The 4th biennial conference on High Resolution Diffraction and Topography was held at the U. of Durham, UK in Sept., 1998. There were 135 delegates, 176 papers, and three “Poster Highlights” sessions in which authors were given two minutes in which to summarize results. P. Cloetens reviewed dramatic developments in phase contrast imaging stimulated by the extraordinary phase coherence achieved with the ID19 X-ray topography beamline at the ESRF. J. Gastaldi showed how the combination of phase and diffraction imaging has thrown new light on the growth mechanisms of quasi-crystals, whose 5-fold symmetry remains of interest. A. Snigirev discussed focusing optics and X-ray microfluorescence imaging on the micrometer scale. Similarly impressive were R. Deslattes experiments to define Avogadro’s number, C. Noyan’s microdiffraction measurements of strains in aluminium silicon integrated circuit devices, H. Metzger’s revelation of the power of grazing incidence diffraction techniques to probe the in-plane lattice parameter of quantum dot and wire structures, and C. Lucas’ description of insitu studies of surface reactions.

The proceedings will be published in the Journal of Physics D.

Brian Tanner, Conference Chairman
From the BCA Newsletter, Dec. 1998