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Crystal hack

Entered: Fri Feb 26 2016

Operating systems: MS Windows

Type: Binary

Languages: Visual Basic

Distribution: Free

Application fields: Modelling

Bibliography: M Kanagasabapathy, GNK Ramesh Bapu, (2013) “Galvanostatic cathodic polarization studies on anomalously co-electrodeposited Ni2-18Co13-97 solid solution nano films”, Surface & Coating Technology, Vol. 232, 188-197.

Description: Through diffraction angle, wavelength of the X-rays and d-spacing, the values of Miller indices as well as d-spacing for cubic and hcp binary alloys can be precisely determined through iterations, using ‘Crystal hack’. Designed by, Dr. M Kanagasabapathy Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry Rajus College, Madurai kamaraj University Rajapalayam (TN) INDIA



Last updated: 26 Feb 2016