Cyrstallography in Singapore: Clock-wise from the top 1. Merilion, an icon of Singapore; Skyscrapers and Orchid flower from Singapore; 2. Crystal grown in a crystal growing challenge; 3. DNA wrapping and molecular recognition in the nucleosome core particle (3 figures from Curt Davey); 4. FK506 binding protein 13 (FKBP13) from Arabidopsis thaliana, the first plant immunophilin structure (from Swami); 5. Star-like molecular packing in a coordination compound (J.J. Vittal); 6. Ladder-like coordination polymer that can undergo a photodimerization reaction (J.J. Vittal); 7. Staircase-like coordination polymer hosting hydrogen-bonded helical water chain (J.J. Vittal); 8. Structure of [Zn(SC{O}Me)3(H2O)] (J.J. Vittal). Design by Meng Tack Ng and. J.J. Vittal
Old series (1993-2017)
Editors: William L. Duax, Judith Flippen-Anderson

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Letter from the President

Letter from the President
Yuji Ohashi

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SPINE high-throughput crystallization, crystal imaging and recognition techniques: current state, performance analysis, new technologies and future aspects
I. M. BerryO. Dym, R. M. Esnouf, K. Harlos, R. Meged, A. Perrakis, J. L. Sussman, T. S. Walter, J. WilsonA. Messerschmidt

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F. LiH.-D. Yin, J. ZhaiD.-Q. Wang

Special report

Crystallography in Singapore
Kunchithapadam SwaminathanJagadese J. Vitta

Meeting report

ACA 2006
Connie Chidester