solid-state phase changes solid-state phase transformations
solid-state phase-transition chemistry solid-state photochemistry solid-state physical chemistry
solid-state physics solid-state physics electronic materials solid-state properties
solid-state properties of inorganic and organic materials solid-state reactions solid-state reactivity
solid-state spectroscopy solid-state structural changes solid-state synthesis
solid-state theory solid-state transformation analysis solid-state transformations
solidification solids solids amorphization mechanism
soliton solubility solubility of hydrogen in crystals
solution chemistry solution crystallization solution crystallogenesis
solution methods solution structure solutions
solvation solvent effects solvent structure
sonochemistry sorption sound
sound propagation sound propagation in oceans source characterization
space crystallization space group Fm3m space groups
space-group determination from powders space-group orbifolds space-group symmetry
space-time modulation of light spallation source applications special mineralogy
specific heat specific surface and interface properties spectra-structure correlations
spectral analysis spectral decomposition spectrography
spectrometry spectrophotometry spectroscopy
spectroscopy and molecular structure spectroscopy methods spectrum analysis
spessartine spherulitic crystallization spin
spin density spin glasses spin labeling
spin Peierls materials spin precession spectrometry spinel
spinel ferrites spinel minerals spinel structures and intermetallic compounds
spontaneous combustion SQD1 src homology
SRP stability stacking faults
stacking faults in inorganic structures stainless steels standards
standing waves standing-wave method standing-wave technique
staphylococcal enterotoxins statistical analysis statistical analysis CSD PDB
statistical analysis experimental data statistical distribution statistical mechanics
statistical methods statistical physics statistical thermodynamics
statistics statistics in crystallography steels
STEM stereochemistry stereoelectronic effects
steric relationships and structures of solid phases steroid compounds steroid receptors
steroidogenesis steroids steroids structure-activity relationships
sterol structures STM stochastic model
stoichiometry stomatological amalgam stone weathering
strain strain and stress strain deformation
strain determination strain in nearly perfect crystals strain mapping
strained cage molecules strained hydrocarbons strained layer heteroepitaxy
strained molecules strained organic compounds strained organics
strength strength plasticity physics streptavidin-biotin system
stress stress analysis stress measurement
stress texture stress-strain measurements stroboscopic studies of piezoelectric crystals
strongly correlated electron systems strongly correlated systems structural accuracy
structural analysis structural analysis of molecular crystals structural analysis of protein and RNA metalloenzymes
structural analysis software structural and magnetic phase transitions structural aspects of hydration of silicates
structural biochemistry structural biochemistry enzymology structural biological function
structural biology structural biology myelin structural biology nuclear transport
structural biology of bacterial pathogenesis structural biology of DNA replication structural biology salivary proteins
structural biotechnology structural cell biology structural change
structural change associated with phase transitions structural change by radiation structural characterization
structural characterization of copper structural checking structural chelation
structural chemistry structural chemistry and biology structural chemistry organic organometallic compounds
structural classification structural classification of minerals structural computer modelling
structural computer modelling polymers structural computing structural correlation
structural crystallography structural databases structural defects
structural design structural determination structural determination of cytokine complexes
structural disorder structural disorder alloys structural disorder analysis
structural disorder compounds structural drug design structural enzymology
structural genomics structural geology structural homology
structural immunobiology structural immunology structural imperfection
structural inorganic chemistry structural investigations structural methods
structural mineralogy structural modelling structural modulation
structural molecular biology structural morphology structural motifs
structural neurobiology structural phase transitions structural phosphorus chemistry
structural physical properties structural prediction structural properties
structural pseudosymmetry structural relationships structural relaxation
structural service structural similarity structural simulation
structural solid-state chemistry structural solubility structural stability
