Commission on High Pressure

Coming up

IUCr High-Pressure Workshop 'Advanced High-Pressure Crystallography' Chicago, USA  6-10 Dec 2022
The 2022 Commission workshop will bring together researchers who apply extreme-conditions crystallography in combination with other experimental and computational methods to study a wide range of material properties covering various fields of science, including condensed-matter physics, solid-state chemistry, geophysics, materials science, biology, nanotechnology etc.

Terms of Reference

The Commission on High Pressure was established at the Seattle General Assembly in 1996. The following are its Terms of Reference.

  • To develop and strengthen links and interactions between the field of high-pressure crystallography and the whole field of high-pressure science.
  • To keep the scope of 'high-pressure crystallography' under ongoing review, and continue to make it as wide and inclusive as possible without compromising its crystallographic identity.
  • To promote and encourage the development and dissemination of best practice in high-pressure crystallographic methods and procedures.
  • To collect, and make available, current information on central facilities for high-pressure crystallography, and on how to access them.
  • To encourage, and where possible assist, young scientists and others new to the field of high-pressure crystallography.
  • To advise the IUCr in organising or sponsoring sessions on high-pressure crystallography at Congresses and conferences.
  • To promote and coordinate scientific exchange between countries in the field of high-pressure crystallography.
  • To cooperate with other Commissions of the Union on matters dealing with high-pressure crystallography.
  • To cooperate with other international bodies interested in high-pressure crystallography and allied subjects.

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