Crystallographic resources


Entered: Fri Aug 10 2012

Operating systems: Linux; MacOS; MS Windows

Type: Binary


Distribution: Free for academic use

Application fields: Biology; Modelling; Structure; Structure determination

Bibliography: Petoukhov, M.V., Franke, D., Shkumatov, A.V., Tria, G., Kikhney, A.G., Gajda, M., Gorba, C., Mertens, H.D.T., Konarev, P.V. & Svergun, D.I. (2012). J. Appl. Cryst. 45, 342-350.

Description: New developments in version 2.4 of the ATSAS package for the processing and analysis of isotropic small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering data are described.


Last updated: 15 Oct 2021