International School on Crystal Growth

[Lecturers] Lecturers at the Crystal Growth School in Trieste (left to right), H. Strunk, P. Rudolph, K. Byrappa, N. Ekins-Daukes, R. Fornari (Director of the school), L. Sorba (Secretary of the school), T. Boeck, D. Palmer.
The Int’l School on Crystal Growth of Materials for Energy Production and Energy-saving Applications was held at the Abdus Salam Int’l Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) of Trieste (Italy) March 5-10, 2001.

The main objective of this school for PhD and Master students was to provide an overview of classical and modern growth technologies and lectures on crystal growth of energy-related materials. Three main classes of materials were considered: materials for energy conversion (solar cells, thermo-photovoltaic converters), energy storage (carbon nanotubes and superconductors) and energy saving (superconductors, soft magnets for low-loss transformers, nitrides for visible and white light LEDs). Lectures on structural and electrical characterization were also included, bearing in mind the important role that extended and point defects play in material characteristics and device performance.

The school was attended by 40 participants (from Italy, Eastern and Western Europe, Northern Africa, South America and Asia). The truly international character of ICTP and the friendly behaviour of participants and lecturers provided a stimulating atmosphere for discussions. Two afternoon sessions devoted to short, informal presentations by 24 students generated new contacts and strengthened relations among participants.

The school was promoted by the IUCr Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials and sponsored by the IUCr, Italian Crystallographic Assn (AIC), Italian Group for the Structure of Matter (GNSM-CNR), and Abdus Salam Int’l Centre for Theoretical Physics.

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R. Fornari, Director of the School