structural studies structural systematics structural texture
structural theory structural thermal and physical properties structural transformations
structural transformations in carbon structural transitions structural typomorphism minerals
structural virology structure structure analysis
structure analysis database structure analysis methods structure analysis of organic compounds
structure analysis of small molecules structure and bonding structure and charge-density analysis
structure and crystal chemistry of minerals structure and energy structure and engineering
structure and function structure and function of immunoglobulins and related proteins structure and function of macromolecules
structure and function of proteins structure and mechanism structure and phase transitions of liquid crystals
structure and physical properties of polymers structure and properties structure and stability of proteins
structure and thermal properties of inclusion compounds structure comparison structure composition
structure conformation structure correlations structure determination
structure determination and analysis structure determination at the local level structure determination methods
structure determination of amphiphiles structure determination of coordination and pharmaceutical compounds structure determination of dyes
structure determination of Factor XIII variants structure determination of macromolecules structure determination of metalloproteins
structure determination of organics structure determination of organometallics structure determination of transition-element compounds
structure determination using X-ray and neutron diffraction structure factors structure from powder diffraction
structure immunomodulators structure inorganic structure interactions
structure magnetic structure modelling structure of calcium
structure of collagen structure of CuI structure of ordered phases
structure prediction structure refinement structure resolution
structure simulation structure solution structure solution from microcrystals
structure solution methods structure transformation structure twinning
structure validation structure verification structure-activity relationships
structure-activity relationships of biologically active compounds structure-activity relationships of blood-converting enzymes structure-activity relationships of drugs
structure-activity relationships of enzymes structure-aided drug design structure-assisted drug design
structure-based crop protection structure-based design structure-based drug design
structure-based protein engineering structure-bonding-properties relationships structure-colour relationships
structure-computation correlations structure-factor determination structure-factor probability
structure-function bacterial toxins structure-function enzymes structure-function opiates
structure-function proteases structure-function relationships structure-function relationships in solids
structure-function steroids structure-magnetism relationships structure-mechanical properties relationships
structure-physical properties relationships structure-properties relationships structure-properties-processing relationships
structure-property relationships in solids structure-reactivity relationships structure-spectroscopy relationships
structure-texture relationships structured phase transitions structures
structures error analysis structures of alkalides and electrides structures of bacterial toxins
structures of base-excision repair proteins structures of biological interest structures of biological membranes
structures of biologically important compounds structures of biomolecules structures of boron compounds
structures of carbonates structures of carboranes structures of carcinogens and chemotherapeutic drugs
structures of ceramics structures of chelates structures of clay minerals
structures of complexes containing alpha-amino acids structures of high-temperature superconductors structures of immunoglobulin macromolecules
structures of immunoglobulin superfamily lymphocyte receptors structures of inorganic compounds structures of ionic liquids
structures of irradiated materials structures of layered silicates structures of lipid bilayers
structures of macromolecules structures of membrane receptors structures of metalloorganic complexes
structures of metalloproteins structures of metals structures of minerals
structures of monomeric and polymeric materials structures of organic compounds structures of organometallic complexes
Structures of organometallic compounds structures of peptides structures of pharmaceutically interesting compounds
structures of phosphates structures of phosphorus compounds structures of phyllosilicates
structures of plant gums structures of polymers structures of pregraphitic carbon materials
structures of protein RNA complexes structures of proteins structures of ribosomes
