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Fast tomography using quasi-monochromatic undulator radiation

J. Synchrotron Rad. (2006). 13, 403–407 []

[Cross section of a wood stick]Reconstructed cross section and threedimensional structure of a wood stick whose diameter was about 3.1 mm. (a) Cross section. (b) Three-dimensional reconstruction by volume rendering. The area with low density (air) is visualized.
An ultra-fast X-ray CT system was developed at the helical undulator beamline BL40XU in SPring-8. Fast X-ray CT enables us to obtain 4-dimensional information including time resolving ability. This is an important technology for all kinds of sciences. The minimum measurement time was 10 s for 312 projections with a spatial resolution of around 10 μm. The shortest interval between each measurement was about 3 min. The figure shows a CT image of a toothpick obtained with the system in 15 s.
K. Uesugi, T. Sera and N. Yagi