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Jaskólski receives prize in natural and medical sciences, Poland

[Jaskolski] Mariusz Jaskólski
Mariusz Jaskólski (Dept. of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz U. and Centerfor Biocrystallographic Research, Inst. of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznan, Poland) has been awarded the 2002 Prize in Natural and Medical Sciences by the Foundation for Polish Science. This cash prize of $15,000 is the highest scientific honor in Poland and its citation states '... awarded for the elucidation of the ways in which human protein cystatin c forms amyloid aggregates, a process important for the understanding of certain diseases of human brain.' Professor Jaskólski was elected this year to the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is the first macromolecular crystallographer in Poland to be so honored.

Alexander Wlodawer
10 July 2009