Turkish Crystallographic Association

Samsun, Turkey, April, 2004

[participants] Participants of the first National Meeting of the Turkish Crystallographic Assn held in Samsun, Turkey, April 22-24
The first National Meeting of the Turkish Crystallographic Association was held in Samsun, Turkey, April 22-24, 2004 at Ondokuz Mayýs U. which received a new Stoe Imaging Plate Diffractometer System, STOE IPDS II, last year. 102 crystallographers from 12 different universities participated at the meeting. This meeting featured 8 invited lectures, 14 oral and 41 poster presentations. The topics of the invited papers were: Single Crystal Diffractometers and Detectors (J. Richter), The Story of STOE IPDS II Diffractometer at the Ondokuz Mayýs U. (O. Büyükgüngör), SESAME - Synchrotron Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (D. Ülkü), Universal Behaviour of Magnetic Phase Transitions of R1-xR’x Mn2 X2 (R: rare earth element, X: Si or Ge) Compounds in the Mn sublattice (Y. Elerman), Powder Structure Solution (E. Kendi), The Agreement Between Ligand Binding Types Obtained with IR and X-ray Single Crystal Results (V. T.Yýlmaz), Macromolecular Crystallography by Synchrotron Radiation: Structure of Daffodil and Lentil Lektin Complexes (S. Özbey), New Approaches in Science Teaching (Hüseyin Soylu). The best poster presentation an award was given to Gökhan Kastas at the closing ceremony.

Social activities included a visit of the Atatürk Museum and Bandýrma boat which is a symbol in Turkish history for the beginning of the independence war in 1919. This really successful meeting ended with a farewell dinner with a splendid view of Kýzýlýrmak River. The 2005 meeting of Turkish Crystallographic Association will be held at Kayseri, Erciyes U.

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