2002 CrSJ Annual Meeting

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[Iijima] Sumio Iijima (honorary member of CrSJ)

The Annual Meeting and General Assembly of the Crystallographic Soc. of Japan was held in Tokyo, Japan, in December 2002. It was attended by 423 people and included 2 symposiums, 82 oral presentations and 145 poster presentations covering all aspects of crystallography. There was also an industrial exhibition.

The symposia were on 'Recent development in the crystallographic studies of the structures of crystals and their functions' and 'Recent development of structural biology in the genome era by crystallography'. The lectures 'Carbon nano tube: The Science and application' (S. Iijima, Meijyo U.), 'Determination of the structure of molecular crystals on the level of the electron densities using x-ray powder diffraction method' (E. Nishibori, Nagoya U.), 'Control of the structure of the organic superconductor by uni-axial compression” (T. Kondo, U. Tokyo), 'Crystal structure of molecule-based chiral magnet--structure near magnetic phase transition point' (K. Inoue, IMS) were included in the former symposium, and 'Structural biology of biological machineries' (M. Tanokura, U. Tokyo), 'Promotion of protein 3000 project, and protein crystallography of the near future' (T. Tsukihara, Osaka U.), 'High-throughput technology of RIKEN High-throughput Factory at the SPring-8' (M. Miyano, RIKEN), and 'X-ray crystallography in genomic drug discovery' (T. Hata, Sankyo Co., Ltd.) were in the latter.

[CrSJ group] Awardees at the 2002 Annual Meeting and president of CrSJ. A. Kita, M. Tanaka, N.Yasuoka (President), T. Ishikawa, Y. Sugawara, Y. Takahashi

At the annual CrSJ Awards Ceremony, the S. Nishikawa Award was presented to M. Tanaka (Tohoku U.), Research Awards were given to T. Ishikawa (RIKEN) and Y. Sugawara (Kitazato U.); and the Young Crystallographer Awards went to A. Kita (Kyoto U.) and Y. Takahashi (JSPS). A full detail of the meeting program can be viewed at CrSJ homepage wwwsoc.nii.ac.jp/crsj/index-e.html.

Nobuhisa Watanabe