structures of silicates and oxides structures of small molecules structures of solids
structures of T-cell receptor complexes structures of tautomeric and other nonrigid compounds structures of transition-metal organic compounds
studies of building units studies of inclusion complexes studies of metal-solution interfaces
studies of non-Watson-Crick regions of RNA using crystallographic techniques subgroup relationships in domain structures substrate binding
substrate design substrate docking substrates
sucrose sugars sulfates
sulfide compounds sulfide materials sulfide minerals
sulfides sulfones sulfosalts
sulfur sulfur bridges sulfur compounds
sulfur metabolism super oxides super resolution microscopy
superalloys superantigens supercomputers
supercomputing superconducting materials superconducting oxides
superconductivity superconductor ceramics superconductor films
superconductor oxides superconductor structures superconductor superlattices
superconductors superconductors applied superconductors synthetic
supercooling supercritical fluids superionic compounds
superionic conductivity superionic conductors superionic materials
superlattice structure superlattices superoxide dismutases
superplasticity superspace symmetry superstructures
supported metal catalysts supramacromolecules supramolecular assemblies
supramolecular chemistry supramolecular compounds supramolecular crystallography
supramolecular devices sensors supramolecular host-guest chemistry supramolecular structures
surface acoustics surface adsorption surface analysis
surface analysis theoretical surface characterization surface chemistry
surface chemistry and rheology surface coatings surface crystallography
surface diffraction surface electronic state surface magnetism
surface morphology surface phase transitions surface physics
surface physics of metals surface properties of minerals surface real structure
surface recognition surface reconstruction surface research
surface roughening surface scattering surface science
surface segregation surface spectroscopy SIMS XPS surface structure
surface structure and relaxation surface structure of melts surface structure of polymers
surface studies surface X-ray scattering surface-interface structure
surfaces surfaces and interfaces surfactant proteins
surfactant-polymer interactions surfactants symmetry
symmetry breaking symmetry groups symmetry of structures
symmetry theory symmetry theory generalization and applications synchroton radiation
synchrotron diffraction synchrotron instrumentation synchrotron orbital radiation
synchrotron powder diffraction synchrotron radiation synchrotron radiation applications
synchrotron radiation applied to biomedical sciences synchrotron radiation crystallography synchrotron radiation experimental
synchrotron radiation imaging synchrotron radiation instrumentation synchrotron radiation neutron diffraction spectroscopy
synchrotron radiation optics synchrotron radiation phase imaging synchrotron radiation sources
synchrotron structural biology research synchrotron X-ray diffraction synchrotron X-ray instrumentation
synchrotron X-ray topography synchrotron X-rays synchrotrons
syncrystallization synergetics synthesis
synthesis and characterization of coordination compounds synthesis and structural characterization of silver(I) complexes synthesis and structure of polymetallo complexes
synthesis and structure of thin films synthesis inorganic synthesis of chalcogenide germanium pnictide
synthesis of coordination compounds synthesis of new materials synthesis of organic compounds
synthesis of oxides chalcogenides synthesis of zeolites synthesis reactivity
synthesis structure coordination compounds synthesis structure pnictides synthesis structure porphyrins
synthetase synthetic apatites synthetic chemistry
synthetic feldspars synthetic metals synthetic methods
synthetic molecules synthetic organic chemistry synthetic polymers
synthetic products synthetic zeolites system dynamics
systematics systematics of crystal packing of organic compounds systematics of crystal structures
systematics of inorganic crystal structures systems
T cell receptors t matrix T4 lysozyme
T7 RNA polymerase tandem repeats tantalates
tantalum compounds tantalum oxide compounds tautomerism
TCNQ compounds teaching teaching aids
teaching aids in crystallography teaching of crystallography teaching of crystallography and mineralogy
teaching of economic geology teaching of physics teaching of physics and crystallography
teaching of solid-state chemistry technetium technetium compounds
technetium radiopharmaceuticals technical software development technical writing
technical writing and editing techniques technological research and quality control
technology technology transfer medical tectonics
tectosilicates telecommunications tellurides
tellurium complexes tellurium compounds TEM
TEM characterization TEM interfacial microstructure of brazed ceramic composites TEM X-ray structure determination
