2008 Crystallographic Computing School

Kyoto, Japan, August 18-23, 2008

[Discussion at Kyoto]
[Kyoto participants]
[Kyoto bus] Images from the crystallographic computing school. (Photos courtesy of Yu Jian.)
The traditional IUCr crystallographic computing school was organised and run by the IUCr computing commission in Kyoto and held just prior to the IUCr congress in Osaka. The location was the Kansai Seminar House nicely located in the hills around Kyoto and close to one of the many temple complexes for which Kyoto is well known. The school brought together a group of about 50 crystallographers interested in the development of crystallographic software. The program consisted of lectures by senior crystallographers, tutorials and presentations by young participants of their own work in crystallographic software. The leading theme of the school was the transfer of the knowledge of the older, soon to retire generation of developers, to the next generation of developers. The program of the school was designed to be attractive for both small-molecule and macromolecule crystallographers. The presentations of the meeting have been collected in issue #9 of the newsletter of the computing commission and can be downloaded from www.iucr.org/resources/commissions/crystallographic-computing/newsletters/9.

Photographs made during the school by Jian Yu can be found on the WEB-site of the computing commission. Thanks are due to the local organiser, Min Yao, who did an excellent job in making things work in an environment foreign to us and the various sponsors that allowed us to keep the participant fees as low as possible.

Ton Spek, Chairman