Latin-American Crystallographic Association

The countries of the North, Central and South American regions, historically bound by the Luso/Hispanic heritage and language, have constantly made efforts to work together promoting the advance of science and education in all countries. The formation of LACA was approved in Cordoba, Argentina, to gather all the already consolidated crystallographic groups in the region. The region involved in the LACA initiative comprises important scientific communities and well established crystallographic societies, associations and consolidated crystallographic groups: starting with Mexico (SBCr), Venezuela (consolidated groups), Brazil (ABCr), Chile (consolidated groups), Argentina (AACr), Colombia (consolidated groups), Peru (consolidated groups) and Uruguay (consolidated groups). Other existing groups have started their own national societies, like Costa Rica (UCRC), or recently established collaborative projects to become a united group of countries. The mere existence of this very dedicated and scientifically productive crystallographic community in the Latin-American countries contributed significantly to support the construction of a synchrotron facility in Campinas, Brazil, in operation since 1997, and crystallographers represent the majority of its users. Some LACA countries have been affiliated to the IUCr for more than three decades, and are very aware of the importance of linking the regional scientific community acting in the crystallographic area with the activities and aims of the IUCr.

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Latin-American Crystallographic Association (LACA)

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The main objectives of LACA are (i) to contribute to the advancement and the dissemination of crystallography in accordance with the aims of the IUCr; (ii) to promote Latin-American cooperation in crystallography; (iii) to promote the teaching of crystallography in Latin America; (iv) to facilitate the mobility of students and researchers across Latin America and between this region and others; and (v) to promote the formation of national associations or committees of crystallography in all countries of Latin America.

Statutes and By-laws

The Statutes and By-laws of LACA, as a non-profit organization, were discussed in November 2013 at the First Meeting of LACA in Cordoba, Argentina. The Statutes will be legally registered in Brazil, under Brazilian laws. There are versions in Portuguese, Spanish and English. The legalization process of the LACA Statutes is currently under way. The Brazilian National Synchrotron Laboratory (LNLS), in Campinas, Brazil, is the legal address of LACA.

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