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[ddlm-group] Comment rules

CIF1 requires whitespace to precede the initial '#' in a comment. I 
asked about comments within lists and tables, including whether a 
comment can be preceded by one of the new single-character delimiters 
instead of whitespace. Herberts answer was that the preceding whitespace 
should be required only when needed to terminate a token preceding the 
comment, and not part of the actual comment syntax.

If CIF2 follows Herbert's proposal, it affects the definition of 
comments outside of lists/tables as well. CIF1 comments were defined 
according to the design that everything is whitespace delimited. In 
CIF2, that s not the case. However, the current design still requires 
whitespace between values, even if it would not be required for parsing, 
such as between two quoted strings.

Here are some possible choices for comments:
1. Keep the CIF1 syntax.
2. Whitespace is only needed to terminating the previous token (i.e. may 
be preceded by a close quote).
3. A comment must be preceded by whitespace or one of the single-letter 
delimiters [ ] { }, which have delimiter properties similar to whitespace.

Joe Krahn
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