Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

Crystallographic Teaching Commission Newsletter No 1. June 2006

(First issue with the theme of "Teaching Crystallographic Fundamentals".)

(This Issue's Editor - Lachlan Cranswick)

Downloading the Newsletter

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Articles/features in this Issue

  • IUCr Commission on Crystallographic Teaching
  • Siena 2006 : IUCr School on Basic Crystallography
    • Einstein's tongue for teaching crystallography to biologists - Philippe Dumas, Julien Vanwinsberghe and Vincent Cura
    • Crystallography Education and Training in the United States - Katherine A. Kantardjieff
    • Crystallographic Teaching in Pakistan - Zia Khan
    • A Guided Tour in Fourier Space - Fokke Tuinstra
    • The British Crystallographic Association Intensive Courses in X-ray Structural Analysis - David Watkin
    • Teaching of the Fundamentals of Crystallography - Dieter Schwarzenbach
    • Teaching Crystallography and Related Subjects at Novosibirsk State University, Russia - Elena Boldyreva
    • Crystallographic Teaching at the Laboratory of Inorganic Crystal Chemistry at Moscow State University, Russia - Evgeny Antipov
    • M.Sc. Crystallography at Birkbeck College, University of London, UK - Alan L. Mackay
    • Addendum 1: reprint of webpages containing the (now defunct) Birkbeck College M.Sc. Crystallography Course Syllabus in its final form (taken from Jeremy Cockcroft's website)
    • Addendum 2: mid 1950's (rejected) submission on crystallography by J.D. Bernal et al to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The article was rejected as too long but it embodied the syllabus and intention of the Birkbeck College M.Sc. course in crystallography.
  • Calls for contributions to Newsletter No. 2

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