Commission on Powder Diffraction

Archived pages of an IUCr Commission on Powder Diffraction Project[Commission on Powder Diffraction]

IUCr CPD Round Robin on Quantitative Phase Analysis

Progress Report

The CPD-QARR homepage is now located at

Weighed and Measured Values of Distributed Samples and Data (released on the web, 8th November 1999)
  • 4th to 13th August 1999 - Summary of results as part of Poster Presentation by Ian Madsen at the IUCr Glasgow Congress.
  • January 17th, 1998 - Get the Standard Powder X-ray Diffraction Data Sets via the web
  • Early January, 1998 - Samples (less the Pharmaceutical which will post later) air-mailed out.

These pages were constructed as part of an International Union of Crystallography Commission on Powder Diffraction project. They are no longer actively maintained.