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Tsirelson receives Humboldt award

[Humboldt logo]Vladimir G. Tsirelson, Professor and Head of the Quantum Chemistry Dept. at the Mendeleev U., Moscow, has been named as a recipient of the 2002 Alexander von Humboldt Research Award in the field of crystallography. He is honored for his contributions to development of the theoretical principles of accurate X-ray diffraction analysis and methods of accurate measurement and interpretation of the electron density and electrostatic potential. The remarkable feature of Prof. Tsirelson’s research consists of a combination of the quantum chemical methods and X-ray and electron diffraction experiments. These studies have provided a step towards an essentially new level of knowledge concerning bonding in molecular and crystalline systems. Prof. Tsirelson will continue his research in collaboration with Muenchen Technical U., Wuerzburg U. and Potsdam U.
10 July 2009