Asian Crystallographic Association

The Asian Crystallographic Association is the regional affiliate representative for crystallographic societies and organisations in Asia and Oceania.

The Asia–Pacific region has had a long tradition of crystallography, and today, AsCA continues to promote communication and cooperation between researchers in this field. Among the four Regional Associates of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), we are one of the youngest and the fastest growing. AsCA is proud of great progress in the crystallographic activities of the region in the past two decades. The meetings of the Association continue to have grown in size and stature over time, with the quality of science at the recent meetings attracting participation from Europe and the United States. AsCA has now been in existence for over 25 years and looks forward to further growth in keeping with economic developments in the region.

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Mission Statement

AsCA is a Regional Associate of the International Union of Crystallography. The objectives of AsCA are to facilitate cooperation in the science of crystallography within the Australasian region by promoting crystallographic research, and holding conferences and schools.


Membership to AsCA is by country. Each member country has voting representation on the AsCA council with the number of votes determined by the membership level as detailed in the Constitution. All enquiries about membership should be directed to the secretary.


The Executive is elected for a period of three years.

AsCA councillors are involved in a number of decisions regarding crystallographic activities throughout the region.

The following countries are National Members of the Asian Crystallographic Association.

 New Zealand
 Sri Lanka