International Union of Crystallography

Diffraction Data Deposition Working Group (DDDWG)

DDDWG online information

The Diffraction Data Deposition Working Group was launched at the Madrid Congress in 2011 to address growing calls within the crystallographic community for the deposition of primary diffraction images, with some mechanism that allowed their retrieval and reanalysis by other scientists for such purposes as reanalysis, software and methods development, validation and review.

The work of the DDDWG was taken over by the Committee on Data (established in July 2016), following the Hyderabad Congress in 2017.


  • J.R. Helliwell (Chair, UK)
  • S. Androulakis (Australia)
  • L. Kroon-Batenburg (The Netherlands)
  • B. McMahon (Secretary, UK)
  • D. Szebenyi (USA)
  • T. Terwilliger (USA)
  • E. Weckert (Germany)
  • J. Westbrook (USA)