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Re: Relationship between _publ_author.id and _audit_author.id

On Friday, 7 August 2020 12:19:54 BST Horst Puschmann wrote:> Hello Mike,> > Am I right in assuming that these submissions would handle the _publ_*> information from the* global *section correctly?> > I really think that there should never be _publs_* items in the data blocks> themselves.> > Horst> 
Hello Horst,
We handle the _publ data wherever it appears (one can never underestimate the ingenuity of authors). However, it is very much encouraged and preferred that the _publ data is in the global datablock. It is very common however for single structure CIFs to contain only one datablock and not have a global block at all.
With best wishes,Mike HoylandSystems DeveloperIUCr, Chester==================================

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