Crystallography around the world: Togo

Togo is not a member of the International Union of Crystallography.

The following crystallographers in Togo are registered in the World Directory of Crystallographers.

(IUCr) crystallographers in Togo

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  • Baneto, Mr Mazabalo PhD Student. Laboratoire sur lÉnergie Solaire, Université de Lomé, BP 1515-FDS, Lomé, -, Lomé, Togo.
  • Dzagli, Mr Milohum Mikesokpo Faculty member. Physics department, Faculty of science, BP 20427, -, Lome, Togo.
  • GADEDJISSO-TOSSOU, Mr Komlan Segbéya Junior Lecturer. Physics, Université de Lomé, BP;1515-FDS-Département de Physique, Lomé, Lomé, Togo.
  • Lare, Dr Yendoubé Assistant Professor. Physics, University of Lomé, BP 1515 FDS-Département de Physique, Lomé, -, Lomé, Togo.


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