ACA summer school

Participants at the ACA Summer Course. (Photo courtesy of ACA)

The seventh annual ACA Summer Course in Crystallography, U. of Georgia, July, 1998 offered instruction and hands-on training in small molecule X-ray diffraction and fundamental training in macromolecular crystallography. 60 graduate and undergraduate students, post-docs and representatives from industrial laboratories attended. IUCr Travel Scholarships were awarded to C. Arici (Turkey), E. Baez (Mexico), D. Lecerof (Sweden), S. Ozcan (Turkey), A. Teplitsky (Israel), and W. Tempel (UK). The course was dedicated to the memory of K.N. Trueblood one of its founders. The course offered lectures on fundamentals during the mornings, hands-on Lab experience during the afternoons and lecturers on more advanced topics in the evenings. The staff included W. Cordes, B. Craven, S. Geib, H. Hauptman, R. Marsh, G. Newton, W. Robinson, J. Rose, R. Sparks, C. Campana, D. Frankel, K. Tesh, and D. Stewart. The last four days focused on macromolecular crystallography including crystallizations, data collection strategies, derivative preparation, isomorphous replacement, anomalous scattering and various structure refinement methods. Lecturers included L. DeLucas, W. Furey, L. Lipscomb, Z. Liu, C. Momany, B.-C. Wang, C. Chen, S. Foundling, A. Wang, and C. Wu. Students received the fourth edition of the lecture outline "Structure Analysis by X-ray Crystallography". Sponsors included the U. of Georgia, the ACA, the IUCr, Molecular Structure Corp, Nonius, Bruker and MarResearch provided lecturers, lab tutors, consultants and two scholarships each. Next years school, July 13-28 will include eight days of fundamental and small molecule crystallography and eight days of macromolecular crystallography.

G. Newton