IUCr Publications

State of the Art of Macromolecular Crystallization

H. M. Einspahr, Ed.

ISBN 978-0-9553602-4-4 Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Date of publication: 31 October 2017 First edition
Price: 49.95 GBP Hardback, 304 pp, 172 illustrations, h = 280 mm, w = 215 mm

This collection comprises 20 invited articles from internationally recognized experts on topics in macromolecular crystallization. The initial objective of this series was to document the state of the art in various aspects of macromolecular crystallization on the occasion of the International Year of Crystallography and the articles appeared on a regular basis in Acta Crystallographica Section F. Many of the articles are primarily reviews bringing readers up to date in current methods and practices. It is hoped that the complete collection will be a helpful resource to those who pursue the crystallization of macromolecules for many years to come.