Powder diffraction schools

Venezuela. Two X-ray Powder Diffraction Schools were conducted at the Lab. Nacional de Difraccion de Rayos-X (LNDR-X), U. de Los Andes (ULA) in Merida, Venezuela during 2000, under the auspices of the National Lab. Program of CONICIT, the Venezuelan Science and Technology Office.

The school of Characterization of Polycrystalline Materials (Jan. 24-28) included lecturers on the fundamentals of structural analysis and microstructure characterization of materials. Invited lecturers included R. Jenkins (ICDD), R.L. Snyder (Ohio State U., USA), J.A. Henao (U. Industrial de Santander, Colombia), R. Atencio and R. Guevara (IVIC), J.R. Marcano and R. Guevara (UNEXPO) and members of the crystallography Group of ULA (M. Delgado, A. Mora, G. Diaz De Delgado, B. Ramirez and G. Delgado).

The school of Structure Determination and Refinement (May 2-5) included lectures by A. Fitch (ESRF, France), Jose Antonio Henao (U. Industrial de Santander, Colombia), R. Atencio, R. Vargas (IVIC), R. Guevara (UNEXPO) and members of the Crystallography Group of ULA. The majority of attendees were graduate students and young scientists from Venezuela and Colombia. For details contact M. Delgado, LNDR-X, U .de Los Andes, Fac. de Ciencias Apdo. Postal 40, La Hechicera. www.ciens.ula.ve/~Indrx.

Germany. A Workshop on Structure Determination and Refinement was held at the U. of Bayreuth, Germany (Oct. 2000).

Brazil. J. Faber & E. Ryba conducted an ICDD workshop, VII Latin-American Seminary of Analysis by X-ray Techniques, in San Pedro (November 2000).