Terms of Reference

The Commission on Neutron Diffraction was established at the Moscow General Assembly in 1966. The proposal at that time is given below.

  • Satisfactory detection of light atoms (particularly hydrogen)
  • The detection and description of magnetic architecture
  • The study of crystal dynamics from inelastic scattering data

It is considered that there are several ways in which these aims can be directly advanced and that there is a substantial need for action at the present time in these various directions.

  • Tabulation and critical evaluation of data on the neutron scattering amplitudes of elements and isotopes, including complex scattering amplitudes, and of magnetic form factors.
  • Collection of information and recommendations on technical procedures.
  • Cataloguing of information on reactor types, neutron flux, background, instrumentation, methods of data collection and handling.
  • Encouragement of monographs, e.g. on Shubnikov groups, and their application to the determination of magnetic structures.
  • Support for symposia, in particular to ensure that the various aspects of neutron diffraction techniques get adequate coverage in meetings of the International Union of Crystallography.