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Incorporating the World Directory of Crystallographers

Several of the online services of the International Union of Crystallography, including the World Directory of Crystallographers and e-mail alerting for IUCr journals (Crystallography Journals Online), are available through a simple registration system. Each user needs to register information such as name and e-mail address only once, and can simply and easily keep this information up to date.

Every registered user is given a unique identifier (IUCr ID). Registration requires only a small amount of information. Users who wish to be included in the World Directory of Crystallographers should provide contact and biographical information that is as complete as possible. Once registered, users may log in, for example, to update their details for the World Directory of Crystallographers, change e-mail addresses and details of e-mail alerts, and in the future submit articles online to IUCr journals.

If you have already registered, log in here to update your details or access the IUCr's online services for users:

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