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The Gregori Aminoff prize to Lahav and Leiserowitz

[Lecturers] Lecturers at the Aminoff symposium. (left to right) Ivar Olovsson (organizer), Michael Ward, Meir Lahav, Jack Dunitz, Angelo Gavezzotti, Lia Addadi, Leslie Leiserowitz, Jens Als-Nielsen, Michael McBride, Stephen Byrn.
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Aminoff prize for 2002 to Meir Lahav and Leslie Leiserowitz from the Dept. of Materials and Interfaces, Weizmann Inst. of Science, Rehovot, Israel, for their fundamental studies of crystal growth and application to separation of enantiomers and for their studies of surface structures by synchrotron radiation. The prize was presented at the ordinary meeting of the Academy on September 11.

A symposium on the theme ‘Crystal Growth and Surfaces’ was arranged the following two days. The following lectures were delivered:

  • Shaping crystals with ’tailor-made’ auxiliaries (M. Lahav, Weizmann Inst.);
  • Chirality at the interface between crystals and biology (L. Addadi, Weizmann Inst.);
  • Crystal growth interfaces: Visualization and controlled nucleation (M. Ward, U. of Minnesota);
  • Crystal growth and dissolution near equilibrium: Direct observation by atomic force microscopy (M. McBride, Yale U.);
  • Crystallization and solid state chemistry of pharmaceutical compounds (S. Byrn, Purdue U.); Polymorphism: The same yet different (J. Dunitz, ETH Zürich);
  • The physics and use of synchrotron radiation for studying surfaces and interfaces (J. Als-Nielsen, Niels Bohr Inst.:);
  • Understanding crystal nucleation: Can a cheap computer help a million-dollar project? (A. Gavezzotti, U. of Milano); and
  • Crystalline Architectures at the air-water interface. Relevance to crystal nucleation (L. Leiserowitz, Weizmann Inst.).
Ivar Olovsson, Chairman,
Swedish National Committee of Crystallography
10 July 2009