ACA 07 poster prizes

[Pauling prize winners]Pauling Prize

The Pauling Prize for the best student posters. Rebecca Hoeft (Minnesota, USA), Misty Balcewich (Winnipeg, Canada), Alaji Bah (Washington, USA), Ernest Asani (New Mexico, USA), Christopher Jurgenson (Cornell, USA), Magdalena Korczynska (Montreal, Canada). (Photo by Peter Müller)


IUCr Prize

The IUCr Poster Prize went to Volodymir Vreshch (Kyiv, Ukraine). (Photo by Peter Müller)


[Demirci]RSCB Protein Data Bank Prize

The RSCB Protein Data Bank Prize went to Hasan Demirci (Rhode Island, USA).


[Williams][Hanson]AIP Undergraduate Research Prize

Undergraduate Research Showcase prize talks from the American Inst. of Physics went to Leslie Williams (Vancouver, Canada) and Brett Hanson (New York, USA). (Photo by Peter Müller)


[Colmenarez]Journal of Chemical Crystallography Prize

The JCC Prize for the best student poster in chemical crystallography. Winner: Julia Bruno Colmenarez (Los Andes, Venezuela). (Photo by Victor Young)


[Fronczek]Oxford Cryosystems Prize

The Oxford Cryosystems Prize for low temperature crystallography. Winner: Frank Fronczek (Louisiana, USA). (Photo by Victor Young)