Sixth Congress and General Assembly of the IUCr

Rome, Italy

9 September - 18 September 1963

A. McL. Mathieson (second row, second from right).
The registration hall of the congress palace in Rome.
In front of the congress palace are Mariano Calleri (centre, friend of Davide Viterbo; a retired crystallographer and mineralogist of Torino University, who spent one year in Glasgow with Dr J. C. Speakman and published with him a highly cited article in Acta Cryst. (1964), 17, 1097-1103, on 'The crystal structure of, and the hydrogen bonding in, di-p-chlorophenyl hydrogen phosphate') and his wife; Federico Bedarida (1924-2004, mineralogist and crystal growth of Genova University, right) and his wife, and a young Canadian crystallographer met by Mariano in Glasgow.

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