temperature temperature resolution in powder diffraction temperature typomorphism
template synthesis chiral solids tensometry tensor crystal physics theory
tensor properties tensorial scattering factors tensors
teratogenic effects ternary alloys ternary and multinary compounds
ternary bismuth compounds ternary chalcopyrites ternary mercury oxides
ternary noble metal oxides ternary oxides ternary sulfides
terpenes tertiary structure tertiary structure prediction
tetraaza macrocycles tetragonal tungsten bronze TEXSAN
textiles texture texture analysis
texture and stress analysis texture of magnetic materials texture of metals
texture of oriented steel sheets for cars texture of polycrystals texture stress
texture studies texture-properties relationships TGA
TGA DTA tgf-beta superfamily theoretical acoustics
theoretical calculations theoretical chemistry theoretical crystal calculations
theoretical crystal chemistry theoretical crystallography theoretical dynamical diffraction
theoretical physical calculations theoretical physics theoretical simulation modelling
theoretical structure modelling theory theory of crystal structure
theory of kinetics of silicate minerals theory of symmetry therapeutic antibodies
therapy therapy compounds thermal actuators
thermal analysis thermal and mechanical properties thermal chemical dissolution
thermal chemistry thermal conductivity thermal crystal treatment p-n junctions
thermal decomposition thermal diffuse scattering thermal expansion
thermal methods thermal motion thermal motion analysis
thermal parameters thermal properties thermal stability
thermal studies thermal transformation thermal vibration
thermoanalysis thermoanalysis mineralogy thermochemistry
thermodynamic and kinetic properties of crystals thermodynamic databases thermodynamic properties
thermodynamics thermodynamics of intermetallics thermodynamics of SH2 domain ligand recognition
thermoelectric materials thermoelectricity thermoelectrics
thermogravimetry thermoluminescence thermophilic proteins
thermophysical properties thermopower thermostability
thermostable enzymes thermostable proteins thiamine biosynthesis and degradation
thick films thin ferroelectric films thin films
thin films and multilayers thin organized films thin solid films
thin-film analysis thin-film characterization thin-film crystallography
thin-film deposits thin-film devices thin-film diffraction
thin-film epitaxy thin-film growth thin-film materials
thin-film physics thin-film process thin-film properties
thin-film sensors thin-film structures thin-layer diffraction
three-beam diffraction three-dimensional biochemistry three-dimensional computer graphics
three-dimensional crystallography three-dimensional databases three-dimensional image reconstruction
three-dimensional protein structure three-dimensional reconstruction three-dimensional structure function
three-dimensional structure proteins three-dimensional structure tRNA synthetase thrombosis
thymidylate synthase thymidylate synthase active-site mutation thyromimetics
tight binding methods TIM barrels time-correlated diffraction
time-of-flight diffraction time-of-flight powder diffraction time-of-flight techniques
time-resolved analysis time-resolved crystallography time-resolved diffraction
time-resolved effects time-resolved Laue diffraction time-resolved powder diffraction
time-resolved scattering studies time-resolved structural studies time-resolved structure analysis
time-resolved studies time-resolved thermal properties time-resolved X-ray analysis
time-resolved X-ray diffraction time-temperature-resolved diffraction tin complexes
tin compounds tin oxide compounds tissue
tissue crystallography tissue factor factor VII titanates
titanium titanium alloys titanium compounds
titanium oxide compounds TLS refinement tomography
tooling tooth compounds top-seeded solution growth
topochemically modified crystals topochemistry topography
topography X-ray topological aspects of structure topological properties of charge distribution
topology topotactic phase transformations topotacticity
topotaxy topotaxy in molecular crystal total density analysis
total reflection total reflection X-ray fluorescence tourmaline
toxic shock syndrome toxic waste toxicology
toxin structure toxin structure function toxins
toxins structure activity trace analysis trace hydrogen in minerals
trace-metal analysis track membranes traditional medicines
training trans-effect transaldolase
transcriptases transcription transcription chromatin
transcription factor structure transcription factors transcription regulation
transcriptional regulation transducers transduction
transfer technology transferases transformation
transformation expression purification proteins transformation layer silicates transglutaminases
transition compounds transition elements transition metal-rare earth oxides and intermetallics
transition metals transition-element clusters transition-element complexes
