Commission on Electron Crystallography


Sub-Committee on the International Tables
J. Hadermann (Chair)
A. Kirkland
L. D. Marks

Sub-Committee on Dynamical Diffraction
J. Etheridge (Chair)
J. C. H. Spence
D. Van Dyck
K. Tsuda

Sub-Committee on Software for Electron Crystallography
J. M. Zuo (Chair)
W. Sinkler

Sub-Committee on Electron CIF Terms and Electron Diffraction Databases
U. Kolb (Chair)
L. Palatinus
X. D. Zou

Sub-Committee on Aberration Definitions
A. Kirkland (Chair)

Sub-Committee on the Gjonnes Medal
L. M. Peng (Chair)
U. Kolb
J. C. H. Spence
L. D. Marks
D. van Dyck

Sub-Committee on Electron Crystallography Computing and Software
K. Tsuda (Chair)
L. J. Allen
A. Stewart

Sub-Committee on Biological Cryo-Microscopy
D. N. Wnag (Chair)
Y. Fujiyoshi
H. Stahlberg

Sub-Committee on Promotion of the Year of Crystallography
L. Meshi (Chair)
X. D. Zou
S. Haigh
K. Balzuweit
J. Neethling


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