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UMWEG Calculation and graphical representation of multiple diffraction patterns (Renninger-scans).
UNISOFT Lattice-dynamical investigations. Tool for phenomenological model calculations and optimisation of experiments. Calculate and display modes of lattice vibrations
UnitCell Refines cell parameters from powder diffraction data. Unlike most existing cell refinement programs it does not require initial estimates for cell constants. Incorporates regression diagnostics.
USF Uppsala Software Factory. Manuals for (most of) Gerard's programs and links to other useful O or O-related information, programs and resources.
UWXAFS Package for X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS)
UXDSUM Utility for the summation of several powder patterns contained in a Bruker .uxd file. The result is also a .uxd file containing one pattern. Fortran source code included together with an example.