[AOF logo]Synchrotron radiation research forum in the Asian-Oceania region

Tsukuba, Japan, November 24-25, 2006

[Oral session]
[Poster session]Oral and poster sessions
The 1st Workshop of the Asian-Oceania Forum for Synchrotron Radiation Research (AOFSRR) was held at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization - Photon Factory (KEK-PF) in Tsukuba, Japan on November 24-25, 2006 under the sponsorship of the Japanese Soc. of Synchrotron Radiation Research (JSSRR), KEK, PF, The Australian Synchrotron Research Program, SPring-8 and the IUCr. 114 scientists and engineers as well as 13 students from the Asian-Oceania area participated (Australia: 10, China: 14, Korea:16, Singapore: 1, Taiwan: 11, Thailand: 2, Japan: 73). The participants enjoyed lively discussions in the 4 oral sessions (18 invited talks); “Recent Progress of Light Source”, “Scientific Highlights at Asian-Oceania Forum synchrotrons”, “Discussion for Organization and Steering of AOFSRR” and “New Facility Plans” together with a poster session (57 presentations). 20 facility reports were also presented and 11 companies participated in a technical exhibition.

At the council meeting the Australian Synchrotron Research Program (Director: Richard F. Garrett), the Chinese Soc. of Synchrotron Radiation Research (President: Hongjie Xu), the INDUS/India (Director: Rajendra V. Nandedkar), the JSSR (President: Osamu Shimomura), the National Synchrotron Radiation Center, Thailand (Director: Weerapong Pairsuwan), the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan (Director: Keng S. Liang), the Pohang Light Source (Director: In Soo Ko), and the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (Director: Herbert O. Moser), entered into an agreement to organize the Asia-Oceania Forum for Synchrotron Radiation Research (AOFSRR).

The objective of AOFSRR is to establish a general framework for collaboration in the development of science and technology of mutual benefit to advancing the research goals of the parties and to promote comprehensive cooperation in the Asia and Oceania region. Then, collaborative activities can be arranged with responsibilities agreed upon between the Parties. The following activities are envisaged:

[Forum group](1) Organization of scientific meetings.
(2) Exchange of information between the
facilities and their associated user groups.
(3) Provide a framework for cooperative activities.
(4) Arrange other activities that with enhance synchrotron radiation research in the region.

The new council elected for AOFSRR was: President: Yoshiyuki Amemiya (Japan), Secretary: Masaki Takata (Japan), Vice President: Keng Liang (Taiwan), Treasurer: Richard Garrett (Australia), Past President: Osamu Shimomura (Japan), Members: In Soo Ko (South Korea), Herbert Moser (Singapore), Rajendra Nandedkar (India), Weerapong Pairswan (Thailand), Hingjie Xu (China).

[Signing ceremony]Signing Ceremony creating AOFSSR (Herbert O. Moser, Hongjie Xu, In Soo Ko, Osamu Shimomura, Richard F. Garrett, Keng S. Liang, Weerapong Pairsuwan).

The 2nd AOFSRR workshop will be held November 2-3, 2007 at Hsinchu, Taiwan (Chair: Keng Liang). The 1st AOFSRR summer school (Cheiron School) is planned for September 10-20, 2007 at SPring-8 in Japan.