Crystallography around the world: Cuba

Cuba is not a member of the International Union of Crystallography.

The following crystallographers in Cuba are registered in the World Directory of Crystallographers.

(IUCr) crystallographers in Cuba

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  • Arce Molina, Professor Jorge Professor. MSc. Jorge Arce Molina, ISMM. Las coloradas s/n. Moa, Holguín. 83329, CUBA.
  • Au-Alvarez, Professor Oscar ?. Dept. of Chemistry, U. of Oriente, P. Lumumba s/n, Santiago de Cuba 90500, Cuba.
  • Calzadilla, Professor Octavio Professor. General Physics, Physics Faculty. Havana University, U. of Havana San Lázaro y L. Vedado, Ciudad Habana, 10400, Havana, Cuba.
  • Concepcion-Rosabal, Dr Beatriz Research Associate. Universidad de La Habana.IMRE, Zapata y G. Plaza., La Habana. CP 10400, Cuba.
  • Dago-Morales, Dr Angel Senior Researcher. Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Oil Research Center, Washington No 169, between Churruca and Via Blanca, Havana, PO BOX 12000, Cerro, Cuba.
  • Duque, Dr Julio research. Molecular ingeniering, University of Havana, 10400, Havana, 10400, Havana, Cuba.
  • Durruthy, Mr Obel Assistant Professor. Polytechnical Inst. Julio A. Mella, Ave. Las Américas s.n., Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.
  • Estevez-Rams, Professor Ernesto Director. Facultad de Fisica-Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Materiales, Universidad de la Habana, San Lazaro y L, CP 10400, Habana, Cuba.
  • Fajardo Moros, Dr Fabio Oficial de Programa. Medio Ambiente y Energía, UNDP, Calle 18 entre 1ra. y 3ra. Miramar, La Habana / Cuba, La Habana, Cuba.
  • Fuentes, Dr Juan Professor. Fac. of Physics, Havana University, San Lázaro y L. Vedado, Havana, Cuba.
  • Garcia Basabe, Mr Yunier physic Teacher. Physic, University of Matanzas, Autopista Varadero Km 3/2, Mtanzas, 44 740, Matanzas, Cuba.
  • Herrera, Ms Victoria Assistant Professor. Analysis and Testing. Lab. of Materials, Center for Technol. Applications and Nuclear Development (CEADEN), Calle 30 # 502 e. 5ta Ave. y 7ma. Miramar. Playa. PO Box 6122, Havana, Cuba.
  • Lopez Marin, Dr Nelia Researcher. Bioinformatics, CIGB, 31 e/ 158 y 190 Cubanacan, Ciudad Habana, Cuba.
  • Paneque, Dr Armando Researcher. Formulation, Center of Biomolecular Chemistry, 200 and 21 PO Box 16042, Havana City, 16042, Havana, Cuba.
  • Pentón-Madrigal, Dr Arbelio Assitant professor. Física Aplicada, Facultad de Física, Universidad de La Habana, San Lázaro y L, Habana, 10400, Habana, Cuba.
  • Perez, Dr Hiram Assistant Professor. Inorganic Chemistry, University of Havana, San Lázaro e/ G y Carlitos Aguirre, Vedado, 10400, Havana, Cuba.
  • Pomes, Professor Dr Ramon Professor. Central Office, Cubanacan Group, Calle 146A, e/9na y 9naA, Reparto Cubanacan, Playa, Havana City, 10400, Havana City, Cuba.
  • Rodriguez Castellanos, Dr Carlos Professor. Institute for Materials and Reagents. Havana University, Zapata e/ g y Mazon. Vedado, La Habana 10400, Cuba.
  • Rodríguez-Hernández, Dr Joelis Laboratory Structural Analysis, Institute of Materials and Reagents, University of Havana, San Lazaro y L, 10400, Havana, Vedado, Cuba.
  • Serra-Jones, Alberto Associate Professor, retired. Fac. of Physics, Univ. of Havana, San Lázaro y L., -, Havana, Cuba.


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This is a concise listing of all events in this country that are associated with the International Year of Crystallography 2014 and its follow-up initiatives.

5th Jun 2014 Taller Alvaro Reynoso (Workshop Alvaro Reynoso) Santiago de Cuba

Photographic record of crystallographic activities in Cuba

The complete IUCr photographic archive includes thousands of photographs. Here we include a collection illustrating activities in this country. This image is selected randomly from the galleries listed below (International School on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography, 2016).