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Use of logos for the IUCr Crystal growing competition 2019

The logo for the IUCr Crystal growing competition features Joanna, the character created by Quidos for the video "How to grow a single crystal" (design ©S. Allaeys).
Different versions of the logo of the IUCr crystal growing competition 2019 are available at this page.

Organisers of local/national/regional crystal growing contests adhering to the IUCr network may use the logo:

Please always include a statement inviting school children participating in the local contest to submit their videos to the IUCr crystal growing competition to have a chance to compete for an extra prize.


IUCr Crystal growing competition logo

Two versions of the logo are available. Please choose the correct one based on the size it will appear on your web site or document.


Print logo with credits

Use this logo whenever size permits good readability of the credit line. Otherwise choose the "Print and web logo" below and add the credit line "design ©S. Allaeys" within the same document



Web and print logo

[Minimum size: 256 x 256 px]



Web logo

[Minimum size: 100 x 100 px; maximum size: 255 x 255 px]


If you wish to use this logo, please send a request to iycr2014@iucr.org, including any details of the event, the contact person, the website address and the types of documents (leaflets, posters, brochures, panels, etc.) where this logo will be used.

Badge for local competitions participating in the IUCr network

Organizers of local initiatives adhering to the IUCr network of crystal growing competitions should use the following badge on their web site and all materials related to the event. The image must be not less than 200 x 200 px in size and linked to http://www.iycr2014.org/participate/crystal-growing-competition.


Official large-format badge

[Minimum size: 200 x 200 px]