Deep in the heart of Europe

[heart of europe participants]Participants at the 1998 Heart of Europe meeting on Bio-Crystallography.
A group of 41 researchers from nine laboratories in central Europe gathered in Thuringia, Germany in Oct. 1998 for the first “Heart of Europe meeting on Bio-Crystallography” organized by M.S. Weiss and R. Hilgenfeld from the IMB and sponsored by MarResearch. The meeting gathered members of all bio-crystallography groups in the area and gave students the opportunity to present their work in an informal atmosphere.  Group leaders gave an overview of the ongoing activities in the respective laboratories. The topics of the 30 presentations by students and post-docs (see ranged from crystallization and structure analyses to modeling and drug design. The Meeting Reports meeting showed that there is lots of highprofile activity in the bio-crystallography field in the heart of Europe.

The second Heart of Europe Meeting on Bio-Crystallography”, organized by Y. Muller and U. Heinemann from the MDC in Berlin, will take place Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 1999.  More information can be found at http://

M. S. Weiss