transition-element coordination compounds transition-element organometallic compounds transition-element oxides
transition-elements complexes transition-metal chemistry transition-metal clusters
transition-metal complexes transition-metal compounds transition-metal oxides
transition-metal perovskites transition-series complexes transitions
transketolase translation factors translucent ceramics
transmembrane signalling transmission transmission electron microscopy
transmission electron microscopy and diffraction transpeptidase transport
transport in semiconductors transport phenomena transport phenomena in crystals
transport properties tribology triclinic indexing
triple and tetra helices triple helices triple junctions
tRNA tRNA amino acid tRNA synthetases tRNA synthetases
tropomyosin trypsin tubulin
tungstates tungsten tungsten bronze
tungsten compounds tungsten oxides tungsten oxides crystal chemistry
tunnelling tunnelling and disorder tunnelling microscopy
tunnelling spectroscopy twinning twinning on unit cell level
twins two-dimensional Bragg intensity two-dimensional deformation
two-dimensional detectors two-dimensional diffraction two-dimensional protein crystals
two-dimensional symmetry two-dimensional XRD instrumentation typomorphism
typomorphism of minerals typomorphism of phyllosilicates tyrosine kinase growth factor receptors
tyrosine kinase receptors tyrosine phosphatases
ubiquitin system ultra-high-resolution auger SEM ultracold neutron optics
ultrafine milling ultrafine particles ultrahigh pressure
ultrahigh vacuum ultrasonic probes ultrasonic transducers
ultrasonics ultrastructure ultrastructure of inorganic materials
unconventional myosin undergraduate education crystallography undergraduate instruction
undergraduate research unidirectional compounds unimolecular devices
unit cell structural changes unit cells Unix
Unix management Unix system administration unsaturated carboxylic acids
unstable compounds unstable crystals unusual bonding
uptake of radionuclides uranium uranium complexes
uranium compounds uranium minerals uranium phases
urea compounds urea inclusion compounds urinary tract diseases
USAXS UV effects UV radiation effect
vaccine adjuvants vaccine development vacuum
vacuum coating vacuum technology valence charge density
valence electron density distribution valence fluctuations van der Waals clusters
van der Waals contacts vanadates vanadium
vanadium compounds vanadium-bearing minerals vapour growth
vapour pressure measurements vector search very high resolution data collection
very high resolution refinement very low temperature physics vesicle membrane fusion
vibration vibrational analysis vibrational properties
vibrational properties metallic multilayer vibrational spectra vibrational spectroscopy
VIII compounds viral pathogenesis viral proteins
viral structure viral structure and function viral surface proteins
viral X-ray crystallography virology virtual reality
virus assembly virus coat proteins virus crystallography
virus host interactions virus polymorphism virus receptor interactions
virus receptors virus structure determination virus structure function
virus structures virus-receptor and virus-Fab interactions viruses
visualization visualization technology vitamin B12
vitamin B6 vitamin D vitamins
vitreous silica vitreous state VMS Unix
volatile polymeric chelates volcanic rocks volcanic solids
volcanology VRML VSG
wafer production wafers waste management
waste treatment wastewater treatment water
water in protein crystal water materials water proteins
water structure water structure dynamics wave theory
wavelength wavelength absolute WAXS
WAXS characterization WAXS polymers WDS
weak interactions weak water bonding weathering of soil minerals
web design web Internet techniques web resources
weer surfaces whisker composites whisker growth
whiskers white-beam radiation white-beam radiation dynamical diffraction
wide-angle scattering wide-angle X-rays wide-bandgap semiconductors
wide-zone oxide semiconductors women in crystallography World Wide Web
X-quantum beats X-ray absorption X-ray absorption fine structure
X-ray absorption spectroscopy X-ray acoustics X-ray analysis
X-ray and electron crystallography X-ray and neutron diffraction X-ray and neutron scattering
X-ray and synchrotron radiation instrumentation X-ray anisotropy X-ray anomalous dispersion
X-ray anomalous scattering X-ray atomic orbital analysis X-ray attenuation
X-ray attenuation coefficient X-ray back reflection X-ray biocrystallography
X-ray boron compounds X-ray Bragg-Fresnel diffraction X-ray capillary optics
X-ray characterization X-ray characterization of microcrystalline zeolite materials X-ray characterization of single crystals
X-ray charge-density analysis X-ray computational crystallography X-ray conformation catalysis
X-ray conformational analysis X-ray contrast simulation X-ray cryocrystallography
