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Re: [ddlm-group] DDLm aliases (subject changed). .. .. .. .

On Thursday, January 27, 2011 12:08 PM, Herbert J. Bernstein wrote:

>One problem with treating the xref as the ensemble, is that with DDLm,
>we are moving into having multiple dictionaries for one ensemble, and
>even now, with DDL2, we are in the same state with imgCIF, in which
>the ensemble spans both the imgCIF and mmCIF dictionaries.
>Another problem is that, again with the move to DDLm, one dictionary
>can be home to multiple ensembles.

Indeed so.  Xref is not a viable substitute for ensemble_id in the general case.

Nevertheless, associating an alias with one or more ensembles is not an essential part of declaring that alias in the first place.  Whether to use ensembles at all is up to dictionary authors and maintainers.  Everything in the current proposal that has an analog among DDL2 alias features is in the ALIAS or DICTIONARY_XREF category.


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