Crystallographic resources


Entered: Thu Oct 28 2010

Operating systems: Linux; MacOS; MS Windows

Type: Source

Languages: C; C++; Fortran

Distribution: Free

Application fields:


Description: Set of programs intended to combine various aspects of image processing and manipulation of high resolution electron microscope images and diffraction patterns as well as direct methods. The intent is to make available to the general user a relatively simple user-interface mouse driven version of what has been to date research oriented code. Features include: * Crystallographic operations (e.g. symmetry averaging) on HREM images * Image processing options, including Wiener-filtering, masked/windowed Fourier Transforms and a Hanning Window Fourier Transform *Accurate cross-correlation based methods of measuring spot diffraction intensities and user-friendly symmetry averaging with or without Friedel symmetry * Accurate methods of extracting phases from HREM images * Includes Direct Methods code fs98 to solve structures, which can also be used with other types of data (e.g. surface x-ray diffraction)


Last updated: 15 Oct 2021