Crystallographic data


Database of Electron Crystallographic Data

This page provides dynamical electron crystallographic datasets, either specific I(hkl) information or links to other locations where it can be downloaded. Initially this is just diffraction data, although this may be expanded in the future.

3D data sets

Calculated DFT Data

Andalusite (568.2 KB)
Forsterite (468.9 KB)
Karrooite (295.4 KB)
Magnesite (104.2 KB)
MgSiPerov (271.4 KB)
Olivine (476.3 KB)
Perovskite (20.8 KB)
Pyrope (212.1 KB)
Ringw2 (42.4 KB)
Sillimanite (541.9 KB)
Wadsleyite (429.3 KB)