Optoelectronic materials

The “II Workshop on Optoelectronic Materials and Their Applications (including Solar Cells)”, held Nov., 1998 at the U. of Havana, Cuba was attended by 35 participants from Cuba and 37 from laboratories and Universities of Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, France, Venezuela, Spain, USA and Italy. The program consisted of 14 Invited lectures and 78 contributed papers grouped in three poster sessions: I.  Fundamental Properties of Optoelectronic Materials; II. Growth and Characterization of Optoelectronic Materials; III.  Optoelectronic Devices and Solar Cells.

The meeting was co-sponsored by: U. of Havana, Institute of Materials and Reagents, Cuba, Int’l Union of Pure and Applied Physics, Int’l Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, Int’l Union of Crystallography, Latin American Center of Physics, Brazil, Dept of Physics, Northern Catholic U., Chile, Electron Devices Society.

The students supported with the funds of the International Union of Crystallography were: L. M. Hernández, M. Garcia Rocha, M. Becerri, G. Casado, R. Huerta (CINVESTAV, Mexico), and J.C. Gonzalez (Federal U. of Minas Gerais, Brazil).  The next workshop will be held in Mexico in 2000.

Maria Sanchez
Chairperson Optoelectronics 98