X-ray crystal analysis methods X-ray crystal structure analysis X-ray crystal structure determination
X-ray crystallographic method development X-ray crystallography X-ray crystallography of anti-DNA antibodies
X-ray crystallography of anti-fluorescein antibodies X-ray crystallography of biological macromolecules X-ray crystallography of coordination compounds
X-ray crystallography of immunoglobulins X-ray crystallography of minerals X-ray crystallography of natural compounds
X-ray crystallography of organic compounds X-ray crystallography of proteins X-ray crystallography of RNA
X-ray crystallography of small molecules X-ray crystallography of steroids X-ray crystallography of viruses
X-ray data collection X-ray data processing X-ray detectability
X-ray detector technology X-ray detectors X-ray detoxification enzyme fruit-fly
X-ray diffraction X-ray diffraction analysis programming X-ray diffraction and structure
X-ray diffraction apparatus X-ray diffraction crystallography X-ray diffraction data
X-ray diffraction methods X-ray diffraction of biomembranes X-ray diffraction of defect structures
X-ray diffraction of enzyme structures X-ray diffraction of macromolecules X-ray diffraction physics
X-ray diffraction techniques X-ray diffraction theory X-ray diffraction topography
X-ray diffractometer instrumentation X-ray diffractometers X-ray diffractometry
X-ray diffractometry of polycrystal compounds X-ray diffuse scattering X-ray difraction techniques
X-ray divergent-beam method X-ray dynamical diffraction X-ray dynamical diffraction optics
X-ray electron diffraction X-ray electron dynamic diffraction X-ray electron neutron diffraction
X-ray emission spectroscopy X-ray fibre diffraction X-ray fibre diffraction of polymers
X-ray films X-ray fluorescence X-ray fluorescence analysis
X-ray fluorescence spectrometry X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy X-ray focusing
X-ray focusing optical elements X-ray free-electron lasers X-ray glancing-angle scattering
X-ray goniometry X-ray high-pressure techniques X-ray high-resolution diffractometry
X-ray high-temperature powder diffraction X-ray imaging X-ray inelastic scattering
X-ray instrumentation X-ray interferometry X-ray line profiles
X-ray line-profile analysis X-ray macromolecular structure X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
X-ray magnetic scattering X-ray materials X-ray measurement apparatus
X-ray metallography X-ray methods X-ray microanalysis
X-ray microanalysis of minerals X-ray microanalysis of thin specimens X-ray microfluorescence
X-ray microprobes X-ray microscope X-ray microscopy
X-ray microtomography X-ray mineralogy X-ray mineralogy crystallography
X-ray molecular orbital analysis X-ray monochromators X-ray multiple diffraction
X-ray multiple-crystal diffractometry X-ray neutron crystallography X-ray neutron diffraction
X-ray neutron diffractometry X-ray neutron interferometry X-ray neutron powder diffraction
X-ray neutron reflectivity X-ray neutron single-crystal diffraction X-ray neutron structures
X-ray optics X-ray phase determination X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
X-ray physics X-ray polarimetry X-ray polarization
X-ray powder analysis X-ray powder diffraction X-ray powder diffraction software
X-ray powder diffraction techniques X-ray powder diffractometry X-ray properties
X-ray protein crystallography X-ray real-time imaging X-ray receptor ligands
X-ray refinement X-ray reflection X-ray reflectivity
X-ray reflectivity multilayers X-ray reflectometry X-ray research
X-ray resonant scattering X-ray rocking curves X-ray scanning analytical microscopy
X-ray scattering X-ray scattering tomography X-ray single-crystal diffraction
X-ray single-crystal diffractometry X-ray small-angle scattering X-ray solution scattering
X-ray spectrography X-ray spectrometry X-ray spectroscopy
X-ray standing waves X-ray strain determination X-ray stress
X-ray structural analysis X-ray structural crystallography X-ray structure
X-ray structure analysis X-ray structure analysis methods X-ray structure analysis of small molecules
X-ray structure determination X-ray structure of membrane proteins X-ray studies
X-ray studies of inorganic semiconductors X-ray synchrotron and neutron diffraction X-ray synchrotron radiation
X-ray techniques X-ray tensor properties X-ray thermal analysis crystallography
X-ray topography X-rays XAFS
XAFS data analysis XANES XAS
XAS methodologies XAS polymers xenobiotic metabolism
yeast yeast expression systems Yersinia pestis proteins
yttrium indium garnets
zeolite catalysis zeolite chemistry zeolite crystal chemistry
zeolite structural chemistry zeolite structures zeolite synthesis structure
zeolite topologies zeolites zeolites-microporous materials
zinc compounds zinc finger proteins zinc fingers
zinc peptidase zirconia zirconia compounds
zirconium zirconium compounds ZnS
zone structure zymogen

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