Poster prize winners

IUCr poster prizes

[IUCr prize winners] [Khachane] [Fernandez]
Left: ECA President John Helliwell, Bettinah Chipimpi (South Africa), Ismael Saadoune and Abdelmalek Thalal. Middle: Manar Khachane (Morocco). Right: Eva Fernández (Spain).

ECA Jacek Grochowski SIG6 Prize

[SIG6 prize winners]
John Helliwell, Rene V. Martins (Germany) and Panel Chair Jean-Louis Hodeau.

CCDC and Oxford Cryosystems Prizes

[Oxford prize winners]
John Helliwell, Oxford Cryosystems winner Yaroslav Filinchuk (France) and Joel Bernstein.
[Roces] [Jacobs]
CCDC winners Laura Roces (Spain) and Tia Jacobs (South Africa). Missing: Dejan-Kresimir Bucar (USA).

MARRESEARCH awards young women scientists

[Marresearch winners]
Göran Helgesson, Karolina Michalska (Poland) and Sine Larsen. Missing: Emilie Leccia (France).